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Infrastructure Linux News for Nov 21, 2008

  • Kubuntu Moves Forward: You Can't Please Everyone, All the Time (Nov 21, 2008, 23:33)
    OStatic: "It's nearly a year since KDE released the KDE4 desktop. The initial roll-out was rocky for KDE, and while subsequent releases have brought ever increasing stability and enhancements, some KDE users feel it's not quite ready for daily use."

  • PC Magazine, a Flagship for Ziff Davis, Will Cease Printing a Paper Version (Nov 21, 2008, 22:33)
    New York Times: "Ziff Davis Media announced Wednesday that it was ending print publication of its 27-year-old flagship, PC Magazine, and would take the title online only."

  • IE8 Coming in 2009, But Will it be Late to the Firefox Party? (Nov 21, 2008, 21:51)
    The Open Road: "With a release candidate not scheduled until the first quarter of 2009, the final release won't hit until the second (or possibly even the third) quarter. Microsoft released a beta of IE8 back in March 2008. Roughly a year later, we should see the full release in action. By that time, will anyone care?"

  • Complete Backup and Restore Using "tar" Command (Nov 21, 2008, 21:33)
    Linuxhaxor: "I'll explain methods I use to maintain my setup and configuration files without the loss of any data or personal settings. Once you have recovered from the crash, the restoration can be as simple as typing a single command using the Live CD and a terminal."

  • 'Dark Knight' on its Way to Becoming 2008's Most Pirated Movie (Nov 21, 2008, 20:46)
    The Open Road: "What a perverse message to send to the movie studios: we love your product so much that we refuse to pay for it."

  • Reliable Linux Netbooks for Black Friday (Nov 21, 2008, 19:48)
    Cyber Cynic: "I like Linux netbooks. I like them a lot. They're lightweight, they're solid performers, they're cheap, and it looks like they're soon going to be cheaper than ever."

  • Fedora 11 Release Schedule, Along With Five Features (Nov 21, 2008, 19:33)
    Phoronix: "The five features that are marked to be introduced in Fedora 11 include DeviceKit integration, improved volume controls, Windows cross-compiler support, Presto plug-in integration, and simple support for setting up a multi-seat system."

  • KOffice Releases New Beta of 2.0 Release (Nov 21, 2008, 17:03)
    Tectonic: "The release team has decided that a number of the applications are now mature enough to be part of 2.0. These include KWord, KSpread, KPresenter, KPlato for project management, Karbon the vector graphics editor, and Krita for raster graphics editing."

  • Happy Birthday, Turing's Universal Machine (Nov 21, 2008, 16:03)
    The Register: "It's just 71 years ago this month that a seminal paper from Alan Turing was published, which helped pave the way to today's multi-billion dollar IT industry and confer on Turing the title of father of modern computer science."

  • The Linux Tinority Responds (Nov 21, 2008, 14:33)
    IT Wire: "But then there are fanatics among the users of every operating system, the Taliban among computer users. There are some who even praise Windows - that's how bad it gets."

  • How to Help New Linux Users (Nov 21, 2008, 13:33)
    LinuxPlanet: "The popularity of Ubuntu Linux has attracted millions of new Linux users. Helping inexperienced computer users, whether as part of your job or just on a friendly basis, can be demanding and frustrating. But it is an essential part of building community, and just being a decent person. Michael Hall has some helpful pointers for keeping perspective, keeping your temper, and keeping your sanity."

  • Tables in Impress: New and Unstylish (Nov 21, 2008, 12:03)
    Linux Journal: "Impress Tables are one of the most welcome features in the recently-released 3.0. Using them is straightforward, but they have their limitations, and you may miss one or two useful features before you learn your way around their somewhat awkward interface."

  • Web Browser Hero (Nov 21, 2008, 09:33)
    Linux Magazine: "Perhaps the most versatile, feature-rich web browser available today is on your Desktop and you may not even know its name."

  • YouTube is Big Fun And Useful (Nov 21, 2008, 08:03)
    Linux Today Blog: "Some folks, like the MAFIAA, see it only as a den of thieves, stealing the bread from their children's mouths. But to me it's a fantastic showcase for anyone with minimal tools-- a computer, a camera, a bit of editing software-- to create and share."

  • Convoluted Column Arithmetic Examples Using Awk On Linux Or Unix (Nov 21, 2008, 06:33)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: "Today's going to be a "fun with awk" day. I figure we should have one now because we never had them in school when I was a kid... The topic, as the title suggests, has to do with columnar arithmetic or, less pompously put, performing arithmetic operations on columns or, even more accessibly, adding stuff up ;) It's somewhat like our older post on doing simple cumulative math with awk, but slightly more confusing."

  • WFTL Bytes! For Nov 20, 2008: Stock Tanks, Mozilla Rises, Moonlight on Dinosaurs (Nov 21, 2008, 02:33)
    WFTL Bytes!: "Your occasiodaily FOSS and Linux news show for Thursday, November 20, 2008, with your host, Marcel Gagne. Today you'll discover how low open source company stock has gone, you'll find out that Mozilla is doing okay, that Moonlight is coming (real soon now), that your old computers are going places you don't care to know, and that Jurassic Part may be just around the corner. Or not."

  • Jackalope Rising: Ubuntu 9.04 Alpha 1 As Early As Tomorrow (Nov 21, 2008, 01:33)
    OStatic: "The Ubuntu project says that the initial alpha release of Ubuntu 9.04 (the "Jaunty Jackalope") could be available for testing in less than twenty-four hours. Yes, that's a little less than a month after the current, stable version, "Intrepid Ibex" was finalized and formally released."

  • Doing a diff Without Touching the Command Line (Nov 21, 2008, 00:33) "With diff-ext, GNOME users can compare and merge files from within Nautilus. If, instead, you use KDE 3, try out kdiff-ext from the same site, which works with Konqueror. Each utility handles paths to files and directories and invokes an external diff tool to perform the grunt work. With diff-ext you can easily compare two files with different names, from different directories, or whole directory trees."