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Infrastructure Linux News for Mar 27, 2009

  • Editor's Note: All About Nothing, All About Everything (2009-03-27 23:02:59)
    Well here we are again, another good week gone by, and another welcome Friday. I'm tired and brain-dead, and looking forward to napping in the warm sun this weekend. I am definitely not complaining-- unlike 18% of the people in my county I have a job and a roof over my head.

  • AMD Catalyst 9.3 Brings OpenGL Composite Support (2009-03-27 22:32:59)
    Phoronix: "While the Catalyst driver for Windows was released a number of days ago, the Catalyst Linux driver was missing. It has, however, been released today."

  • Windows and Linux on USB III (2009-03-27 21:32:59)
    Softpedia: "Placing Windows on a USB and booting it is not as easy as it may seem, mainly because Windows was not built for live sessions. For some GUI addicted users the result may not be at all what they expected, plus the functionality is cut off drastically."

  • Hey, your distro sucks! (2009-03-27 20:32:59)
    Larry the Free Software Guy: "In short, their schtick is simple: Your distro/software/hardware sucks and you're pretty lucky I'm here to tell you why."

  • 10 Things I Hate About Tech (2009-03-27 20:02:59)
    CIO: "Sure, spyware, spam and wireless routers that have the lifespan of a mosquito annoy us all. But what do we really hate about technology? Here's my current top 10 list:"

  • Getting Rid of Nasty Adobe Flash Cookies the Cool Linux Way (2009-03-27 19:32:59)
    LinuxPlanet: "In Part 1 we learned about the not very well-known Adobe Flash cookies, how to find them on your Linux system, and how to use Adobe's Web-based Flash cookie manager. Today Carla Schroder is going to show us how to deal with Flash cookies using ordinary Linux commands, which unlike the Adobe manager are nice and fast and don't require an Internet connection."

  • Multi touch for any,all synaptics touchpad (2009-03-27 18:32:59)
    Ubuntu Snippets: "Multi-touch became trendy after iphone came up with it. We are seeing many new laptops with multi-touch. At hardware level, there is nothing special that you need, to make multi-touch work."

  • Linux Puzzle Games to train your intellectual skills (2009-03-27 18:02:59)
    Worldlabel: "But if you prefer to train your intellectual skills instead of blasting monsters or conquering the world, there are a few high-quality puzzle games, too. In this article we will take a look at some of the best puzzle games for Linux."

  • First Look at Ubuntu 9.04 "Jaunty Jackalope" Beta (2009-03-27 16:32:59)
    Lifehacker: "The name's ridiculous, but "Jaunty Jackalope," the next release of the popular Linux distribution Ubuntu, is seriously focused on the user experience. Dig what's new and improved in the beta of Ubuntu 9.04, released today."

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer vs. Firefox brief comparison guide (2009-03-27 16:02:59)
    Nathan's Toasty Technology page: "This is a brief, slightly demented comparison guide of the features of the MSIE for Windows and Friefox web browsers to show you just how great Microsoft Internet Explorer really is. Consult a doctor before reading. Use of this list for any real use would be stupid. If you think this list is supposed to be serious or logical in any way then you are the one who is insane."

  • Parsix 2.0 ScreenShots, Lean and Beautiful (2009-03-27 15:02:59)
    Linux Dynasty: "Parsix is a beautiful OS which is derived off of Kanotix and based off of Debian. The install was quite simple and intuitive, though not as simple as Ubuntu based distributions. What grabbed my attention immediately was the beautiful artwork that was part of the default LiveCD and the Install."

  • Avoid Typing with Autokey (2009-03-27 14:32:59)
    Linux Magazine: "Imagine how much time you could save if you had a tool that could help you to avoid typing static text like "Kind regards" or your address. Like the idea? Then you'll most certainly appreciate the Autokey text expanding utility."
    Link fixed-- ed.

  • Five Essential Ubuntu Modifications (2009-03-27 14:02:59)
    WorksWithU: "Some of these modifications are essential to get certain features to work, one of them is something I couldn't do without. Here are my five essential Ubuntu modifications."

  • Who cares if XP support is ending? (2009-03-27 13:32:59)
    ZDNet Education: "I wish I could agree with fellow ZDNet blogger, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, that the April 14th demise of free XP support from Microsoft would help bring people into the open source fold and encourage them to look at Linux when 7 still isn't widely available and Vista is still a sad little OS. Unfortunately, I just don't think it matters at all."

  • The case for a secondary motherboard OS (2009-03-27 13:02:59)
    The Tech Report: "It seems like every year, someone thinks that Linux is on the verge of making real inroads on the desktop. And every year, the alternative operating system's desktop market share fails to grow significantly. Yet Linux continues to pop up in new places, one of which should be of great interest to enthusiasts."

  • RIM, Red Hat Send Tech Stocks Soaring (2009-03-27 12:32:59)
    InternetNews: "Red Hat fared even better, soaring 17% on better than expected earnings, and Best Buy surged 12.6% after its quarterly results and outlook both topped forecasts."

  • Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope Beta released (2009-03-27 12:02:59)
    ClubUbuntu: "Hello clububuntu readers, I have great news for you! Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope Beta is now available for download."

  • Diagnose and fix network problems yourself (2009-03-27 10:32:59)
    TuxRadar: "A recent and typical case of Linux network failure was the friend who rang up to say his "network had stopped"... Luckily, Linux has a goodly collection of network tools to help us figure out exactly what had gone wrong. (To eliminate any stress-inducing suspense, let me reveal that we eventually discovered that he had been disconnected by his ISP as a result of forgetting to renew his subscription.)"

  • Is Using Linux Too Frugal? (2009-03-27 07:32:59)
    Serverwatch: "But who listens to such rubbish? Apparently, a few do and they seem to be in the minority-a solvent minority."

  • Htop, a tip-top ncurses interactive tool for system monitoring your desktop (2009-03-27 03:02:59)
    Free Software Magazine: "This article will show you how to configure and use htop to monitor system resources and how to use this dinky interactive application to manage running applications and processes on your desktop."

  • Microsoft Rules Netbooks Now, But ARM/Linux Threat Grows (2009-03-27 00:02:59)
    NetworkWorld: "Microsoft today sits comfortably atop the growing netbook market with Windows garnering 90 percent of netbook sales in November, December and January, according to research firm The NPD Group. What about Linux?"