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Infrastructure Linux News for Dec 23, 2009

  • Editor's Note: That Slow Down and Think Time of Year (2009-12-23 23:32:41)
    Here we are at year end already, and for me the pace is going to slow down a bit until after the New Year. I plan to mix up some inside and outside activities, and rack up a long-distance phone bill talking to family. What's on your downtime to-do list?

  • The text of the new Moonlight covenant (2009-12-23 21:17:41)
    LWN.net: "For the curious, Microsoft has posted the new "covenant not to sue" covering Moonlight 3 and 4. It is still quite narrow"

  • 8 of the best KDE distributions (2009-12-23 19:47:41)
    Tech Radar: "If you're an ardent KDE user this means switching to a KDE-centric distribution, for the simple reason that distros based on KDE best understand what KDE users need."

  • Move supports Linux development on multicore processors (2009-12-23 16:47:41)
    NewElectronics: "As part of the move, it will make its Prism software available on MontaVista Linux 6 and Montavista Linux Carrier Grade Edition products. MontaVista is the first commercial Linux provider to be supported by Prism"

  • The Next Level of Convergence? (2009-12-23 16:02:41)
    Linux Magazine: "Wouldn’t it be cool if I could plug a keyboard and monitor into my phone..."

  • Dell netbook updated with Pineview CPU (2009-12-23 15:47:41)
    LinuxDevices: "Dell announced an updated version of its Ubuntu-ready Inspiron Mini 10 netbook, using Intel's new Atom N450 processor and an optional Broadcom "Crystal HD" media accelerator."

  • Give the Gift of Linux for the Holidays (2009-12-23 15:02:41)
    ExtremeTech: "Instead of stuffing your loved ones' stockings with fat-laden candy or silly doodads made in China, you should consider giving the best present of all: the gift of Linux!"

  • Finnish Culture... (2009-12-23 14:17:41)
    Linus Torvalds's Blog: "It's not all that often that we encounter things from Finland here in Portland. So imagine my surprise when we're on our way to our weekly date-night with Tove, and our baby-sitter is gushing about this adorable and wonderful Finnish YouTube video."

  • Techie Christmas Jokes 2k9 Edition (2009-12-23 13:32:41)
    Tech Source From Bohol: "An Engineer's View of Santa Claus, A Math Geek's Christmas Tree, Merry Christmas in 4 languages"

  • Google's Meaning of Open: Is It Yours? (2009-12-23 12:47:41)
    OStatic: "Google has made some headlines recently about its stance on privacy. This week the company is taliking about what "open" means to Google."

  • 10 operating systems you've never heard of (2009-12-23 12:02:41)
    TechRepublic: "Where are the radical new ideas, the Wild West code commits and the geekery and hackery that really drive innovation?"

  • Two ways to Edit Multiple Photos with Digikam (2009-12-23 02:02:41)
    MakeTechEasier: "Digikam is a powerful and complete photo management tool for KDE...With a few simple clicks, users can manipulate multiple photos simultaneously, without having to remember long command line strings or taking countless hours to edit each file."

  • Maintain your GNOME registry with gconf-editor (2009-12-23 00:02:41)
    Ghacks: "The Windows operating system is not the only operating system with a registry. And I do realize that many of you cringed when you read the words “Windows” and “registry” in the same sentence. But don’t worry – the GNOME registry isn’t such a beast that can take your machine down with a single, poorly executed change."