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Infrastructure Linux News for Jul 01, 2009

  • Lightweight But Powerful Image Editing Application: mtPaint (2009-07-01 23:02:53)
    Webupd8: "GIMP, despite it's interface, is the best open-source image editor. But often all you want to do is simply resize a picture or a similar minor task and for that you could use an application such as mtPaint which has a lot of great features such as:"

  • Amarok 2.1: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (2009-07-01 22:32:53)
    IT News Today: "However, the more I used Amarok 2 the more I started to enjoy it. Now, I actually find myself preferring it to Amarok 1.4.x and it’s all I use for my music for my music these days."

  • Kubuntu 9.04 Review (2009-07-01 22:02:53)
    Desktop Linux Reviews: "So, with that said, I thought it would be fun to take a look at Kubuntu 9.04. I reviewed its Gnome counterpart on ET a while back and it’s fitting that Kubuntu be one of the first distributions reviewed here on DLR."

  • Asking a Yes/No Question from a Bash Script (2009-07-01 21:32:53)
    Linux Journal: "In order to avoid this common mistake I often have my shell scripts prompt me for a yes or no answer before they proceed. The function described here is for doing that: asking a question and validating the answer."

  • Worst. Tech. Commercial. Ever? (2009-07-01 20:02:53)
    Technologizer: "I'm still having trouble keeping solid food down after having been exposed to the Internet Explorer 8 ad that involves a woman projectile-vomiting after accidentally seeing a site her husband had been viewing. But I'm moving on from being appalled to trying to answer an important question: Is it the single worst commercial for a technology product ever?"

  • Krusader 2.0 Review - First Stable KDE4 Release (2009-07-01 19:02:53)
    TuxArena: "Krusader is a twin-panel file manager for KDE which has been around for around seven years and was always a good alternative to Konqueror since KDE3 days. Its interface resembles the one of the popular file manager Midnight Commander for the console"

  • Warning to all copyright enforcers: Three strikes and you're out (2009-07-01 18:02:53)
    Guardian: "I think we should permanently cut off the internet access of any company that sends out three erroneous copyright notices. Three strikes and you're out, mate."

  • PCLinuxOS Quarterly ISO updates available. (2009-07-01 17:32:53)
    PCLinuxOS: "There has been an explosion of activity going on over here at PCLinuxOS. The quarterly ISO updates for PCLinuxOS 2009.2 and PCLinuxOS Gnome 2009.2 are now available featuring a fully updated iso with the latest applications from the PCLinuxOS repositories"

  • Encrypt data in Linux/Unix (2009-07-01 17:02:53)
    Unixmen: "Do you have files on your computer that you wouldn't want your spouse to read, or perhaps your main competitor. Chances are if you use your computer for work or general usage the answer is yes. Also what happens if you want to send a file to someone, or let them download it from you, but you only have access to the coded file."

  • Good Linux Users Don�t Talk About Microsoft (2009-07-01 16:32:53)
    PCMech: "It's as if a Linux user can't possibly say anything about the operating system he or she uses without mentioning Microsoft and/or what most people use for their personal computing and how it's "wrong/bad/evil", etc. To those zealots, I say unto thee: Shaddup. You're not helping."
    Coarse language ahead-- ed.

  • VirtualBox 3.0.0 for Linux Brings 3D and OpenGL 2.0 Support (2009-07-01 16:02:53)
    Softpedia: "The big and breathtaking news is that users can now use Direct3D 8 and 9 games or applications! Moreover, with VirtualBox 3.0.0, support for OpenGL 2.0 (only for Linux, Solaris and Windows guests) has been implemented."

  • 5 Free and Open Source Web Browsers That You May Have Never Heard Of (2009-07-01 13:32:53)
    Tech Source From Bohol: "For a change, why not try some web browsers that would perhaps cater to a few of your specific needs and would serve as an alternative to your existing browser. Why not try some of these Free and Open Source web browsers that you may have never heard of:"

  • 3 Firefox Tips You May Not Know About (2009-07-01 12:32:53)
    Hungry Hacker: "I discovered five new Firefox tips today. Maybe these are old hat and you know them already. Or maybe like me, you had no idea these could be done."

  • Quick list of things to do after installing Ubuntu (2009-07-01 11:32:53)
    Ubuntu Manual: "Ubuntu is the most popoular GNU/Linux distrbution with millions of active users. Being popular also means that, there are a lot of newbie users as well. Here is a quick list of things a newbie Ubuntu user should knew."

  • Desktop Linux...building the future (2009-07-01 07:32:53)
    Blog of Helios: "The next time you read the obvious Astroturfing articles and comments, just smile...those are people in some cases being paid to put doubt into your mind. They are being paid by people that are afraid. They are afraid of who you are and what you represent. They don't know how to stop you."

  • Is it the beginning of the end for Microsoft and other proprietary efforts? (2009-07-01 01:32:53)
    Geek.com: "No longer are companies willing to pay the price (in money and the intentional depression of technology) by catering to Microsoft and its proprietary architectures and related policies and procedures."