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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 23, 2008

  • What Android Could Bring to Your Phone (2008-09-23 22:56:22)
    Lifehacker: "It's probably not that surprising that Google apps—Gmail, Google Calendar, Maps, and the like—sit close to Android's heart. In fact, activating the phone requires a Google account."

  • Wubi Tuesday (2008-09-23 17:33:08)
    IT PRO Blogs: "There's nothing more through the looking glass than writing complex pattern recognition statements in awk. There's also nothing quite as much fun as rolling your own Linux distribution from scratch."

  • Viewing the Night Sky with Linux, Part III: Stellarium and Celestia Take You There (2008-09-23 17:01:06)
    LinuxPlanet: "But they don't really give you the feeling of being there like a couple of newer entries on the Linux astronomy scene: Stellarium and Celestia."

  • Let's Talk Cheap Software (2008-09-23 16:32:08)
    ComputerWorld Blogs: "Want to know one of the things I really like about open-source software? The price."

  • OpenOffice.org Tips and Tricks: Harmonizing With MS Office, Managing Large Complex Documents (2008-09-23 16:02:13)
    LinuxPlanet: "... we learn how to harmoniously swap documents between OOo and MS Office. And we explore OOo's wonderful Navigator tool, which is a powerful time-saving tool for managing large complex documents such as books and long reports."

  • Today is G-Day (2008-09-23 13:02:11)
    Crunch Gear: "CG will be at the event in force with a liveblog and images but before we walk to the well of hype and drink deep and hearty droughts of orgasmic praise, let’s talk about what Android is and isn't."

  • Android Jumps to General Consumer Electronics in 2009? (2008-09-23 12:18:11)
    Engadget: "While the world waits to see the first Android cellphone revealed in New York later today, others are hard at work extending the reach of the open-source OS beyond just handsets."

  • Famous Quotations Script For Linux And Unix (2008-09-23 10:32:11)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: "Today's Linux/Unix bash shell script is yet another follow up to a whole cavalcade of scripts we've written to mine the knowledge on tap at reference.com, although this one is grabbing its material from QuotationsPage.com."

  • DIRECTV Scores Points in the Linux Community (2008-09-23 09:02:11)
    OStatic: "Unlike NBC's coverage of the 2008 Olympic Games, DIRECTV customers who have the NFL Sunday Ticket SuperFan viewing package can now watch live football games on computers running Linux."

  • Google Touts Open Source Cred (2008-09-23 06:02:11)
    OStatic: "Who's the first company you think of when the words "open source" come up in conversation?...if Google co-founder Larry Page is to be taken seriously, apparently it ought to be Google."

  • 13 Terminal Emulators for Linux (2008-09-23 04:32:11)
    TuxArena: "ROXTerm is a GTK terminal application with an interface similar to the one of GNOME-Terminal, supporting backgrounds, desktop transparency effects, profiles, colour schemes and many more."

  • Rhythmbox, Gnome Music Awesomeness (2008-09-23 01:32:11)
    Free Software Magazine: "Amarok sure inspires a lot of KDE-envy for Gnome users. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit in well in Gnome: it’s written for a different desktop environment, uses a whole different toolkit, and requires a lot of extra libraries to run. Luckily, there’s a great Gnome-based alternative: Rhythmbox."

  • 10 Command-Line Applications I Use in Debian and Ubuntu (2008-09-23 00:02:11)
    TuxArea: "cmus-- My personal favourite for listening to music while in command-line, cmus is a ncurses-based audio player which supports Ogg Vorbis, MP3, FLAC, WAV, WMA and several more."