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Infrastructure Linux News for Jan 30, 2009

  • Displaying Weather on the Desktop with ConkyForecast (2009-01-30 22:03:24)
    Linutop Mag: "But besides the usual stuff like RAM usage, processor load, and wireless signal strength, you can use Conky to display something more interesting like the current weather conditions and a four-day forecast complete with snazzy weather icons."

  • All About Swap Part 1: Introduction (2009-01-30 21:33:24)
    Idea Excursion: "On the most basic level, swap acts as storage space auxiliary to system memory. Fortunately for developers, modern systems need not know or care about swap."

  • AccessApps: The Braveheart Of Computing (2009-01-30 21:03:24)
    Raiden's Realm: "All muddy-faced and wild-haired, Aussie Mel growls in his best faux-Scots accent: "They may take our lives, but they'll never take our FREEDOM!""

  • OLPC XO-2 to be open source hardware (2009-01-30 20:33:24)
    Heise Online: "According to a report from the Guardian, the next version of the OLPC (XO-2) will be open source hardware."

  • Pandora open-source handheld console inching closer to debut (2009-01-30 19:33:24)
    ars Technica: "The long-awaited Pandora open-source handheld has inched one step closer to completion, as the OpenPandora team has put on display the nearly finalized case design. We review what we know about Pandora to date, and what the project is hoping to accomplish."

  • Even Microsoft's anti-Linux message isn't this bad (2009-01-30 19:03:24)
    The Open Road: "This anti-Linux Microsoft "ad" hit the Web a few weeks ago, but I just came across it last night and thought it was funny."

  • Off-line GMail: one more step to the Google desktop (2009-01-30 18:47:24)
    Cyber cynic: "No, no, Google isn't getting ready to release a full desktop with office suite. Not them. Yeah. Right."

  • Unix and Linux Humor - Inspirational Posters (2009-01-30 18:03:24)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: "After this week, we probably all need a laugh (I'm being presumptuous in assuming your week was at least 51% miserable, too)"

  • Easy image resizing and rotating in Ubuntu (2009-01-30 16:03:00)
    IT Wire: "Easy, quick and simple image resizing and rotating is important to many people. When using Windows, you're able to download and install the Image Resizer "PowerToy". You can then manipulate images directly from Windows Explorer. But how do you do the same task in Ubuntu?"

  • When Hackers Are Funny (2009-01-30 15:03:24)
    Datamation: "Zombies ahead . . . the end is near . . . run for cold climates!"

  • Canonical's $30 Million and Redmond's Gathering Storm (2009-01-30 14:03:24)
    TechNewsWorld: ""Microsoft has been "completely overvalued for a long time because their main asset is customer relationships, but it's a scary and abusive relationship and everyone who knows there's something better out there would like desperately to leave..."

  • OpenOffice.org - The Fun Has Gone? (2009-01-30 11:33:24)
    Heise Online: ""When the anthropologists look back on the 1980s and 1990s and do the archaeological digs, and get their calipers and brooms and microscopes out, they will blame the massive reduction in productivity during the 1980s and 1990s entirely on Microsoft Office.""

  • KDE 4.2: I'm tired of Pundits, Here's MY Take (2009-01-30 10:03:24)
    Random Technical Outbursts: "I've been using KDE since around the time version 2 came out, and while KDE 4.2 is not perfection, it is better than the 3.5 series, and as of right now 4.2 is easily my favorite Linux desktop... and this rant will address some complaints I've seen and to dissect which complaints are warranted and which are not."

  • Old School Keyboard Control and HTML Character Entities On Linux And Unix (2009-01-30 08:33:24)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: "Basically, what we want to do in this part of today's post is prevent folks with physical access to our Linux machines from rebooting them by hitting the control-alt-delete keys. Most people just disable this behaviour in /etc/inittab and use echo to issue a stern warning. I like to take it a bit too far ;)"

  • Convert DVDs to xvid (avi) using dvd2xvid in opensuse (2009-01-30 07:03:24)
    SUSE & openSUSE: "Dvd2Xvid is free opensource simple easy to use utility to convert DVDs into Xvid video formats. dvd2xvid is a simple GUI for MEncoder aimed at converting DVDs to xvid formats."

  • AMD Catalyst 9.1 Brings OpenGL 3.0 (2009-01-30 03:03:24)
    Phoronix: "...what's there to get excited about in Catalyst 9.1? Well, first and foremost there is improved Composite support during video playback, Hybrid CrossFire support, and a number of fixes. Oh, and there's also OpenGL 3.0 support!"

  • How To: Build A Read-Only Linux System (2009-01-30 01:33:24)
    Logic Supply: "From time to time, we receive questions from customers looking to make their Linux platforms read-only in order to maximize the longevity of their flash devices. I thought I'd take the opportunity to create a blog post describing one way to do this."