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Infrastructure Linux News for Aug 26, 2008

  • NFS Quick Howto For Centos 5 (2008-08-26 23:31:29)
    Linuxwave: "To use nfs successfully, you have to configure the server and the client. In this example, the client is and the server is"

  • KDE Adopts Fiduciary Licence Agreement Option (2008-08-26 22:31:29)
    Groklaw: " It's a copyright assignment vehicle designed to ensure legal maintainability of the project. And I hear that the response has been very positive already."

  • X Crashes $15 Laptop in Puppy Linux 3.01 -- So Where do I Turn? (2008-08-26 22:01:29)
    Click: "I based all of that on running Puppy 2.13. I managed to boot Puppy 4, but the relative slowness of Abiword to start had me pausing about an upgrade from 2.13."

  • CVL Lets You Tinker With HDR Images on Your GPU (2008-08-26 21:31:29)
    Linux.com: "If your desktop hardware includes a graphics processing unit (GPU), you can do some cool image processing with the CVL suite of tools, which includes in image viewer, an image tone mapper, and a command-line tool for non-interactive image processing."

  • Be Careful of What You Wish For (2008-08-26 20:31:29)
    Komandeering Developers Everywhere: "You also have to find some patriotic sunglasses and a religious picture that lights up."

  • What Ubuntu 8.10 SHOULD Look Like (2008-08-26 18:01:29)
    Lunduke: "But. Wow. Yes. This is what it should look like."

  • Best Among the Rest (2008-08-26 17:31:29)
    Lazy Tech Guy: "Now this is beyond doubt that Ubuntu is the most searched Linux distribution... Okey, agreed that Ubuntu is the most popular; what about the rest?"

  • Spinmeisters Taking Over the Linux world (2008-08-26 16:01:29)
    IT Wire: "It looks like things have gone to Zemlin's head a bit; the man is now the story, not the kernel. The furious PR which he indulges in with gullible and willing US media organs to project himself and the Foundation is sickening to say the least."

  • A Modest Linux USB Suggestion (2008-08-26 14:01:29)
    Practical Technology: "Not all USB drives are created equal, I now know that are significant differences between drives. And, in particular those differences matter a lot to live USB capable Linux distributions like Fedora 9."

  • CRE Loaded 6.31 Released...for A Price (2008-08-26 13:31:29)
    E-Commerce Guide: "CRE Loaded version 6.3 is out, but small business owners, hold onto your hats. To the open source commerce industry, the most startling change in this open source e-commerce program will be its new pricing scheme: the Standard Edition is no longer free."

  • Is Ubuntu Really the Most User-Friendly Distribution? (2008-08-26 12:01:29)
    Internet News: "One problem I immediately have with titles like the "Most User-Friendly Linux Distribution" is that they seem more a ploy for commercial marketing than anything that applies to the world of FOSS development."

  • Get a Whiff of Asus' Scented Laptops (2008-08-26 11:01:29)
    Crave: "The special-edition laptops come in four designs, each with a corresponding scent."

  • 5 KDE3 Applications I Need on a Daily Basis (2008-08-26 09:33:11)
    TuxArea: "Since I've first tried it, BasKet didn't cease to amaze me with its features and functionality. The last version is (for KDE3), but according to their roadmap, plans are to port it to KDE4. It supports global shortcuts, system tray integration, highlighting and embedding images among many others."

  • 21 of the Best Free Linux Text Editors (2008-08-26 08:33:11)
    LinuxLinks: "To provide an insight into the quality of software that is available, we have compiled a list of 21 high quality Linux text editors. There's a mix of graphical and console based applications included. Hopefully, there will be something of interest for all types of users."

  • Gnubiff: Mail Notifications on Your Desktop (2008-08-26 08:03:11)
    Polish Linux: "Gnubiff is a program designed to notify about new emails, but this is not its only feature. It supports: pop3, apop, imap4, mh, qmail and mailfile protocols. It also supports SSL and certificates. You can add it as an applet in GNOME pannels. It can even automatically detect the configuration of your mailbox."

  • 7 "Must Read" Linux Tutorials (2008-08-26 02:03:11)
    Linux Screw: "GNU/Linux Command-Line Tools Summary by Gareth Anderson...This guide was created as an overview of the Linux Operating System, geared toward new users as an exploration tour and getting started guide..."

  • Why Does Apple Always Seem to Get a Break??? (2008-08-26 00:03:11)
    Zemlin's Blog: "Walking around Linuxworld this year it was interesting to see the number of Apple notebooks in the halls and various sessions. It wasn’t necessarily that there were more Apple notebooks than Linux machines, but it was a good number and begs the question: why do open source people seem to cut Apple some slack when it comes to their very closed proprietary platform?"