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Infrastructure Linux News for Jul 26, 2008

  • "Handheld recording studio" Mixes With Linux (2008-07-26 22:00:02)
    Linux Devices: "Trinity Audio Group is taking orders for a handheld multi-track recording device that runs Linux. The Indamixx integrates the 64Studio Linux music distribution with an off-the-shelf Samsung handheld, so audio producers can record, edit, equalize, audition, and mix audio at up to 32-bit/96Khz rates on-the-go, the company says."

  • Week Two and Still Alive! (2008-07-26 18:00:02)
    Linux Today Blog: "Today marks the end of my second week in the new job as your Royal Highness the Managing Editor of Linux Today and LinuxPlanet. This week went a lot more smoothly than last week, without telco techs bumbling around making messes and disrupting my service. Unfortunately they're not finished- I have a several hundred foot-long temporary cable trailing across my property..."

  • No Tax Support For Mac or Linux Yet (2008-07-26 14:00:02)
    ZDNet: "The Australian Taxation Office has advised Australians using Apple or Linux operating systems that they will be unable to lodge tax returns electronically using the ATO's e-tax software unless they use a Windows emulator or a kiosk in one of the agency's shop fronts."

  • The Open Call (2008-07-26 10:00:02)
    Atomic: "Inevitably as Linux has gained traction it’s attracted more and more attention. From Dell selling Ubuntu PCs to ASUS choosing Xandros for the EeePC, it’s become almost trendy to add Tux to a product..."

  • GovTrack Opens up Information on US Legislature (2008-07-26 01:30:02)
    Linux.com: "Since 2004, GovTrack.us has housed information about the United States Congress, including 10 years of bills, voting records, and contact information for individual members of Congress. Visitors can also find out who represents them and search the database for committee assignments, legislative statistics, and the Congressional Record, which is the official record of daily proceedings in Congress. All the code that makes GovTrack run is open source, and all the information stored there is freely available to everyone."