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Infrastructure Linux News for Jan 28, 2009

  • Small Universe: Lincity-NG 2.0 (2009-01-28 23:04:23)
    Linux Magazine: "Lincity-NG (the NG means Next Generation) is a graphical and game-oriented city planning simulation, now updated in version 2.0, that not only includes graphic enhancements but provides entire ecosystem simulation."

  • Reading Compressed Files With less (2009-01-28 22:04:23)
    Tip of the Trade: "A straightforward alternative is zless, which will deal seamlessly with gzip, compress, or pack files, allowing you to page through them without having to unzip them."

  • Adventures In External Media With Kubuntu (2009-01-28 21:34:23)
    LinuxPlanet: "Uncertainty over hardware support is a perennial Linux bugaboo--even when vendors claim to love the penguin, it isn't always true. Rob Reilly risks his own money and peace of mind testing various external storage devices on his Asus Kubuntu laptop, including an antique Zip drive, and reports his findings."

  • OpenOffice 3.0.1: Bug Fixes and Grammar Checking (2009-01-28 21:04:23)
    Linux Magazine: " With a bug fix release the OpenOffice team has enhanced its free open application suite and added a few features in the mix."

  • A New Day, A New Dot (2009-01-28 20:34:23)
    KDE Dot News: "As I am sure many of you know, although the old KDE Dot News has served the KDE community very well, it was beginning to show its age. Because of that a number of people including myself took it upon ourselves to modernise the Dot."

  • OpenOffice.org Impress: Preparing a Slide Show (2009-01-28 20:04:23)
    Linux Journal: "Slide transitions are the bits of built-in animation that play when you switch slides during a presentation. You can set transitions any time you want, but leaving them until you've finished adding slides helps you to focus on content instead of diverting your attention to format."

  • Why Windows is winning the netbook war (2009-01-28 19:34:23)
    TechRadar: "In the beginning, there was the Asus Eee PC. And the masses looked at it, and they found that it was good. Verily, they said, this Linux thingy isn't half bad."

  • I am Linux (and so can you!) (2009-01-28 19:04:23)
    Community, Incorporated: "...the Linux Foundation is sponsoring a "We're Linux" video contest to drum up videos from Linux users about what Linux means to them. The grand prize is a trip to Tokyo for the Japan Linux Symposium in October 2009."

  • Knoppix 6.0 released (2009-01-28 18:04:23)
    Heise Online: "Knoppix 6.0 has now been released with several new features and updates. The last update to Knoppix was in March of 2008 with version 5.3.1."

  • Say goodnight, Geode (2009-01-28 17:04:23)
    Linux Devices: "The story quotes AMD spokesman Phil Hughes as saying "There are no plans for a follow-on product to today's available AMD Geode LX products, but we expect to make this very successful processor available to customers as long as the market demands.""

  • Emtec debuts Linux-based Netbook with removable SSD (2009-01-28 16:34:23)
    CNet: "Emtec, a supplier of laptop peripherals, is setting up a new Netbook based on Madriva's flavor of Linux called the Gdium."

  • Intel Moblin V2 Core Alpha: It Boots Fast! (2009-01-28 16:04:23)
    Phoronix: "Intel has been at the forefront of producing hardware for netbooks and other mobile devices thanks to their Atom processor family, but they are also looking at being a key part of the mobile software ecosystem. Back in 2007 we witnessed the launch of the Moblin project, which is Intel's open-source venture for creating a complete stack of software for these mobile devices."

  • Microsoft's metered pay-as-you-go patent: Trusted Computing Mark Two (2009-01-28 15:34:23)
    Free Software Magazine: "When you first read about Microsoft's proposed patent you are suffused with the glow of righteous anger but before you get carried away, stop. Stop and think. This patent might just be, to mix my metaphors, a Trojan Horse and the straw that breaks the Camels' back."

  • Kuki Linux 2.0 for the Acer Aspire One (2009-01-28 14:04:23)
    EeePC: "Kuki Linux (pronouced "cookie") is a new Linux distribution, optimized for the Acer Aspire One netbooks"

  • Healthy Goals for 2009 + Must-have Geeky Exercise Machines (2009-01-28 13:34:23)
    Tech Source From Bohol: "Sure you can accomplish plenty of tasks if you spend most of your time in front of the computer and never ever care to have some physical workout. However, if you keep on doing this, you will become less and less productive and may end up being dumb and lazy. Believe me because this is happening to me right now."

  • KDE 4.2 Is The Answer (2009-01-28 13:04:23)
    IT News Today: "It's surely been a long time coming, but KDE 4.2 (code named "The Answer") is finally here, and I was absolutely floored by the number of improvements it contains. Of course, I found some minor issues, but no desktop is perfect, right?"

  • Excellent Linux Hardware: Liteon External DVD Writer, Kill-A-Watt (2009-01-28 07:34:23)
    Linux Today Blog: "At any rate both dogs gave me their best "You can complain, or you can do something constructive. Like come outside and throw the ball a few thousand times" looks. So I threw the ball a few dozen times, and then came back inside and decided to write about some of my Linux hardware experiences."

  • The Proper and Improper Use of Versions (2009-01-28 03:04:23)
    Linux Loop: I think it is important that we think about when multiple versions make sense and when they don't, so that open-source projects don't fall down the same hole that Windows has."

  • Armchair Quarterbacking the OLPC (2009-01-28 01:34:23)
    OStatic: "Four years on, many are analyzing the choices the OLPC made, and some contend it was a bad idea all around."