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Infrastructure Linux News for Feb 23, 2009

  • Review: Phoenix HyperSpace (2009-02-23 22:32:23)
    Small Business Computing: "But although HyperSpace has a lot of potential, it's far from ready for prime time due to some significant limitations and compatibility problems."

  • Ubuntu 9.10 is Karmic Koala, and it will not be brown! (2009-02-23 22:02:23)
    Tech Source From Bohol: "As for me, I was expecting Mr. Shuttleworth to go for a mythical creature and name it after the mighty "King Kong", and have never thought that he would go for a tree-hugging, eucalyptus-eating, sleepy marsupial."

  • Treasures beyond measure (2009-02-23 21:02:23)
    Blog of Helios: "Nothing in this world is free...especially to an out-of-work truck driver."

  • Lenny lights up an old laptop (2009-02-23 20:02:23)
    DeviceGuru: "On a hunch, I tried selecting a different package mirror than the default one (ftp.us.debian.org) for my region. With a different mirror (linux.csua.berkeley.edu), the installation got past where it had frozen and completed without further incident."

  • VectorLinux 6.0 Released (2009-02-23 19:32:23)
    Jamie's Random Musings: "VectorLinux made their 6.0 final release over the weekend. The first thing that is noteworthy about this release is that they have developed their own GUI installer, and it is quite nice."

  • Smart tips and tricks to get the best from KDE 4 (2009-02-23 19:17:23)
    TechRadar: "But KDE is still KDE, and that means that many of its best features are undocumented and undisclosed. Which is why now is the best possible time for a feature crammed full of the best tricks we can find for getting the most out of KDE 4."

  • Weekly Distro Roundup for Feb 15-21 (2009-02-23 18:02:23)
    Linux Ninja: "ArtistX 0.6 Based on Ubuntu 8.10, ArtistX is a Live DVD geared towards multimedia production. ArtistX contains almost 2,500 multimedia applications for 2D/3D graphics, audio and video editing and playback..."

  • Secure Firefox With Seven Key Add-Ons (2009-02-23 17:32:23)
    Enterprise Networking Planet: "Mobile workers who access the Internet from laptops while traveling can pose a serious security threat to your network. That's because laptops are more vulnerable to malicious software and hacker attacks when they are not protected by corporate security systems"

  • Watching Hard Drive Activity With iotop On Ubuntu 8.10 And Debian Lenny (2009-02-23 17:02:23)
    HowtoForge: "This article shows how you can watch your hard drive activity with iotop on Ubuntu 8.10 and Debian Lenny. iotop watches I/O usage information output by the Linux kernel (requires 2.6.20 or later) and displays a table of current I/O usage by processes or threads on the system."

  • CoyoteLinux uses Mono for syadmin tools (2009-02-23 16:33:23)
    Miguel de Icaza's web log: "Interesting find: Coyote Linux -a firewall in a box- configuration of Linux is using Mono and ASP.NET for its admin tools."

  • Windows RG (ReallyGood edition) beats Ubuntu hands down! (2009-02-23 16:03:23)
    Valentino's tiny WebServer: "For all of us Linux users who barely remember how "good" Windows looks and feels, here comes an online sneak preview on Windows ReallyGood edition. Don't you miss all the goodies Windows has to offer?"

  • 10 cool things you can do with Linux and not with windows (2009-02-23 15:03:23)
    Handle With Linux: "Some people install windows on their netbook (or buy one with windows). I think this is not very smart because the only things you could ever really need windows for (games and photoshop) are not likely to run very well on these things. Following a list of some of the things you can do with Linux and not on windows (or very difficult)"

  • Security researcher Kaminsky pushes DNS patching (2009-02-23 14:33:23)
    LinuxWorld: "Dan Kaminsky, who for years was ambivalent about securing DNS, has become an ardent supporter of DNS Security Extensions."

  • 25 Top 3D Linux Games (2009-02-23 13:03:23)
    Sathya Says: "One of CHIP-India's forum members, Sujith Poojari had posted a link to 25 Top 3D games for Linux. Some of them I've already played like Armagetron Advanced, BZFlag, Sauerbraten, Scorched 3D, TORCS while some others unknown to me, such as Racer(been playing it recently, good graphics! controls need refinement though), PlaneShift etc. So enjoy these games and have a blast!"

  • Vim autocomplete feature (2009-02-23 02:03:23)
    UNIX BASH Scripting: "If you have a word already typed in your file you are editing in vim, then you can use "autocomplete" feature of vim editor for the future typings of the same word."