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Infrastructure Linux News for Mar 29, 2010

  • Open source textbook writing experiment in italian school (2010-03-29 23:34:55)
    Stop: "In order to solve this problem, Education Minister Mariastella Gelmini proposed to deduce cost (and weight!) of textbooks by encouraging schools to adopt digital textbooks starting from 2011."

  • HTML 5: Less than it's cracked up to be (2010-03-29 23:04:55)
    Cyber Cynic: "In practice, things aren't going to change that much from today's Web, with its reliance on proprietary media formats and methods."

  • It's the End of the Life as We Know It and Linux Feels Fine (2010-03-29 22:34:55)
    IT World: "Since we live in an entropic universe, things end. Heady stuff for a Monday morning, I will admit, but just keep drinking that coffee, you'll catch up."

  • AMD Unveils Pricing, Performance for Opteron 6000 Series (2010-03-29 21:34:55)
    Hardware Central: "AMD has formally released the "Magny-Cours" line of eight- and 12-core Opteron server processors, disclosing the speeds and feeds and promising performance-per-watt that beats Intel's newest Xeon."

  • Mac OS X 10.6.2 vs. Ubuntu 10.04 Performance (2010-03-29 21:04:55)
    Phoronix: "...for those impatient ones today we have published an extensive set of tests comparing the performance of Mac OS X 10.6.2 against a development build of Ubuntu 10.04. This is our first time exploring how Canonical's Lucid Lynx can compete with Apple's Snow Leopard."

  • Learning GNU Text Utilities (2010-03-29 20:34:55)
    Linux.com: "A few weeks ago we looked at some of the GNU utilities that you can use to work with files, check MD5/SHA1 sums and check your disk usage. This time around I want to cover some of the utilities that you'll use for working with text files."

  • Secret Future Ubuntu User Interface Plans Revealed! (2010-03-29 20:04:55)
    Tuxmachines: "Recently, a really, really long discussion took place on Launchpad, Ubuntu's bug-tracking system, about the Ubuntu user interface design team's sudden and controversial decision to move window buttons from the right-hand side to the left."

  • openSUSE 11.3 Hits Milestone 4 - Only 3 More To Go (2010-03-29 19:34:55)
    Netstat -vat: "Novell's openSUSE community Linux distribution is moving steadily and surely towards its 11.3 release which is scheduled for July 15th."

  • IBM, Canonical to sell Ubuntu-ready netbooks in Africa (2010-03-29 19:04:55)
    Desktop Linux: "IBM, Canonical, and Simmtronics announced they will market an Intel Atom-based netbook in emerging markets. The Simmbook will be preloaded with the cloud-oriented IBM Client for Smart Work Linux distro, based on Ubuntu Netbook Remix, and will first be made available in Africa for just $190."

  • Minimalist Linux desktops (2010-03-29 18:34:55)
    The H Open: "Lightweight desktops have a multitude of uses, on netbooks, for mobile devices, for older hardware, for users with limited requirements of their systems, for connecting to applications in the cloud, and for bare knuckled programmers who prefer to work closer to the metal."

  • Get Organized with Wiki in a Jar (2010-03-29 17:34:55)
    Linux Beacon: "While TiddlyWiki is probably the most popular desktop wiki out there, it's not the only fish in the sea. And if you don't fancy TiddlyWiki's approach to managing content, or you are looking for a desktop wiki that can help you to manage not only your notes but also appointments and contacts, then you might want to try Wiki in a Jar."

  • Open Source Under Attack in Europe (2010-03-29 17:04:55)
    Open Enterprise: "Open source is under attack in Europe. Not openly or obviously, but in the background, behind closed doors."

  • Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Dies On April 30th. Long Live Lucid! (2010-03-29 16:34:55)
    Netstat -vat: "The Ubuntu 8.10 Linux distribution, code named the Intrepid Ibex will reach its end-of-life on April 30th."

  • Stop Wine-ing: 15 Games for Linux (2010-03-29 15:34:55)
    Linux Magazine: "Time to kill? Check. Running Linux? Check. Now, here's the last piece of that puzzle: 15 current and future gaming options that don't require Windows."

  • Is Microsoft Bing Trying To Kill Open Office? (2010-03-29 15:04:55)
    Katonda: "Microsoft Bing has many flaws, but this one seems to be the most outrageous one. If you try to search for OpenOffice on Bing, it will not show you the actual OpenOffice.org website but will show pages from random websites like OpenOffice.com or other non-OpenOffice.org websites."

  • Ubuntu implements units policy, will switch to base-10 units in future release (2010-03-29 14:34:55)
    Neowin: "Ubuntu's future 10.10 operating system is going to make a small, but contentious change to how file sizes are represented."

  • Networking is a little more than IPs and netmasks (2010-03-29 12:34:55)
    Technology FLOSS: "It's a guy who has set up DNAT on netfilter to forward packets that are sent to one host to another server that does the real work. Think of it as a proxy."

  • Desktop Linux: An Average User Success Story (2010-03-29 12:04:55)
    The ERACC Web Log: "Chuck is my average user desktop Linux success story. He has been so for about six years now. Chuck does not want to go back to Microsoft operating systems as he sees no benefit to that."

  • Who is the enemy of FLOSS today? (2010-03-29 11:04:55)
    michuk says: "The question in the title of this post was raised by myself recently, after I decided to accept a paid Microsoft ad on one of my Linux websites: http://jakilinux.org and (obviously) I was called a traitor."

  • Debian Squeeze live DVD images are available - it's a great way to dip your toe into Debian waters (2010-03-29 03:04:55)
    Click: "The images are all 1 GB + (except for the Rescue and Standard versions), so that's a bit of a change from the Lenny era. You'll need to use a DVD. Due to my Toshiba's hatred of CD-R but surprising love of DVD+R, I've been burning everything, including CD images, onto DVD, and it's worked quite well."

  • Get Organized with Wiki in a Jar (2009-01-15 21:04:25)
    Linutop: "While TiddlyWiki is probably the most popular desktop wiki out there, it’s not the only fish in the sea. And if you don’t fancy TiddlyWiki’s approach to managing content, or you are looking for a desktop wiki that can help you to manage not only your notes but also appointments and contacts, then you might want to try Wiki in a Jar."