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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 24, 2009

  • LXDE: Resource-Friendly Desktop Environment for X (2009-06-24 23:18:03)
    OS news: "We're all pretty much versed in the worlds of GNOME, KDE, and to a lesser degree, Xfce, and while there are lots of alternatives, none of the smaller ones really seem to gain much traction beyond their fans. An exception is LXDE, a small and resource efficient desktop environment."

  • Software Installation in GNU/Linux is Still Broken, and a Path to Fixing (2009-06-24 21:09:02)
    FSM: "Software installation in GNU/Linux is broken. No, not broken... it's terribly broken. Why is that, and what can be done to fix it?"

  • The EC Settlement: Rambus, Writs and the Rule of Law (2009-06-24 18:48:03)
    Standards Blog: "Certainly the most watched standards-related legal conflict of the decade involves the participation of memory technology vendor Rambus, Inc. in a working group hosted by standards developer Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) in the early 1990s. "

  • The Proprietary Software/Linux Conundrum (2009-06-24 18:04:17)
    Datamation: "Clearly not being locked into a proprietary application sounds attractive, but is it really easier to convert other people to using the same software you are in order to select Open Source software over that of a proprietary nature?"

  • How To Set Up Journaled Quota On Debian Lenny (2009-06-24 17:16:02)
    HowtoForge: "This tutorial shows how you can set up journaled quota on a Debian Lenny system."

  • chromium-bsu: fast paced, arcade-style, scrolling space shooter (2009-06-24 16:31:27)
    DebADay: "Chromium B.S.U. is a top down fast paced high action scrolling space shooter. In this game you are the captain of the cargo ship Chromium B.S.U., and responsible for delivering supplies to the troops on the front line."

  • Elive 1.9.31 Offers Support for Acer Aspire One (2009-06-24 15:47:02)
    Softpedia: "The Elive team announced today yet another unstable release of their Elive Live CD Linux distribution, now at version 1.9.31. Among other things, the team introduced full support for the Acer Aspire One netbook."

  • Set Up a Debian or Ubuntu Machine as a Maildrop (2009-06-24 15:01:26)
    Whats Not: "The setup described here enables you to store all your email (and email for other people) on a single machine, which might be a home server, a remotely hosted server, or even a desktop, and then access it from anywhere. "

  • Spreading the Ubuntu Brand Too Far? (2009-06-24 12:47:25)
    WorksWithU: "Ubuntu developers recently announced a new system that will make it easier to brand third-party applications with Ubuntu imagery in Ubuntu 9.10. While decorating the desktop with benign images of a Koala may not hurt anything, Ubuntu should be careful not to take the branding too far."

  • Webopedia Cool Terms of The Day: Want some chips and salsa? (2009-06-24 10:31:34)
    Webopedia: "3 fun slang terms to use when you get tired of using the same old hardware or networking verbiage."

  • Kernel Log: Winding down the IDE subsystem, LinuxTag Kernel Presentations (2009-06-24 09:05:01)
    The H Open: "David Miller has stepped in to maintain the IDE subsystem, but plans to make it maintenance only, with no major development work. On Friday, one LinuxTag venue will be dedicated entirely to the Linux kernel."

  • Red Hat, Alfresco Team to Attack Microsoft SharePoint (2009-06-24 06:04:17)
    The VAR Guy: "SharePoint has grown to become a $1 billion business for Microsoft. But now, Red Hat and Alfresco are trying to direct some of those SharePoint channel dollars toward open source alternatives."

  • Intel and Nokia Join Forces for Open source (2009-06-24 04:37:04)
    InternetNews: "Nokia and Intel have announced a new strategic partnership for mobile development. This is big news for open source, since both Intel and Nokia rely on Linux (and open source) for their respective mobile platforms."

  • Linux � la fran�aise: First Alpha from Mandriva Linux 2010 (2009-06-24 00:07:24)
    Linux Magazine: "Mandriva Linux 2010 is set to appear on the scene with an alpha version in October. First attempts with the free version (in 32- and 64-bit) have been approved. "