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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 28, 2009

  • HD videoconferencing system runs Linux (2009-09-28 23:33:44)
    LinuxDevices: "Later this week, Panasonic Communications plans to ship a full HD videoconferencing system that incorporates embedded Linux and Nokia's Qt cross-platform development/UI framework."

  • How to get 4gb of ram working in Ubuntu 32bit version (2009-09-28 22:03:44)
    PMA box: "After checking my Ubuntu System Monitor and also by running in the terminal the "$ free" command, I realized that my 9.04 Desktop version was only showing me 3 GB of ram.... after googling I found that it was a limitation of 32 bit systems."

  • Slax (2009-09-28 19:33:44)
    Terminally Incoherent: "Why Slax you ask? Oh, I don't know. It's small, clean, easy to use and actually designed to work off a USB drive. It's a minimalistic OS and yet it runs a lightweight version of KDE making me feel like home."

  • My ideal operating system (2009-09-28 19:03:44)
    TechRepublic: "What would my ideal operating system consist of? While running a lot of possibilities crossed my brain: Which kernel, which desktop, which multi-media system, which printing system..."

  • Installing NVIDIA Drivers On Debian Lenny Manually (2009-09-28 18:33:44)
    Howtoforge: "Installing NVIDIA drivers on Debian Lenny requires a little extra work compared to doing so in other distributions like Ubuntu, due to the lack of some required packages in the default installation."

  • Ubuntu gets set to mark fifth birthday (2009-09-28 17:33:44)
    IT Wire: "And the final thing which with I have a problem is the growing presence of Mono. Last time I removed it, I had to get rid of something like 18 packages. This time it was 32, even though F-Spot and Tomboy are still the only two applications that seem to be dependent on it."

  • FreeBSD 8.0 vs. Ubuntu 9.10 Benchmarks (2009-09-28 17:03:44)
    Phoronix: "Canonical will be releasing Ubuntu 9.10 at the end of next month while the final release of FreeBSD 8.0 is also expected within the next few weeks. With these two popular free software operating systems both having major updates coming out at around the same time, we decided it warranted some early benchmarking as we see how the FreeBSD 8.0 and Ubuntu 9.10 performance compares."

  • Sharing Linux (2009-09-28 15:33:44)
    Cyber Cynic: "Microsoft really wants people to get excited about Windows 7 so they're showing people how to put on Windows 7 parties with a video, that already become famous for being incredibly lame. It's so out-of-touch that it's funny. For an even funnier take, see Mac fan Cabel Sasser's take."

  • Install Prism on Linux for easy to use web apps (2009-09-28 15:03:44)
    Ghacks: "If you are a web junkie, or depend upon various web sites and services daily you know how quickly your browser can fill up with tabs. Wouldn't it be nice if you can just use small web apps for these needs?"

  • Three Legged Ponies (2009-09-28 14:33:44)
    Blog of Helios: "If you were to give somebody something.... Something they honestly needed, and I mean needed badly... Would you cripple it in anyway in giving it to them?"

  • Jolicloud brings the stupidity of web apps to Linux netbooks. (2009-09-28 13:03:44)
    Andrew Currie on Posterous: "There may well be something I'm not getting here, but I honestly can't see what the big deal is about this new Jolicloud distro."

  • 6 of the best media burners for Linux (2009-09-28 12:03:44)
    TechRadar: "Back in the day, a custom audio CD with the best love songs made a wonderful Valentine's Day gift. Now she'd hardly be impressed."

  • On keynotes and apologies (2009-09-28 08:03:44)
    Chris Ball: "I wasn't going to blog about this, but I'm becoming pretty angry about it now, and I think I might actually have something constructive to say."

  • Boot Linux Over HTTP With boot.kernel.org (BKO) (2009-09-28 00:03:44)
    Howtoforge: "This tutorial shows how you can boot Linux over HTTP with boot.kernel.org (BKO). All that users need is Internet connectivity and a small program (gpxe) to boot the machine."