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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 01, 2009

  • Gain more battery life from your Linux-based laptop with powertop (2009-09-01 23:05:35)
    Ghacks: "If your laptop is running Linux you might not be happy with the battery life you are getting. There are numerous reasons for the possible extra drain on your battery."

  • Kids in Austin, Texas Need More Penguins (2009-09-01 22:35:35)
    Linux Today Blog: "The time has come when the tireless Ken has to slow down a bit, and needs some more hands on deck. Perhaps one of them can be you."

  • Copyright’s Creative Disincentive (2009-09-01 22:05:35)
    Tucows News: "1. We believe any legislation should be technologically neutral. A DMCA-like approach that considers a technology or a non-infringing use of a technology illegal per se is a huge brake on innovation."

  • 10 Interesting Google Chrome OS Mock-up Designs (2009-09-01 21:05:35)
    Tech Source From Bohol: "I've collected some of the best looking and interesting mock-ups, and you will be the judge if any of them can closely resemble or shall I say predict the look of the "real version" of Chrome OS once it comes out."

  • How To Land A Spot In The Spotlight - Part I (2009-09-01 19:35:35)
    Linux Journal: "First, says Schindler, is to "make yourself discoverable," by which she means, give journalists somewhere to go when they're interested. She suggests including a press page on the project's website where reporters can find basic information to work from."

  • Bash Shell Scripting Online Course (2009-09-01 17:35:33)
    BeginLinux: "This course is in a series of mini-courses to help you with Bash Shell Scripting. It is divided into several sections as you can see below. In addition, to help you in the challenge of learning bash shell scripting you will find a quiz at the end of each mini-course."

  • Next for Sainthood...? KDE Developers (2009-09-01 17:05:33)
    Blog of Helios: "KDE Devs...bless your over-worked. under-appreciated hearts. And I mean that with all my being."

  • OLPC Deployment in the Greek village of Sminthi (2009-09-01 16:35:33)
    Free Software: "The last two days I’ve been attending the Software Freedom Kosova Conference 2009, which was really interesting and had quite an impressive turnout. In the conference I presented our work for the deployment of some XO-1 laptops, part of the One Laptop Per Child project, to some students of the High School of the Greek village of Sminthi."

  • Command Line Cheatsheet (2009-09-01 16:05:33)
    Ian's Thoughts: "I explained some of the keyboard shortcuts I use and she asked if I could write them down for her.Since this was the third person to ask me for a copy of the keyboard shortcuts I use, I thought I'd post them here in the hopes that they can help others too."

  • Multiple Home Pages with Google Chrome (2009-09-01 15:34:29)
    FOSS Boss: "Anyway, one really cool feature I missed from Firefox was the ability to set multiple pages as the homepage."

  • Multi-booting over the internet (2009-09-01 14:34:29)
    The H Open: "Many operating systems can already be booted over the net, especially so for the installation systems of the major Linux distributions, but the netboot.me web service offers a universal boot loader which presents them all in one menu."

  • Staying Power (2009-09-01 13:34:29)
    Eleven is Louder: "What are the real threats to open source software?...From programmers to home users, we are the cancer killing Linux."

  • Vine Linux 5 Review (2009-09-01 13:04:29)
    Desktop Linux Reviews: "Today I snagged Vine Linux and thought it would be fun to look at something from Japan."

  • Why Cron Is Better Than a String Around Your Finger (2009-09-01 10:04:29)
    Tip of the Trade: "I've occasionally found it useful to set up reminders to be emailed to myself on a regular basis. The most straightforward tool to use for this is cron with mail."

  • Convert various media formats to Vorbis in Linux (2009-09-01 06:04:29)
    Ghacks: "Over the past month I have made it my goal to stop using the proprietary MP3 format for audio in favor of the free, open standard Ogg Vorbis format. "

  • Linux File Ownership (2009-09-01 04:04:29)
    Ian's Thoughts: "You can change the owner and group of a file or a directory with the chown command. Please, keep in mind you can do this only if you are the root user or the owner of the file."

  • Weekly Ten: HTML 5 Starts Looking Real, ultimate Linux flight simulator, Arduino based synthesizer (2009-09-01 02:04:29)
    Tech Source From Bohol: "The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has revealed its latest flight simulator runs on Suse Linux-based clusters of Opteron servers and uses an open source graphics platform."

  • Linux File Permissions (2009-09-01 00:04:29)
    Ian's Thoughts: "If you can't access some of the files on your very own Linux system, it's usually because of misconfigured file access permissions."