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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 22, 2008

  • How2 ... Join the Linux movement (2008-09-22 20:02:11)
    Stuff: "Sitting somewhere to the left of Mao and to the right of Idi Amin, Linux users are a complex bunch of geeked-up, black-hat freedom fighters."

  • What’s GNU, Part Four: find (2008-09-22 18:32:11)
    Linux Magazine: "This month we'll look at the new features that GNU programmers and others have added to all of the other features that find(1) already had."

  • Review: gNewSense 2.1 (2008-09-22 18:02:11)
    Raiden's Realm: "gNewSense...is designed and intended to provide you with a distro completely free of any and all proprietary drivers, software, or codecs. It strives to also be new-user friendly, reliable, and easy to use. But does it really succeed at fulfilling its desires, or does it become a nuisance (pun intended) instead?"

  • Newbies: 7 Useful Ubuntu Linux Tips (2008-09-22 17:32:11)
    The How-To Geek: "In this article we're going to look at 7 useful tips to make your Ubuntu experience even better. This is particularly aimed at newbies, and shows you step by step how to tweak Ubuntu with some must have extras."

  • ASRock P43R1600Twins-WiFi & P45R2000-WiFi (2008-09-22 17:02:11)
    Phoronix: "There are also a few other extras with the ASRock P45R2000-WiFi such as ATI CrossFire support, dual Gigabit LAN, and two eSATA connectors. What's important though is whether these relatively low-cost motherboards work under Linux, and we will tell you that today."

  • The Sweet Features of Fedora - Smolt (2008-09-22 15:02:11)
    Spread Fedora: "...after some hours of effort they start complaining around the forums how GNU/Linux is stupid operating system and how they can not run their computer/hardware on it. So, what mistake that user make all the time? They basically do not check if their hardware is supported in GNU/Linux."

  • Top 10 Reasons Why Steve Ballmer Should be Certified Insane (2008-09-22 13:32:11)
    IT Wire: "Steve Ballmer is many things: Microsoft CEO, 43rd richest person on the planet, monkey dancing video star. Wikipedia says that he has "been known to be very passionate in expressing his enthusiasm." We have 10 reasons to suggest he should be in a rubber room eating soft fruit..."

  • Microsoft's 'I'm a PC' Ads Created On Macs (2008-09-22 11:02:11)
    RoughlyDrafted Magazine: "After dumping its $10 million contract with Jerry Seinfeld after just three ads (only two of which even aired) Microsoft has created new ad copy where regular people and a few celebrities say, "I'm a PC!" One problem with the campaign's credibility: the ad work was created using Macs."

  • Ohio Linux Fest - October 10th and 11th, 2008: Columbus, Ohio (2008-09-22 10:02:11)
    Linux Magazine: "This is the sixth edition of this event, held every year in Columbus Ohio. I like OLF, because it is not only a community event, staged and run by volunteers, but it is also a family event, with people of all ages invited and involved."

  • Simple Dual Monitor Setup With XrandR in Ubuntu (Linux) (2008-09-22 04:02:11)
    Navetz: "This article will be a quick tutorial on how to set up a dual monitor display system on linux with the XrandR program. I use the KDE desktop and there is a tool called krandrtray that tries to set up the two monitors for you, but quite often it fails. So here is how you can do it yourself manually"

  • Listen To Your Users (2008-09-22 02:02:11)
    Polish Linux: "Some other Arch Linux users explained that Arch Linux is available for free, no one pays them for working on this system, so people should get to work and fix the bugs themselves instead of making demands."

  • Top 50 Linux Quotes of All Time (2008-09-22 00:02:11)
    Tech Source From Bohol:
    "49. Avoid the Gates of Hell. Use Linux.
    -- unknown source"