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Infrastructure Linux News for Mar 01, 2010

  • The Ultimate PC repair kit: SystemRescueCD 1.40 (2010-03-01 23:32:50)
    Cyber Cynic: "Like everyone who makes his living from computers, I'm always getting called on by friends and family to help them fix their PC problems. Thanks to the Gentoo Linux-based SystemRescueCD though, I'm usually able to fix most of their troubles without breaking a sweat."

  • Doing the Microsoft Shuffle: Algorithm Fail in Browser Ballot (2010-03-01 23:02:50)
    An Antic Disposition: "I’ll tell you what went wrong, and how Microsoft can fix it. In the end it is a rookie mistake in the code, but it is an interesting mistake that we can learn from, so I’ll examine it in some depth."

  • Junior High School students in Monza build their own Ubuntu computers (2010-03-01 21:02:50)
    Stop: "A great way to promote Free Software and the active spirit behind it: teach kids how to build their computers, and let them put Ubuntu inside."

  • Desktop Linux vs. Windows 7 (2010-03-01 20:32:50)
    fewt@blog:~$ _: "While I have exposure to Windows and Linux distributions on many disparate devices, this review will focus on a single model computer; the Asus Eee PC 1000HE. I have selected this model because I have extended knowledge of the components that make up this system, and I have used both Desktop Linux and Windows 7 extensively on this hardware."

  • Installing and Running Linux on Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) (2010-03-01 20:02:50)
    Tech Source: "It is possible to install and run Linux on the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) video game console (not-including the PS3 Slim model). In fact, there are plenty of distros that are compatible with the PS3 such as Fedora, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Yellow Dog, and Gentoo."

  • Rubenstein Admits Newest Palm Handhelds Not Paying Off (2010-03-01 19:32:50)
    Enterprise Mobile Today: "Despite being well-reviewed and reviving excitement in the company, the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi are just not selling as expected -- a tough break for the pioneering device maker, which has been counting on the phones to reinvigorate its business."

  • Desktop comparison - Zenwalk Linux, Salix OS and GoblinX (2010-03-01 18:32:50)
    Distrowatch: "Everybody's definition of bloat will probably be somewhat different, depending on the hardware they have and how far they are willing to go and make sacrifices on the performance scale to get their desired useful, functional, friendly desktop."

  • Calling all Geeks � Fedora 13 needs your help! (2010-03-01 17:32:50)
    DuncsWeb: "The Fedora project needs a slogan for their next release of Fedora, Fedora 13, they need it as quick as possible so that it can be include it in the alpha release of Fedora 13 that's coming out on March 9."

  • Get your damn hands off my Internet! (2010-03-01 17:02:50)
    dthomasdigital: "I'm talking to you government, entertainment industry, and monopoly service providers. What happened to my really cool and interesting Internet. Well I tell you one thing that unless something is done it will be gone forever."

  • SCO Proposes Selling its Mobility "Business"... to Darl McBride (2010-03-01 16:32:50)
    Groklaw: "Here's the only reasonable explanation. Judge Cahn's evil twin has kidnapped his brother, thrown him in the dungeon of the castle, welded an iron mask on him, and the Pretender is now signing all these proposals and filing them with the court."

  • Lucidor - Simple eBook Reader (2010-03-01 16:02:50)
    Ubuntu Geek: "Lucidor is a computer program for reading and handling e-books. Lucidor supports e-books in the EPUB file format, and catalogs in the OPDS format."

  • International Intelectual Property Alliance - The Disconnect... (2010-03-01 15:32:50)
    Blog of Helios: "I strongly considered making this an "open letter" to the IIPA. Then I strongly unconsidered it."

  • GNU/Linux Versions Of Grubby Games Products Are Being Phased Out ? (2010-03-01 15:02:50)
    Linux Gaming News: "Earlier this week, Big Fish Games, which bought out indie developer Grubby Games last year, canceled affiliate sales for the Linux versions of all games produced by Grubby Games."

  • Universal May Have to Pay the Piper Over Takedown of Dancing Baby (2010-03-01 14:32:50)
    Law.com: "U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel ruled late Thursday that Stephanie Lenz can get some limited recompense from the music label for ordering YouTube to drop a 29-second video of her son dancing to the music of Universal artist Prince."

  • Archos 5 Internet Tablet with Android Review Part 2 (2010-03-01 14:02:00)
    anythingbutipod: "The Archos 5 IT supports both MTP and MSC/UMS as well as a debug mode and an USBnet mode that lets you connect the Archos to the Internet via a USB cable to a computer with an Internet connection."

  • Archos 5 Internet Tablet with Android Review Part 1 (2010-03-01 13:32:50)
    Anything But iPod: "Perhaps the single most advanced media player on the market today is the Archos 5 Internet Tablet which runs the Android operating system on hardware that has more specs than half a dozen other players combined and that can run thousands upon thousands of Android apps, compared to other apps capable non-iPod players that can only show for a few apps."

  • Dedo Does Debian - Review (2010-03-01 13:02:50)
    Dedoimedo: "Debian is one of the more important Linux distributions. Without Debian, we would probably not have Ubuntu or APT and Linux desktop would still be a dream. And it just happens that I never gave it a proper review, until now."

  • NDAs and FOSS (2010-03-01 04:02:50)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "I recently had to sign a "Non-Disclosure Agreement" (NDA) for the first time in a long while, and I thought I would write about how an NDA might or might not fit in with Free and Open Source Software."