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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 29, 2009

  • The pros and "conns" of Intel's ConnMan for Linux (2009-06-29 23:34:23)
    ars Technica: "Intel has created a new network management and configuration system for Linux called ConnMan—but not everyone is pleased to see it challenge NetworkManager. Ars looks at the pros and "conns" of the decision to create the new software."

  • Ubuntu: Still Popular? (2009-06-29 23:04:23)
    Starry Hope: "As you can see, people are blogging about Ubuntu far more often than other distros. (We’d also like to note that a good amount of blog posts that contain the word “fedora” are about the hat and not the Linux distro)."

  • Wireshark 1.2 Released With a Bundle of New Features (2009-06-29 22:34:23)
    OStatic: "Popular network protocol analyzer Wireshark released a major update recently that's chock full of new features."

  • Enable Surround Sound in Ubuntu Linux (PulseAudio) (2009-06-29 22:04:23)
    Webupd8: "Here is how to enable more than 2 speakers (channels) in Ubuntu - PulseAudio:"

  • The netbook belongs to Linux (2009-06-29 21:34:23)
    IT Wire: "Why do Microsoft and vendors like ASUS continue to push the line that Microsoft Windows is the ultimate operating system for the diminutive ultraportable netbook market? The Windows 7 plan for netbooks is fraught with limitation and burdens. It's time to bring back the penguin."

  • Slackware made easy (2009-06-29 21:04:23)
    TuxRadar: "If you've ever wondered what it is about Slackware that makes it so popular amongst Linux veterans, read on for a bit of history, and hands-on installation guide, plus some tips to help you get started..."

  • Never reboot again with Linux and Ksplice (2009-06-29 20:34:23)
    Cyber Cynic: "For some users, telecommunication server/carrier grade administrators in particular even twice-a-year reboots is twice a year too often and that's where Ksplice comes in."

  • EXT4, Btrfs, NILFS2 Performance Benchmarks (2009-06-29 19:04:23)
    Phoronix: "Being the benchmarking junkies that we are, we have set out to compare the file-system performance of EXT4, Btrfs, and NILFS2 under Ubuntu using the Linux 2.6.30 kernel. We also looked at how these file-systems compared to EXT3 and XFS."

  • Krut: screencasts made easy (2009-06-29 18:34:23)
    Linux Magazine: "Need to whip up a quick screencast? You might want to use Krut for the job. This cross-platform screen recording tool has virtually no learning curve, and offers a few useful features that can help you to create high-quality screencasts with consummate ease."

  • 2 Minutes for Ubuntu Eye Candy! (2009-06-29 17:34:23)
    Buntfu: "When taking a look at "CompizConfig Settings Manager" in Ubuntu it can be a little overwhelming when considering all the possible combinations available to us. Often when you set up a couple effects, it seems that you rarely ever see them, or they have to be self induced."

  • KDE's Kontact vs. GNOME's Evolution: Best Personal Info Manager? (2009-06-29 15:34:23)
    Datamation: "This basic fact was rammed home for me when I recently switched from GNOME to KDE on my main computer. I had little trouble learning my way around KDE, and I continued to use many of the same programs, such as Firefox and OpenOffice.org. But moving from GNOME's Evolution to KDE's Kontact -- that unsettled me."

  • Stealth Checking Xbox 360 Games With abgx360 and Nautilus (2009-06-29 15:04:23)
    Ubuntugeek: "If you're like me, you've jumped through a million hoops to get abgx360gui working. But you can only get the command line interface working. No problem, we'll create a script for Nautilus to easily launch abgx360 to check your Xbox 360 games."

  • How to Completely Remove Mono on Ubuntu (2009-06-29 14:04:28)
    Learning Ubuntu: "Why would you want to remove all of Mono anyways? Well you could be paranoid like many others because of the whole 'Microsoft could sue' thing, maybe you dislike Novell, or you might find Mono too slow and unnecessary like me."

  • LiMux, How Linux Revolutionized Germany (2009-06-29 13:30:07)
    ItrunsonLinux.com: "German city Munich got itself into the American newspapers a few years ago when the city council decided to start the project LiMux, aimed at gradually banishing Microsoft programs from the town hall computers."

  • 6 Bash Productivity Tips (2009-06-29 12:09:16)
    TuxArena: "Use !! Typing !! followed by Enter will bring back and execute the last command (same as Ctrl+P followed by Enter)."

  • Webopedia Term of the Day: Journaled File System Defined (2009-06-29 10:38:11)
    Webopedia: "A journaled file system is a file system in which the hard disk maintains data integrity in the event of a system crash or if the system is otherwise halted abnormally."

  • Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 Updated (2009-06-29 06:32:02)
    Debian News: "The Debian project is pleased to announce the second update of its stable distribution Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (codename 'lenny')."

  • Install Linux with InstaLinux.com (2009-06-29 01:39:02)
    Ghacks.net: "Technically InstaLinux is really just another way of doing a network installation. InstaLinux is a web-based service that allows you to choose some of the specifics of what you want on your installation and then it creates an ISO image that will handle the network install specifics."