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Infrastructure Linux News for Jul 30, 2008

  • Fanless PC Sports Dual PCI Slots (2008-07-30 23:00:09)
    Linux Devices: "Axiomtek has announced the latest in its series of "eBOX" fanless embedded computers targeting industrial automation, digital signage (DSA), gaming/entertainment, and vehicle applications. The eBOX639-822-FL offers Celeron M or Pentium M processors, dual PCI slots and gigabit Ethernet ports, and six each serial and USB interfaces."

  • Portugal Rings Up Big Order for Intel's Classmate PCs (2008-07-30 22:30:09)
    LinuxInsider: "Intel spokesperson Agnes Kwan said parents of young school children will be able to choose between computers running Microsoft's Windows operating system and ones with an open source Linux operating system, and that the government will distribute the machines to Portugal's elementary school students over the course of the 2008-2009 school year."

  • See for Yourself What is Inside the ASUS Eee901 (2008-07-30 21:00:09)
    Techrepublic: "While power users will find the ASUS Eee’s limitations to be frustrating, they can still appreciate the engineering prowess that went into the design as revealed in the TechRepublic Cracking Open Photo Gallery."

  • Dell Releases Wooden PC, Plus Six Fruity Colours (2008-07-30 18:00:09)
    APC Magazine: "How's this for a 180? One of the creators of the commodity PC market and a bulk mover of inoffensive beige boxes, Dell has now unveilled what we believe to be one of the most stylish desktop systems on the planet."

  • Is Microsoft Getting Ready to Kill Windows? (2008-07-30 17:00:04)
    Computerworld: "No, I'm not talking about killing Vista. Microsoft is already burying that living dead operating system as fast it can. I'm talking about killing Windows itself. That's the conclusion I've drawn from David Worthington's story about Microsoft's plans for Midori, a next generation operating system."

  • IRC Clients for Linux - A Review (2008-07-30 16:30:09)
    Echoes: "Since I'm an IRC addict and I always liked to spend time learning new stuff on IRC, here is a review of several IRC clients for Linux. Some of them are well-known and popular, like XChat, Konversation or Irssi, and others are not so widely used or known, but nevertheless, they deserve mentioning."

  • The Beauty of Linux (2008-07-30 14:30:09)
    Pinoyskull: Here is a 3:46 YouTube video of a Linux 3D desktop in action- very pretty. --ed.

  • KDE 4.1 Review: The Rocky Road of the New KDE (2008-07-30 13:00:09)
    Datamation: "However, one remaining obstacle to 4.1 acceptance is that, despite some improvements compared to 4.0, the customization options are still more limited than on the 3.5 desktop."

  • Mandriva Linux 2009 Beta 1 released (2008-07-30 12:30:09)
    Mandriva Wiki: "The first beta for Mandriva Linux 2009, code named thornicrofti, is now available."

  • Putting the Sneer Before the Scoop: Joe Nocera and Steve Jobs (2008-07-30 04:00:09)
    Standards Blog: "...although rumors have swirled, Apple has refused to state whether or not Jobs has had a recurrence of his cancer - or disclose any meaningful details at all. Even on calls with securities analysts, Apple's response has only been that "Steve's health is a private matter.""

  • The Most Interesting README File Ever? (2008-07-30 02:30:09)
    fsckin w/ linux: "Another linux zealot at my old job gave me the heads up on this, it’s directly from gnome-cups-manager, and I thought you would all enjoy it."