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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 25, 2009

  • Dell releases world�s first Moblin netbook (2009-09-25 20:02:50)
    APC mag: "A special edition of the Inspiron Mini 10v run Intel's Linux-based Moblin OS goes on sale for US$299, but also offers the netbook image as a free download."

  • Please Help Save European Net Neutrality (2009-09-25 19:02:50)
    Open Enterprise: "Unfortunately, there is a specific threat to net neutrality in Europe, hidden away in the Telecoms Package. Here's an explanation from La Quadrature du Net:"

  • 10 updated features in Ubuntu Karmic worth mentioning (2009-09-25 17:32:50)
    Ubuntu Manual: "Yet another major Ubuntu release is on the anvil. It is called Ubuntu 9.10 codenamed Karmic Koala. There is nothing really to get excited about this new release to be frank. Lets take a look at the list of changes with this new Karmic release."

  • Ten of the best Linux file managers (2009-09-25 16:35:22)
    Enterprise open source Toolkit: "Most users take their file manager for granted, but perhaps it is time to look at the range of features offered by Linux utilities, says Jack Wallen."

  • Slackware Package Management (2009-09-25 15:32:50)
    Begin Linux: "If you haven't played with Slackware within the past couple of years, you may still believe that the word "easy" doesn't go well with the words "update" and "package management". But, two fairly new utilities, "slackpkg" and "sbopkg", may help to change your mind."

  • Texas Instruments aims lawyers at calculator hackers (2009-09-25 15:02:50)
    The Register: "Is device modding a punishable offense?"

  • Tutorial: Setup and Configuration of a Virtual Machine in Virtual Box (2009-09-25 13:04:17)
    Raiden's Realm: "But what does it take to get started with Virtualbox? Well, I'm about to show you. (be sure you already have Virtualbox 3.x installed before starting this tutorial)"

  • Use OpenOffice Impress for flash card learning (2009-09-25 11:34:17)
    Ghacks: "If you are currently taking classes, or are in any situation where you need to learn a large amount of facts you may have taken it upon yourself (or are wanting) to create flash cards to help you with the learning process."

  • GNU/Linux Gaming - Vega Strike for All (2009-09-25 07:34:17)
    The ERACC Web Log: "One of the games I play for a while, stop playing, and keep coming back to is the trading and battle space simulator Vega Strike. Most of us in IT know the truism that no software is ever "finished". Vega Strike is no exception to this truism."

  • Boycott Ubuntu (2009-09-25 06:04:17)
    Tuxmachines: "Up until Shuttleworth's comment I defended men's rights to freedom of speech. Beyond that I was barely interested in feminists topics. I worked in male dominated areas all my life and I guess I just accepted that's the way men are. They tell their dirty jokes, they hang their stupid posters, they flirt, and condescend a little."

  • Emtec Gdium Liberty 1000 now available for well under $300 (2009-09-25 03:04:17)
    Lilliputing: "...it shuns the usual Intel Atom processor for a 900MHz Loongson CPU and instead of a hard drive the computer has a removable USB key called the G-Key."