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Infrastructure Linux News for Dec 01, 2009

  • Ubuntu's B-Sides: Alternative Apps (2009-12-01 23:02:34)
    Ubuntu User: "In his blog, Canonical coworker Jorge O. Castro announces his so-called "b-sides" of Ubuntu, software that didn't make it into Ubuntu's standard installation."

  • Howto setup Wireless on Chrome OS (2009-12-01 21:32:34)
    Chrome OS Geek: "Chrome has recently been open sourced by Google as a developer preview. Its very young, clearly has some issues and needs serious work, however it is usable and lots of people have managed to get it running in a virtual machine or via a USB key."

  • From 3-D animation to desktop publishing, the best free programs for schools (2009-12-01 21:02:34)
    School Library Journal: "For the last several years, I’ve organized sessions on open source software (OSS) at ed-tech conferences. But this year was markedly different, with an awareness of these tools among educators that I’d never seen"

  • What will Fedora 13 Linux be named? (2009-12-01 20:32:34)
    Netstat -vat: "Among the bits of minutiae that I personally find entertaining about the Linux distribution release cycle is how different distros come up with their respective release names."

  • Simple Linux disk burning with Brasero (2009-12-01 20:02:34)
    Ghacks: "Q: What is a “brasero”? A: A Spanish oven that is placed under a table in order to heat those sitting at the table."

  • Linux Documentation From A User's Viewpoint (2009-12-01 19:32:34)
    LinuxPlanet: "It's a good thing reading is my preferred mode of learning, because as it happens I've not personally met a real live human who is a Linux expert, one who could give me over-the-shoulder instructions as I muddle through."

  • Dell releases unofficial Chrome OS Linux desktop (2009-12-01 19:02:34)
    Cyber Cynic: "Of all the big computer companies only Dell really supports desktop Linux and, in particular Dell offers a nice selection of PCs running Ubuntu Linux. What Dell hasn't done though is come out and announce that they were working on Google's beta Chrome OS."

  • Technologies Holding Back the Linux Desktop (2009-12-01 18:32:34)
    Datamation: "Even after considering the success seen with Linux on netbooks, there is really no question that it feels like something ominous is holding back desktop Linux from the masses."

  • Fedora Linux 12 Review (2009-12-01 18:02:34)
    Desktop Linux Reviews: "Some desktop Linux distributions are perennial favorites and Fedora is definitely one of them. Fedora's slogan is "freedom, friends, features, first" and, while some may consider it rather cheesy, it's a nice sentiment."

  • Don't need groupware? Organize your life with Osmo (2009-12-01 17:32:34)
    TechRepublic: "Osmo is a little personal organizer for Linux. It provides a calendar, task manager, address book, and a note-taking application. It is light-weight and fast and does not require an Internet connection to operate."

  • The Cloud Ate My Homework (Google Docs censors your documents) (2009-12-01 16:32:34)
    Slashdot: "Over at the Google Docs Help Forum, some perplexed cloud computing users spent the month of November unsuccessfully trying to figure out why they've been zinged for inappropriate content."

  • Graphic styles in OpenOffice.org Draw and Impress (2009-12-01 16:02:34)
    Linux Journal: "One of OpenOffice.org's greatest strengths is its emphasis on styles. Some users balk at styles, claiming they are restrictive, but no other feature repays a little organization with so much ease of use and saving of time."

  • How to Take Perfect Screenshots with KSnapshot (2009-12-01 15:02:34)
    MakeTechEasier: "KSnapshot for KDE stands out as one of the best screen shot tools available and is unquestionably the best one for KDE."

  • EU ACTA Analysis Leaks: Confirms Plans For Global DMCA, Encourage 3 Strikes Model (2009-12-01 14:02:34)
    Michael Geist: "The European Commission analysis of ACTA's Internet chapter has leaked, indicating that the U.S. is seeking to push laws that extend beyond the WIPO Internet treaties and beyond current European Union law"

  • Create and manage datases in Linux with Glom (2009-12-01 13:32:34)
    Ghacks: "Glom can help you design and create databases as well as a user-interfaces with little to know coding or command line skills. Glom has an easy to use GUI that focuses on helping you get your job done instead of being an hindrance."

  • Review: Motorola DROID from VzWireless (2009-12-01 12:32:34)
    Wi-Fi Planet: "We have to commend VzWireless: its "iDon't DROID does" ad campaign sparked plenty of buzz about the Motorola DROID—arguably the first business-targeted Android phone. Over 250,000 DROIDs were sold in just the first week; total sales are expected to top one million by year-end."

  • Linux rescues a failing hard drive (2009-12-01 12:02:34)
    Michael Horowitz: "Among the other utilities on the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows is the Rescue Console. This too failed to boot. It got to the point of examining the hard drive and hung."

  • Mozilla's Thanksgiving present? Firefox 3.6 Beta 4 (2009-12-01 07:32:34)
    Netstat -vat: "While many organizations are winding down for the U.S Thanksgiving holiday, Mozilla is ramping with a new milestone development release of its open source Firefox web browser."

  • Exactly Why We Are No Longer UNIX-ish (2009-12-01 06:02:34)
    Eleven Is Louder: "All over I hear people use the phrase 'UNIX/Linux' when referring to UNIX-style systems. It is somewhat hilarious to me, as Linux and the surrounding community have, for the most part, left the UNIX philosophy behind."

  • Review: Gnome Shell (2009-12-01 04:32:34)
    Raiden's Realm: "Gnome Shell is a redesign to the way the gnome desktop looks and works. I find it very interesting, because it stops trying to base itself on windows' functionality and design...and instead it consists of an original design and functionality."

  • Expanding A Root-FS (2009-12-01 03:02:34)
    Expanding A Root-FS: "With the root filesystem this is not possible, as gparted could only expand filesystems that are not mounted, which is impossible with the root filesystem. The only way to enlarge the root filesystem is to boot from a kind of rescuesystem, Live-CD or the like, and then to expand the root filesystem."

  • Comes Exhibit 2151 - Gates: "I have decided we should not publish these extensions." - Updated (2009-12-01 01:32:34)
    Groklaw: "I have decided that we should not publish these extensions. We should wait until we have a way to do a high level of integration that will be harder for the likes of Notes, Wordperfect to achieve, and which will give Office a real advantage."