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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 24, 2009

  • RMS comes under attack again (2009-09-24 23:36:17)
    IT Wire: "It appears to be open season for launching attacks on the head of the Free Software Foundation, Richard Matthew Stallman, the man who is in large measure responsible for the status that free and open source software enjoys today."

  • Open Letter to Mark Shuttleworth (2009-09-24 23:06:17)
    Geek Feminism Blog: "...you referred to our work in Linux as being "hard to explain to girls"."

  • Building Your Own Linux Kernel, part 1 (2009-09-24 22:36:17)
    LinuxPlanet: "There are a lot of reasons to customize your own Linux kernel: better performance, bugfixes, try out new features, and earn valuable geekcreds. In this new series Akkana Peck introduces us to the fundamental steps of building a Linux kernel."

  • Free and Open Source 2D Animation Software for Linux (2009-09-24 22:06:17)
    Tech Source From Bohol: "After featuring some of the best Free and Open Source 3D animation software, it's time to take a look at some 2D computer graphics program for Linux users who are into creating two-dimensional models."

  • Mail relaying made simple with Postfix (2009-09-24 21:06:17)
    Ghacks: "Have you installed the Postfix as an easier to use, more secure alternative to Sendmail only to find yourself having trouble with the old "unable to relay" errors? This can be very frustrating and have you pulling out your hair in no time."

  • Ubuntu 9.10's New Wallpapers and More (2009-09-24 19:36:17)
    Softpedia: "On October 1st, they will unveil Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) Beta and I bet everybody is wondering if Canonical will actually change the user interface (read: skin it) with a breathtaking one."

  • Tablets, Netbooks and Ultra Thins... Oh My! (2009-09-24 19:06:17)
    LinuxPR: Trinity Audio Group's awarding winning Indamixx line of portable studio's partners with Renoise and Create Digital Music to kick off this falls hottest song contest.

  • Using Eye-Fi Card on Linux (2009-09-24 16:45:30)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "The Eye-Fi card is a nifty solution for adding wireless capabilities to virtually any digital camera, but it does have one serious drawback: the card relies on proprietary software that runs only on Windows and Mac OS X."

  • HP CommunityLinux portal (2009-09-24 16:04:25)
    The H Open: "CommunityLinux.org is a new portal page aimed at enabling HP hardware users to share information about running different distributions of Linux"

  • Linux reference focuses on system essentials (2009-09-24 14:34:35)
    Desktop Linux: "O'Reilly Media has published the sixth edition of Linux in a Nutshell, by Ellen Siever, Stephen Figgins, Aaron Weber, Robert Love, and Arnold Robbins. The sixth edition of the reference book boosts coverage of Linux system essentials and newer technologies like virtualization and wireless, says O'Reilly."

  • Will Ubuntu 9.10 Work With Your PC? (2009-09-24 13:39:35)
    WorksWithU: "It's the question thousands of users will surely ask when Canonical debuts Ubuntu 9.10 in October: "Will Ubuntu 9.10 work on my PC?" Canonical has developed testing software to help you determine if your system will fully support the new Ubuntu."

  • Synthesizing Voice From the Command Line (2009-09-24 13:02:43)
    Linux Journal: "I don't do a lot of audio/video stuff with my system, but the other day I had the urge to see if there was some voice synthesis software available on Linux and it turned out that I already had it installed: it's called Festival."

  • WikiCrowd: Lightweight Wiki for Collaborative Editing (2009-09-24 12:32:43)
    Linxu Pro Magazine: "There are a few things that set WikiCrowd apart from other wiki engines. Take, for example, its installation procedure. WikiCrowd doesn't require any database back-end, so you only need a machine with an Apache server and PHP 5.2 for it."

  • The other 'new' Linux: Moblin (2009-09-24 12:02:43)
    Cyber Cynic: "I really, really want to see what Google has planned for us with its Chrome operating system, Intel and the Linux Foundation isn't waiting around to see what they'll do. Today, September 23rd, they and their partners, such as Dell and Canonical, gave us a peek at Moblin 2.1."

  • GNOME 2.28 - the dawn of a new era (2009-09-24 03:02:43)
    The H Online: "Version 2.28 sees the team behind the GNOME desktop environment for Linux and Unix warming up for version 3.0, scheduled for a March 2010 release. The current release continues the tradition of dotting lots of i's and crossing plenty of t's, but also brings a new broom to a few nooks and crannies."