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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 24, 2008

  • Mandriva Mini: Linux For Atom -- And For OEMs Only (So Far) (2008-09-24 21:05:44)
    InformationWeek: "Looks like the netbook is shaping up as the major way Just Plain Folks will get a little Linux into their lives."

  • A Linux Zealot Examines Microsoft Vista (2008-09-24 20:30:35)
    TechRepublic: "I know, I know... you're wondering why this is in the open source blog. The reason is simple: I have used open source operating systems for a long, long time now. I have championed against Microsoft for over ten years."

  • A Breakthrough for Open Source in the UK (2008-09-24 19:01:11)
    The Open Road: "Open source has long been the ugly stepchild of UK government information technology, but in a recent turn of events, it may finally be gaining ground with the British."

  • Quick Linux OpenVPN HOWTO and Tutorial (2008-09-24 18:32:11)
    Linux HOWTOs & Discussion: "OpenVPN is a popular Windows/Linux VPN Server/Client pair."

  • IBM: We Don't Really Need The ISO (2008-09-24 17:38:00)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "If developing countries want to develop their own standards, IBM is willing to support them."

  • The Open Source Contributions of Six Blind Men and an Elephant (2008-09-24 16:32:01)
    OSTATIC: "The Linux Plumbers Conference may have ended last Friday, but the discussions will be analyzed, deconstructed, and argued for quite a bit longer."

  • Is the Honeymoon Over for Google Chrome? (2008-09-24 15:03:11)
    iTWire: "Despite all the totally understandable media hype about Chrome entering the market, the Google open source web browser was never going to make a truly huge dent in the market immediately."

  • Bandwidth Limiting HOWTO with Linux, tc and iproute2 (2008-09-24 12:06:59)
    Adam's Tech Talk: "The purpose of this is that I can take a 10mbit connection and limit the traffic to 5mbit ensuring that I don't break the 95th percentile that I want to maintain at the datacenter. I can increase and decrease this at any time as traffic requires or permits respectively."

  • Eee-Box: Mini Desktop Doubles RAM in Linux Version (2008-09-24 09:06:11)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "The Eee Box with the Intel Atom processor is available in Linux and Windows XP."

  • VDI: Very Disappointed Indeed (2008-09-24 04:22:09)
    Linux Magazine: "Would you be shocked to know that your favorite VDI vendors don't use their own technology?"

  • Chrome Antics: Did Google Reverse-engineer Windows? (2008-09-24 02:58:53)
    ars technica: "Curious developers have been sniffing through the source code for Google's new Chrome web browser."

  • CME Taking an Option on Linux (2008-09-24 01:34:06)
    internetnews.com blog: "Though the financial services market in the US is in bailout mode this week - the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) is hedging its bets -- with Linux."