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Infrastructure Linux News for Aug 25, 2008

  • List of New Features in Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex" (2008-08-25 23:33:11)
    Ubuntu Forums: "Because all the posts about new features in 8.10 are scattered here and there, I thought I would compile it all into one convenient place."

  • Going the Extra Step But Not the Extra Mile (2008-08-25 21:33:11)
    Builder AU: "The error message did the rounds at the weekend and Microsoft updated the message to explicitly speak to Mac users."

  • Infectious Disease Surveillance System Goes Open Source (2008-08-25 19:33:11)
    The Open Road: "This week CSI and the State of Utah announced that the system has been open sourced as the Trisano Project:"

  • Linux and Sex Battle it Out in Utah (2008-08-25 19:03:11)
    The Open Road: "Even though the data is apparently a bit screwy, I was still really proud to see Utah emerge as the top state for "Linux" searches on Google. The data also shows that Cubans prefer Linux to sex..."

  • Mozilla: Web Apps Faster With Firefox 3.1 (2008-08-25 18:03:22)
    ZDNet: ""TraceMonkey is a project to bring native code speed to JavaScript," said Mike Shaver, Mozilla's interim vice president of engineering, adding that JavaScript performance nearly doubles compared to Firefox 3.0."

  • New Linux-powered Kindle on Its Way (2008-08-25 17:33:22)
    Practical Technology: "The new Kindle, however, may be marketed more for college students returning to school in January rather than for finding a place under the Christmas tree."

  • Downgrade to XP or Upgrade to Mandriva (2008-08-25 17:03:22)
    Lazy Tech Guy: "With all the peripherals working out of the box, the next check was for provided software. This is another area where Mandriva One shines."

  • Google and Sirius XM, Build my "Dream" handheld (2008-08-25 16:03:22)
    Tech Broiler: "Based on the initially leaked specs of this device, it still sounds like it doesn’t do what I really would want it to do in order to replace by Blackberry 8820."

  • Spread Firefox or Shred Firefox? (update) (2008-08-25 15:33:22)
    blog.angulosolido.pt: "It's interesting that somehow the original post was seen as criticism of Linux, whereas it targeted the Mozilla Foundation decision to have Firefox 3 depend on GTK+ >= 2.10 without providing a portable package."

  • 5 Least Popular Desktop Environments for Linux (2008-08-25 14:33:22)
    Tech Source From Bohol: "Project Looking Glass is an innovative 3D desktop environment sponsored by Sun Microsystems. It is programmed in Java using the Java 3D system to remain platform independent."

  • How Do We Attract the Next Generation? (2008-08-25 12:32:06)
    Linux Journal: "Linux is a powerful combination of software products, regardless of whose distribution you are using, but our visibility to the next generations of computer users is almost nil."

  • Protest Against Software Patents - Candle Light Vigil at Bangalore (2008-08-25 00:02:06)
    flickr: "On August 23rd, quite a few people from all walks of life gathered at town hall, Bangalore."