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Infrastructure Linux News for Feb 22, 2010

  • From Mash-up Novels to Crowdsourced Films (2010-02-22 23:33:47)
    The Tyee: "If copyright lasted as long today as it did when the concept was invented, I'd be remixing The Beatles right now," Gaynor said. "I'm sure that there will be a lobby to extend copyright as soon as Mickey Mouse is about to enter the public domain again."

  • Adding to Perl's @INC Array (2010-02-22 23:03:47)
    Tip of the Trade: "You're most likely to have encountered the Perl @INC array in the context of a "cannot find module" error. This is the list of directories Perl searches when looking for a module. To see a list of what's in @INC, try this one-liner:"

  • 15 Awesome Mandriva Linux Wallpapers (2010-02-22 22:33:47)
    Tech Source: "This time, I'll be giving tribute to one of the best Linux distributions (currently topping our "Best Linux Distro of the Decade" poll) around, by sharing with you yet another set of beautiful desktop wallpapers."

  • Reeling in the hackers (2010-02-22 22:03:47)
    Irish Times: "A new study reveals that the popular film portrayal of computer hackers is actually quite accurate, writes Karlin Lillington"

  • Stability Leads to Memory Market Growth (2010-02-22 21:33:47)
    Hardware Central: "The global DRAM market will show excellent recovery in 2010, with revenue expected to rise 40 percent without any major coinciding increase in prices, according to market researcher iSuppli."

  • A handbook for the open source way, written the open source way (2010-02-22 21:03:47)
    Open Source.com: "Write a book about building community the open source way... and write it with a community, the open source way. Meaning, open the text up, allow interested users to contribute, and see what happens."

  • Tips to help users migrate to OpenOffice (2010-02-22 19:33:47)
    Ghacks: "In this article I am going to present a few tips to help you help others migrate to the open source office suite. In the end, your users will enjoy a full-featured office suite that will cost $0.00 per seat to use"

  • The Alexandria Project, Chap. 6: The Perils of Profiles (2010-02-22 19:03:47)
    The Standards Blog: "Our story so far: Our hero, Frank Adversego is trying to catch a hacker threatening the Library of Congress, whose motives remain obscure. But the pursuer is about to become the pursued."

  • When Are Strong Arm Tactics Justified? (2010-02-22 18:33:47)
    the Parrot Farm: "Days later you receive an email from your reputable vendor that your RMA refund request has been denied, because you installed Linux on the laptop. You contact your vendor's customer service group, and are again told, "No refund. You installed Linux.""

  • The Last Act of Courage (2010-02-22 18:03:47)
    Blog of Helios: "Bruno Knaapen is gone. He died yesterday. By choice, and with dignity, Bruno bid his earthly family farewell and slipped beyond The Veil."

  • Bruce Perens: Inside Open Source's Historic Victory (2010-02-22 16:33:47)
    Datamation: "Jacobsen v. Katzer is closed, after five years. Open Source won, and big. A manufacturer who attempted to collect royalties from an Open Source developer has lost two patents."

  • Open-Xchange: Open Source Scores Another Big SaaS Win (2010-02-22 16:03:47)
    The VAR Guy: "Open-Xchange, an open source alternative to Microsoft Exchange, continues to gain momentum in Europe and North America. The latest example: Bull, a €1,110 million solutions provider headquartered in Paris, is offering SaaS and on-premises Open-Xchange to its end customers in Germany."

  • Linux frustrates! (2010-02-22 15:03:47)
    Technology & Life Integration: "I have heard of my geeky friends talking about this Linux stuff. I wasn't sure what it was so I asked them about it. Honestly, I thought they were trying to sell me some religion the way they jumped all over me trying to explain what Linux is."

  • Why Folks Didn't Want a SCOsource License: Let Us Count the Reasons (2010-02-22 14:33:47)
    Groklaw: "I thought it'd be fun to answer SCO's expert report from Dr. Gary Pisano, some more, on one point in particular, namely his inability to find any other reason SCOsource wasn't popular other than Novell's counterclaims to ownership of the code. Here's a list of media reactions, community and mainstream, that may illuminate him. Please note that not a single one even mentions Novell, and every single one would provide a sensible man with a reason, I think, to avoid SCOsource."

  • Ubuntu One Music Store Sneak Peek (2010-02-22 14:03:47)
    popey.com blog: "It looks like 7digital are providing the back-end for the Ubuntu One Music Store which is due to land in Ubuntu Lucid at Alpha 3 – real soon now. The screenshots below were taken by me today on my laptop."

  • Making a videoloop with Kino and Audacity (2010-02-22 12:33:47)
    Free Software Magazine: "In my recent article on QDVDAuthor, I skipped over the task of making a videoloop for the main DVD menu. Here I'm going to show you how I did it. The goal is a short loop of video that smoothly transitions through five different video segments and back to the beginning again."

  • Does Google Make You Stupid? (2010-02-22 00:03:47)
    CIO Update: "By 2020, people's use of the Internet has not enhanced human intelligence and it could even be lowering the IQs of most people who use it a lot. Nicholas Carr was right: Google makes us stupid."