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Infrastructure Linux News for Jul 25, 2009

  • Linux Sales Do Not Equal Linux Users (2009-07-25 19:02:13)
    Think-About-Tech: "The thing is – they are mostly right. I'm a Linux user, but would I buy a machine with it pre-installed? Hell no! Every machine I've been sent that has “Linux” installed is using a distribution that is either crippled, or not what I want to use."

  • Six new editing tools and four plugins. Shutter on Ubuntu just got even better (2009-07-25 17:02:13)
    Free Software Magazine: "A few months ago I stumbled across a screenshot utility called Shutter. I liked it. A lot. So I decided to give it some well deserved publicity. I wasn’t the only one. It has been been getting rave reviews and it will be or should be in everyone’s toolbox."

  • Tutorial: Must Know Keyboard Shortcuts for Firefox 3.5 on Linux (2009-07-25 13:02:13)
    Raiden's Realm: "One, there are times when keyboard navigation is necessary (ie, lose of mouse functionality) and two, sometimes it's actually faster to navigate with the keyboard than the mouse. Thus knowing your way around the keyboard and how to use it to navigate in Firefox (or Linux really) is important."

  • Are IT security journalists -- insecure? (2009-07-25 11:02:13)
    Netstat -vat: "Well, last year at Black Hat, journalists were in fact targeted - by other journalists. Yes there was a 'Wall of Sheep' for the general attendee population, tracking those that sent passwords in the clear..."

  • Eyeing Google, Splashtop partners with Yahoo for instant-on web search (2009-07-25 01:32:13)
    Computerworld: "He conceded that Splashtop now has enough apps in its stack for DeviceVM to market it to PC makers as a primary operating system, the way Google is targeting Chrome OS. But co-existence, not revolution, is in DeviceVM's DNA. It has no desire to displace Windows."