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Infrastructure Linux News for Jul 28, 2008

  • A Quick Look at OpenOffice.org Writer 3.0 Beta 2 (2008-07-28 23:30:09)
    Linux Journal: "While I am a die-hard Linux and OO.org user, I must admit that I have been using Microsoft Office 2007 frequently - and I like it. That is, I like its features but dislike its closed nature."

  • Linux-friendly Beagle Fetches $150 (2008-07-28 21:30:09)
    Linux Devices: "...the A8 core is claimed to deliver 1200 DMIPS, putting it theoretically alongside Intel's Pentium III in performance. Unlike the P-III, though, the 3530 adds a powerful Imagination SGX 2D/3D graphics processor supporting dual independent displays, and a TMS320C64x DSP core clocked at 430MHz."

  • Great quotes from Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Linus Torvalds (2008-07-28 21:00:09)
    Royal Pingdom: "There are no significant bugs in our released software that any significant number of users want fixed."

  • 42 of the Best Free Linux Email Software (2008-07-28 20:00:09)
    Linux Links: "Email is arguably one of the most popular and useful functions of a Linux system. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of free email software available on the Linux platform which is stable, feature laden, and ideal for personal and business environments. Send and receive emails, run a mail server, filter spam, administer a mailing list are just some of the options explored in this article."

  • Lindependence 2008 - In The Books And Out Of The Blocks (2008-07-28 19:30:09)
    Blog of Helios: "...trying to get thousands of people in one small town to change to Linux IS news. At least it should be. It would seem that some of the premiere Linux News sources didn't think so."

  • ECS GeForce 8800GT 256MB Linux Review (2008-07-28 19:00:09)
    Phoronix: "While video card BIOS flashing isn't recommended for the inexperienced computer users, ECS does provide a BIOS update for this graphics card that enables the faster performance out of this 256MB graphics card. Prior to these tests we had flashed the BIOS. Once flashing the BIOS we had experienced on average a boost of two to six FPS under Linux with our OpenGL tests."

  • Compiz Fusion in openSUSE 11.0 (2008-07-28 18:30:09)
    SUSE & openSUSE: "With openSUSE 11.0 Compiz-Fusion comes pre-installed and any system with reasonable performance level should be able to benifit from the Compiz-Fusion desktop experience. Needless to say, better the hardware better is the experience."

  • Are Gnome and Ubuntu Ruining the Linux Desktop? (2008-07-28 16:30:09)
    Greg Laden's Blog: "Why am I asking if Gnome and Ubuntu are ruining the Linux Desktop? Because they are."

  • The Linux Saga: Boot Loader, initrd & Sys V (2008-07-28 15:00:09)
    Polish Linux: "How does the system startup look like? This question usually does not come into mind of a normal computer user. Oh, he presses the power button, goes to the kitchen to make a coffee and when he comes back, the password can be entered on the screen in the prepared field. Sometimes however, in the minds of a bit more keen computer enthusiasts, the question is born “how does it actually work?”"

  • Atheros Makes Friends With Linux (2008-07-28 13:30:09)
    Practical Technology: "While many Wi-Fi cards and chipsets were Linux friendly, two major Wi-Fi chipset vendors, Atheros and Broadcom, kept their drivers proprietary. Now, things are changing. Atheros has released a true open-source driver for its latest 802.11n chipsets."

  • How To Create A Cluster Testbed Using CentOS 5 Virtualization And iSCSI (2008-07-28 06:00:04)
    HowtoForge: "This guide attempts to provide a Xen based test environment where you can practice setting up a two node cluster (cluster setup itself is not discussed here - I'm merely giving you what you need to set it up)."