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Infrastructure Linux News for Feb 22, 2009

  • Cory Doctorow--Linux Guru? (2009-02-22 22:01:23)
    Linux Journal: "So, it just seemed to me, increasingly, that Apple wasn't making computers to suit my needs; they were making computers to suit the needs of some theoretical entertainment giant. And, you know, I think that's their business if they want to do it, but they're not a charity, so if they don't want to make the stuff I want to buy, I don't have to buy it. Which is exactly what I did--I stopped buying it."

  • Subpixel Font Rendering in Linux (2009-02-22 18:01:23)
    bekir serifoglu: "If you want cleartype-like font rendering in your distro, you have to uncomment a macro in the code and build the package yourself. But this is not enough since the newest LCD-specific FreeType APIs have not been implemented in Xft and Cairo. So you have to patch and build these packages too."

  • Booting With Mandriva's Speedboot (2009-02-22 14:01:23)
    Phoronix: "In essence, the user is logging into their Linux desktop even before the system is fully booted. We have some timed results of Mandriva's Speedboot along with videos showing the differences."

  • CrunchEEE 8.10.02 Review (2009-02-22 10:01:23)
    The Linux Ninja: "After buying my Asus EEE PC 1000HA, I initially installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix on it. After learning more about (#!) CrunchBang Linux and seeing that they had released an optimized version for the EEE PC called CrunchEEE. I've been using CrunchEEE on my EEE PC for the last week and decided to do a review."

  • Interview: Bringing a community together with free software (2009-02-22 06:01:23)
    Free Software Magazine: "Chris Kilby has been running an IT suite for residents of his local housing estate in Stepney, east London. A suite of desktop PCs running Edubuntu with a Fedora-based server has been built and runs on a shoestring budget. I recently caught up with Chris to ask him more about the project."

  • The Problem With "My First Experience With Linux" Posts (2009-02-22 02:01:23)
    Linux Loop: "It should be useful to understand the experience of a new user, but all it ends up being is a war between Linux users and Windows users/the author in the comments. What’s wrong? Two things:"