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Infrastructure Linux News for Aug 26, 2009

  • Great Distros You May Not Have Tried (2009-08-26 23:32:10)
    Eleven is Louder: "There are some great distributions in our wonderfully cluttered Linux distro landscape."

  • Install Hive Rise in Ubuntu - Free RTS Game for Linux (2009-08-26 23:02:10)
    TuxArena: "I recently bumped into a cool RTS (real time strategy) game for Linux called Hive Rise. Although the game is not open-source, it offers a free Linux download as a RUN file which can easily be installed on your Ubuntu box."

  • Let's end the use of pirated MS OS-Software (2009-08-26 22:32:10)
    Que Pasa?: "Think about it, if you dislike Microsoft for their over priced products and want nothing more than to stick it to the man, don't do it in a fashion where they can get back at you. Stop using their products to send a clear message and do it legally by opting to use Linux."

  • Labels from the command line with LabelNation (2009-08-26 21:32:10)
    Worldlabel: "Ever tire of laying out a sheet of address labels in OpenOffice.org or Word templates when you’re in a hurry? Karl Fogel’s LabelNation may be able to help. It is a small free software tool that whips out printer-ready label layouts from the command line."

  • The Kernel Newbie Corner: Kernel Debugging with proc "Sequence" Files--Part 2 (2009-08-26 20:32:10)
    Linux.com: "This week, we'll pick up where we left off last week and continue discussing simple kernel and module debugging using seq_file-based proc files."

  • FSF takes on Windows 7 (2009-08-26 19:59:13)
    Cyber Cynic: "These days, the FSF is spending its time attacking proprietary software, like it did today, August 26th, when it went after Windows 7 in its new Windows 7 Sins: The case against Microsoft and proprietary software."

  • How to create a database with OpenOffice Base (2009-08-26 17:02:42)
    Ghacks: "OpenOffice Base is a database management system capable of creating its own databases or connecting to a database created by the more powerful MySQL database server. But for the average user, creating a stand alone database is enough power. And OpenOffice Base handles this task easily."

  • The Linux Home Office: What's In Your Cyberspace? (2009-08-26 16:32:42)
    Linux Today Blog: "What does your home computer lab look like? Do you have a dedicated office, a corner of the living room, a lounge-in-bed setup? Maybe you're set up more like an old-fashioned terminal server, with a big workstation in a closet and several remote PCs. Maybe you have whittled your computing herd down to a single sleek laptop."

  • Some Shine Brighter (2009-08-26 15:32:42)
    Linux Luminaries: "Luminary: 2. One who illustrates any subject, or enlightens mankind; as, Newton was a distinguished luminary. "

  • OpenShot - a new Linux Video Editor (2009-08-26 14:32:42)
    ItRunsOnLinux: "If you want to edit your own videos & you are running Linux on your desktop, you must have a look at OpenShot - a non-linear video editor. A Developer Preview is available now, version 0.9.22."

  • How-to Build Latest Linux Kernel on Debian from Linus' git Repo (2009-08-26 13:02:42)
    Linux.com: "Here's a how-to for building a recent 2.6 Linux kernel on your Debian GNU/Linux box."

  • NVIDIA Pushes Out New Linux Driver Updates (2009-08-26 12:32:42)
    Phoronix: "NVIDIA hasn't been updating their binary Linux drivers as frequently as they were earlier this year..."

  • SONY goes "Open Kimono" with sexy new e-Readers (2009-08-26 08:32:42)
    Tech Broiler: "Indeed, the new SONY readers are slick devices that feel like premium products when you use them, much like the feeling of when you handle something like, well, an Apple product, for lack of a better comparison."

  • Upgrading to XBMC (XBox Media Center) 9.04.1 in Ubuntu is Easy (2009-08-26 03:02:42)
    Ubuntu Manual: "XBMC is an award winning free and open source software for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and XBox. Not so familiar with this popular application, here is a quick preview on what all XBMC Media Center can do for you."

  • Audacious 2.1 Review - Powerful Audio Replacement for XMMS (2009-08-26 01:32:42)
    TuxArena: "Audacious is a powerful audio player for Linux which resembles the older XMMS, only using GTK2 toolkit for its interface. It supports XMMS and implicitly Winamp 2.x skins, coming with support for various audio formats, including MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) or WMA (Windows Media Audio)."

  • My Perfect Backup Setup (2009-08-26 00:11:42)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "Recently, however, I added a new device to my local network: a tiny Linux-based server with the silly name Bubba Two."