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Infrastructure Linux News for Jan 01, 2009

  • Linux clipboard utilities lead to frustration and defeat (2009-01-01 20:04:21)
    AP Lawrence: "# xclipboard
    Error: another clipboard is already running
    Huh? I'm not sure why that would matter anyway, but:"

  • Weekly Ten (12-29-2008) (2009-01-01 12:04:21)
    Tech Source From Bohol: "1. Banish your daemons for a faster Linux PC In common with other parts of the early Unix operating system, the term 'daemon' gives little away about what its function might be."

  • Mastering SSH: Connecting, Executing Remote Commands and Using Authorized Keys (2009-01-01 04:04:21)
    Enterprise IT Planet: "The ssh command line utility is a staple for people who work on remote systems. ssh stands for "secure shell," so as you may expect one of its most common uses is as a remote shell. While that is perhaps its most common use, it isn't the only, or most interesting, thing you can do with ssh."

  • 12 Handy Tips for Your New Linux Netbook (2009-01-01 00:04:21)
    Tech Republic: "Got a new Linux netbook? Here's some things to do with it..."