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Infrastructure Linux News for Aug 28, 2008

  • gscan2pdf - Scan Multiple Documents, Import Images to PDF & DjVu (2008-08-28 23:01:17)
    SUSE & openSUSE: "gscan2pdf is a simple but a very efficient GUI to scan documents of multiple pages and convert them into PDFs or DjVu format. You can also import images from image files into PDF files and vice versa."

  • Some News is Good News--Online Coaches Will Help Shape $5 Million Ideas (2008-08-28 21:01:17)
    Michael Tiemann's blog: "Fifty coaches are standing by online to help innovative thinkers apply for the Knight News Challenge, a $5 million-a-year contest to move journalism into the 21st Century. The coaches-made up of past jurors and winners-will give News Challenge hopefuls a better chance of winning up to $5 million in prizes annually. They also hope to attract a more diverse range of ideas."

  • List of Email Clients Available in Ubuntu Linux (2008-08-28 20:31:17)
    Ubuntu Geek: "An e-mail client, aka Mail User Agent (MUA), aka e-mail reader is a frontend computer program used to manage e-mail."

  • Video: Common Mistakes to Avoid When You�re Installing Linux Software (2008-08-28 19:31:17)
    TechRepublic: "Linux neophytes can still stumble over common tasks, like installing new software. In this IT Dojo video, I discuss common mistakes people make when they're trying to add new Linux software."

  • Viewing the Night Sky with Linux, Part I: KStars (2008-08-28 19:01:17)
    LinuxPlanet: "Do you ever look up at the sky and wonder about it? Your Linux desktop has lots of astronomy programs that can help you explore the night sky. This article will start with the one that's easiest to use: KStars."

  • Mesa releases version 7.1 (2008-08-28 18:01:17)
    Volatile Int: "On the 26th of August, Mesa released the 7.1 version of their open-source implementation of the OpenGL library. This is a development release, and warns that users focused on stability should go for the 7.0.4 release instead (or wait for 7.2)."

  • Quebec Government Sued for Buying Microsoft Software (2008-08-28 17:01:17)
    Yahoo News: "Quebec's open-source software association is suing the provincial government, saying it is giving preferential treatment to Microsoft Corp. by buying the company's products rather than using free alternatives."

  • What The Veoh Decision Means For YouTube And Others (2008-08-28 16:31:17)
    Tech Crunch: "In a nutshell, here's what we learned today: If you take reasonable precautions against copyrighted materials on your service, you may be ok."

  • Brazil: An Emerging Market Faces Challenges (2008-08-28 14:31:17)
    CNet: "... some estimates show as many as 18 or 19 out of every 20 machines sold with Linux ultimately are converted to some form of Windows."

  • A Real Space Oddity Arrives at PC Pro (2008-08-28 14:01:17)
    PC Pro: "You may remember that, some time ago, I blogged about an interesting little computer curio called the Space Cube. Quite simply, it’s one of the smallest PCs in the world, with each side measuring around 2 inches square."

  • The Problem With Open-source Revenue Models (2008-08-28 13:31:17)
    The Open Road: "Open-source vendors start making money from their customer base precisely at the point that the customer base is least likely to renew."

  • ASUS Eee PC 901 Linux Review (2008-08-28 12:31:17)
    Phoronix: "In this article we are providing our first look at the Eee PC 901 along with a few bits of information and sharing some of our plans for the Eee Linux testing in the near future."

  • Unix and Linux Online Language Translation Script (2008-08-28 07:31:17)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie:"This week's start-off Linux/Unix bash shell script is a follow up to our previous online dictionary shell script and Thesaurus shell script. I was thinking of doing the online Encyclopedia today, but, for some reason, I got sidetracked on The BabelFish Language Translation Site."

  • Acetoneiso2 - A Full Feature Rich Image/ISO Tool For openSUSE (2008-08-28 06:01:17)
    SUSE & openSUSE: "AcetoneISO2 will let You mount typical proprietary images formats of the Windows world such as ISO BIN NRG MDF IMG and is more than a simple ISO mount software."

  • VisionTek Radeon HD 4870 X2 2GB (2008-08-28 04:31:17)
    Phoronix: "With our initial CrossFire for Linux article we had delivered benchmarks from the Radeon HD 4850 and Radeon HD 4870, now though we are delivering the first Radeon HD 4870 X2 benchmarks under Ubuntu Linux."

  • Perl Script To Reverse HTML With BDO on Linux and Unix (2008-08-28 03:01:17)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: " I realize that my view is biased heavily by living on American soil, but I can't remember, for the life of me, the last time I came across a Hebrew web page. And by Hebrew, I mean the whole reading from right to left thing. I probably wouldn't even understand it if I recognized it when I saw it ;) It did remind me however, that HTML 4.0 introduced a tag to deal with just that sort of translation."