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Infrastructure Linux News for Jan 26, 2010

  • The Replicator, No Longer a Star Trek Dream (2010-01-26 21:34:28)
    The Tyee: "Twenty years from now," he told a 2006 conference in Berkeley, "we'll have Star Trek replicators that can make anything."

  • SourceForge blocks Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan and Cuba (2010-01-26 21:04:28)
    Download Squad: "In a move that must surely strike at the very core of open source, FOSS, and the heart of GNU crusader Richard Stallman, SourceForge has now blocked all access from by countries on the U.S. 'Foreign Assets Control sanction list'."

  • Chrome 4: King of the Web browser hill? (2010-01-26 20:47:01)
    Cyber Cynic: "Firefox 3.6 has just come out and it's great. There's only one problem. Google has released the new version of Chrome, version 4, and it's even better. "

  • Too Many Linux Distributions? (2010-01-26 20:04:28)
    Jamie's Random Musings: "I had to deal with the "why are there so many Linux distributions? It's too confusing!" whinging again over the weekend. I've decided to succumb to the tide, and agree..."

  • 65 Open Source Downloads That Could Change Your Life (2010-01-26 18:34:28)
    Datamation: "Can an open-source application really change your life? To find out, we went looking for apps that users described as "indispensable.""

  • HTML5 video and H.264 – what history tells us and why we’re standing with the web (2010-01-26 18:17:28)
    Christopher Blizzard: "The fact that they are being so unabashedly hyped along with the new darling of the web – HTML5 – means that most people don’t understand that something very dangerous is taking place behind the scenes."

  • Microsoft and Linux Will Never Be "Best Buddies" (2010-01-26 17:34:28)
    Daniweb: "I just read an article called: Life after Windows: What happens to tech if Microsoft dies?" The article made me think of what it really would be like without Microsoft. I didn't like it. We need Microsoft..."

  • Personal Finances on Linux with KMyMoney (2010-01-26 17:04:28)
    Linux Planet: "Linux has several excellent personal finance applications. Today we're going to look at KMyMoney. Though specifically developed with the KDE desktop in mind, KMyMoney works with any Linux desktop."

  • Fedora, Debian, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, OpenSolaris Benchmarks (2010-01-26 15:34:28)
    Phoronix: "We have now extended that comparison to put many other operating systems in a direct performance comparison to these Debian GNU/Linux and Debian GNU/kFreeBSD snapshots of 6.0 Squeeze to Fedora 12, FreeBSD 7.2, FreeBSD 8.0, OpenBSD 4.6, and OpenSolaris 2009.06."

  • Notice of Agenda for SCO Bankruptcy Hearing on the 27th (2010-01-26 14:04:28)
    Groklaw: "I don't know why they bother with all the paperwork. In bankruptcy court in Delaware, the corporate debtor always wins and creditors get nothing, from what we've seen, or at least 99% of the time. They seem to like it that way. Approving this motion ... well, it sticks in my craw..."

  • Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 Alpha 2: First impressions on 'difficult' hardware (2010-01-26 13:34:28)
    Click: "My feelings for Ubuntu have run hot and cold since I first discovered the "Linux for human beings"-nicknamed reimagination of Debian during the Dapper (6.06) era. I've had Ubuntu be the best distro on a given computer, sometimes it won't even boot..."

  • Android will soon trail only Symbian, says IDC (2010-01-26 13:04:28)
    Linux Devices: "Android will trail only Symbian in mobile phone market share by 2013, according to IDC. Android phones such as the pictured Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, which is now heading for NTT DoCoMo, will grow 150.4 percent to 68.0 million units by 2013, but other Linux-based phones will struggle, says IDC."

  • Shell Scripts and Here Documents (2010-01-26 12:04:28)
    Tip of the Trade: "A here document (or heredoc) is a way of getting text input into a script without having to feed it in from a separate file. If you've got a small quantity of data you don't expect to change often, it's a quick and tidy way of keeping script and data together."

  • The Alexandria Project, Chap. 2: The Plot Thickens (2010-01-26 09:04:28)
    Standards blog: "Our story so far: Security expert Frank Adversego has been passed over to lead a major project at the Library of Congress, but discovers that the Library has been hacked by a mysterious cracker with motives unknown."

  • CounterPath Introduces Bria for Asterisk (2010-01-26 06:34:28)
    VoIP Planet: "CounterPath and Digium recently launched Bria for Asterisk, a co-branded VoIP softphone solution that's pre-integrated with the open source Asterisk platform."

  • Banshee and Android Rock Together . . . Or Why Ubuntu Should Drop Rhythmbox (2010-01-26 06:04:28)
    Berkeley LUG: "To a Linux user like myself, an iPod is more or less a fancy paperweight; since Apple does not provide a version of iTunes for Linux. Yes, it sorta works in Wine and does work well in a VirtualBox... but, really, why bother? "

  • SCALE Adds Talks, Publishes Schedule (2010-01-26 04:34:28)
    SCALE: The schedule of weekend talks for SCALE 8X has been finalized and are posted on the SCALE web site at http://www.socallinuxexpo.org. The topics are interesting and wide-ranging - check them out!