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Infrastructure Linux News for Oct 26, 2008

  • Ridiculous Resumes - Unix, Linux and Everything in Between (2008-10-26 22:04:17)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: "Last weekend, we poked fun at some of the insane want ads that companies put out when looking for IT talent. This week, to be fair, we're going to take a look at some of the goofy bloopers, funny blunders and (occasionally) serious bits of actual resumes that focus in on the unintentional humor that anyone who's ever had a part in the hiring process is familiar with. Sometimes, the things that people list on their resume is just downright scary."

  • How to Obtain the Dell/HP Server (May be other vendors) Service Tag in Debian (2008-10-26 21:52:42)
    Debian Admin: "You are using debian on Dell or HP servers if you want to know the serialnumber and model you can use the following procedure.This is verr useful when you are connected remotely and find the details."

  • Ask Linux.com: Missing Memory, Built-in Webcams, and Shared Server (2008-10-26 20:04:17)
    Linux.com: "This week in our whirlwind tour of the Linux.com forums: demystifying your notebook's built-in webcam, demystifying the varying states of system RAM, and demystifying the ins and outs of running a shared server."

  • Deploying CC+ for the common good: Buy4Commons (2008-10-26 16:04:17)
    Free Software Magazine: "This year, Creative Commons unveiled a new initiative called "CC+". It is not a license. It's a "protocol", although it's so simple that it almost doesn't warrant the term. Basically it specifies a standardized mechanism to sell further rights for works under Creative Commons licenses."

  • Dream Linux 3.5 RC1 ScreenShots (2008-10-26 04:04:17)
    Linux Dynasty: "As in my first review of Dream Linux 3.1 , Dream Linux 3.5 RC4 remains extremely easy to install. Also with the same easy to use control panel and a beautiful set of icons that will leave you saying ahhhhhhh."

  • Why is The Bizarre Cathedral licence "non-free"? (2008-10-26 00:04:17)
    Free Software Magazine: "Recently I've received a few pieces of mail saying this is a "non-free" licence and questioning my use of it here. Some of them are quite polite, others have demanded I change the licence immediately (presumably "or else"). I'm not going to change the license, and here's why."