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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 23, 2009

  • HP Pavillion dv2-1010ez Entertainment Notebook (2009-09-23 23:06:43)
    Jamie's Random Musings: "Well, I've done it again. Some time ago I saw an HP 1010ez, which has an AMD Athlon Neo CPU and ATI Radeon graphic controller. It caught my eye because of my experience with the Lifebook S2110, which has an AMD Turion CPU and ATI Radeon 200M graphic controller"

  • BIND is not just legacy freeware (2009-09-23 22:06:43)
    ZDNet: "In pushing his SaaS DNS offering, Skye, general manager John Shalowitz has his marketing department partying like it's 1999."

  • What is a Browser? (2009-09-23 21:46:11)
    YouTube: "What browser do you like to use?" "Google."

  • Ask the Wi-Fi Guru: Range Extension, Bridging, Mixing WPA and WPA2 (you can't) (2009-09-23 20:06:43)
    Wi-Fi Planet: "Is there any way to get this WPA personal device to connect to a WPA-Enterprise protected AP?"

  • Microsoft DRM Patent Could Revive Peer-to-Peer Music Nets (2009-09-23 17:36:43)
    Information Week: "Here's an odd twist that might give new life to the dying horse of music digital-right management. Microsoft has just been awarded a U.S. patent for a distributed DRM system -- it works over peer-to-peer networks -- which uses encrypted public and private keys as the licensing mechanism."

  • Per Process I/O usage statistics on Linux (2009-09-23 16:06:43)
    Levent Serinol's Blog: "Linux kernel 2.6.20 and later supports per process I/O accounting. You can access every process/thread's I/O read/write values by using /proc filesystem."

  • Watch Out for That Meteor, Stallman. (2009-09-23 15:36:43)
    Tech Broiler: "...some people, particularly our Free Software leaders, are so mired in their hatred of Microsoft and proprietary systems that they will use only Free and Open Source software for the sake of ideological reasons alone."

  • Brilliant Wallpaper Clocks for Ubuntu - Install in 3 simple steps (2009-09-23 15:06:43)
    Ubuntu Manual: "Wallpaper clocks are inherently wallpapers itself which can show live time and date with nice integration."

  • My Arch Linux Experiment (Part 3) (2009-09-23 13:43:36)
    IT News Today: "Welcome to the final part of my Arch Linux Experiment series. For those that missed the earlier entries, I was trying to find out if Arch Linux would be a viable replacement for Kubuntu."

  • Weekly Ten: Hopefully USB 3.0 can avoid this path, Billionaire Coder, Apple is betting on HTML5 (2009-09-23 12:33:06)
    Tech Source From Bohol: "John Sall doesn't have to work. As one of SAS Institute Inc.'s four co-founders, the 60-year old has a net worth of $3.1 billion..."

  • Replacing KDE applications (2009-09-23 10:03:06)
    The Linux Critic: "Those of you who have been following my Linux Critic blog know that I’ve been on an app-hunt to replace some of the applications to which I’ve grown used to in KDE, mostly so that I can break my ties with that desktop and move forward completely without it."

  • $300 tablet runs Ubuntu Linux on AA batteries (2009-09-23 08:03:06)
    LinuxDevices: "NorhTec has announced a tablet computer that will cost just $300, run Ubuntu Linux on a 1GHz SoC (system-on-chip), and operate via eight AA batteries. The "Gecko Info Pad" will include an 8.9-inch touchscreen display, 8GB of solid state storage, and needs no external power brick, the company says."

  • How To: Change The GNOME Menu Bar Icon (2009-09-23 04:33:06)
    Ian's Thoughts: "I'm going to show you an easy way to change the menu icon for a menu bar panel applet in Ubuntu 9.04 without having to use sudo or tamper with the system icons."

  • Simple way to Connect to Server and add a share or ftp (2009-09-23 03:03:06)
    PMABox: "It's very easy to permanently mount a custom location to Places Bookmarks and to browse files in Nautilus. The part I found harder to find information about was actually how to remove them from Places Bookmarks, or to order and rename them..."