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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 01, 2009

  • Switch to the Command Line, Part 3.1 (Cone) (2009-06-01 23:34:24)
    Relst.nl x2: "This time were going to talk about Cone and Screen. Screen is IMHO the best command line app ever, because you do not have to CTRL+ATL+F* all the time, and if your on SSH you can "detach" screen, and log off while your CLI apps are still runing within screen."

  • A hard look at Adobe (2009-06-01 23:04:24)
    Blog of Helios: "The best thing anyone can do to continue making the Internet more closed, restrictive, and prohibiting is to use Adobe Flash as it exists today."

  • Ubuntu Desktop Course 8.04 available (2009-06-01 21:34:24)
    "Fabrizio Balliano: "I haven't seen any news out there so I think it's really useful to make you all know that a new Ubuntu Desktop Course has been released"

  • gOS 3.1 Review (2009-06-01 21:04:24)
    ExtremeTech: "Before I get into this review let me be clear that gOS is not "Google OS." It is not put out by Google so nobody should be confused by its name. gOS stands for "Good OS" though it does contain a lot of links to Google Web apps, Google Gadgets, and the option to add Google Gears is found on its app menu list."

  • Recovering Deleted Files With lsof (2009-06-01 20:04:24)
    Tip of the Trade: "One of the more neat things you can do with the versatile utility lsof is use it to recover a file you've just accidentally deleted."

  • Now ready for testing, Tiny Core V2.0 Release Candidate 4 (2009-06-01 19:34:24)
    tinycorelinux.com: "Now ready for testing Tiny Core V2.0 Release Candidate 4 and introducing MicroCore a 7MB no X environment iso based on Tiny Core"

  • Let Tux USB Keys Make Your Foreign Customers Feel at Home (2009-06-01 17:34:24)
    Chao-Kuei's Notes: "Would you rather use a "familiar" windows computer that speaks an incomprehensible language, or would you rather use an amusingly "unfamiliar" computer that has funny penguin icons called "Tux" and that speaks your mother tongue?"

  • How To Automate Tasks In KDE (2009-06-01 15:34:24)
    MakeTechEasier: "KDE provides users with the tools to run software automatically using two features: Autostart and Task Scheduler (formerly called KCron). These tasks can be initiated immediately prior to KDE startup, during KDE startup, or scheduled at anytime: daily, hourly, weekly, or even every five minutes."

  • Traffic accounting with SNMP and Python on Windows (2009-06-01 06:04:24)
    FOSS Boss: "If you're not on a flat-rate ISP data-plan, and your ISP made you pay extra last month such as myself :) You might be interested in monitoring your home bandwidth."