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Infrastructure Linux News for Oct 01, 2008

  • The Need to Know: Documentation in Linux (2008-10-01 23:05:13)
    IT Pro: "The coder is not always the best person for the job of documenting a project, if only because, as Richard Stallman once observed, "writing good English is a rare skill among programmers"."

  • Sweden: ODF Made National Standard (2008-10-01 22:35:13)
    Metamorphosis: ""Sweden now joins Brazil, Croatia, Italy, South Korea, and South Africa as countries whose national standards bodies have formal approved this standard", the ODF advocacy organisation writes in this week's newsletter."

  • Conflicting Opinions on Windows Mobile: Open Source or Open FUD? (2008-10-01 21:05:13)
    The Open Road: "So, which will it be? Open-source Windows Mobile or proprietary Windows Mobile, continuing to be sold at an outlandish $8 to $15 per phone for software that Businessweek's Stephen Wildstrom calls "awkward to use after a decade of tweaking by Microsoft.""

  • The State of Kernel Mode-Setting (2008-10-01 20:35:13)
    Phoronix: "Earlier this year Fedora 9 was the first distribution providing kernel-based mode-setting (or KMS for short)... We had provided a preview of kernel-based mode-setting that showed how the system display looked when it came to the flicker-free boot experience, fast and clean VT switching, and the technical advantages this method provides."

  • Should Palm Drop Their Linux Plans and Embrace Android? (2008-10-01 20:05:13)
    Smartphones and Cell Phones: "The Why Palm Needs Android article makes the case for three reasons why Palm should consider the Android OS on future devices rather than rolling out its own Linux operating system..."

  • CeBIT Open Source: Linux Magazine and Linux Foundation Announce Call for Projects (2008-10-01 19:35:13)
    Linux Magazine: "Open Source is emerging for the first time as a central theme at the CeBIT 2009 conference. Linux Magazine, together with the conference organizers and the Linux Foundation, is now encouraging Open Source projects to bid for free booths at the conference."

  • Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid's Theme (2008-10-01 19:05:13)
    Phoronix: "Though with the Intrepid artwork final deadline passing last week, what does the desktop look like in the Ubuntu 8.10 Beta release due out this week?"

  • Qt but not "on the Q.T.": Nokia Renames Trolltech (2008-10-01 17:35:13)
    Linux Magazine: "Nokia's new purchase of Trolltech has renamed the company Qt Software."

  • Opinion: iPhone Trumps Android (2008-10-01 17:05:19)
    Macworld: "That's why most people use Windows or Mac OS X as their desktop operating systems, and not Linux. Linux has only begun to see desktop use after it included the pretty icons."

  • ODF-- Our Work Here is Done? (2008-10-01 15:05:13)
    There Is No End, But Addition: "One view was that ODF had served its purpose (to get MS formats out into the open) and should now declare victory before fading away gracefully; another was that OOXML would surely become the default format of the OpenOffice.org suite..."

  • Vector Linux SOHO Is Free Again (2008-10-01 13:35:13)
    O'Reilly: "We are confident that after trying the free version you will want to come back and purchase the DELUXE version."

  • Thomson Reuters Takes Virginia to Court over Zotero (2008-10-01 13:05:13)
    OStatic: "A lawsuit over a file format conversion?"

  • DNS Hijacking, ISP Packet Modification, Morals and Privacy (2008-10-01 12:05:13)
    Adam's Tech Talk: "Now personally I think it's a pretty cheap thing to do, and it's also quite frustrating to those users that have to suffer this 'feature'. A number of ISPs use such methods to 'improve' the quality of your service and I think it's all pretty bad."

  • Linux Foundation's Zemlin Calls NYT Claims About Solaris 'Sensational' (2008-10-01 10:05:13)
    IT Wire: "A few days back, the New York Times online ran what was, for many, a sensational headline about Sun's Solaris: "Is Sun's Solaris on its deathbed?" While the piece was not written by its own staff, the fact that what many still consider to be a newspaper with some credibility ran with such a story did evoke plenty of reaction."
    link fixed--ed.

  • Microsoft Finally Acknowledges That Open Source is Mainstream (2008-10-01 08:35:13)
    The Open Road: "Microsoft just announced the obvious: open source is an increasingly critical (and common) component of software today, including proprietary software. The open-source software in question is jQuery, an excellent open-source javascript library that Microsoft will be including in its Visual Studio application development platform."

  • x2x is a Software Alternative to a KVM Switch (2008-10-01 03:05:13)
    Linux.com: "Simply put, x2x takes advantage of the X Window System's ability to run a display over a TCP/IP network. In this case, you are not running a display as much as you are taking charge of another display's mouse and keyboard."

  • Keep Tabs on Your Finances With HomeBank (2008-10-01 00:40:33)
    Linux.com: ""Where does all my money go?" If you want to know the exact answer to that question, you need HomeBank, a personal finance manager that can help you keep track of your income and expenses with consummate ease."