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Infrastructure Linux News for Apr 01, 2010

  • Element 1.1 for home theater PCs (2010-04-01 23:32:04)
    LWN.net: "Element is a lightweight Linux distribution for use on a home theater PC (HTPC). It comes with most of the same video-playback applications one would find in a modern desktop distribution, but the development team has put considerable effort into wrapping the applications in an environment that is easy to navigate from across the room..."

  • KDE4: It hurt, but did it work? (2010-04-01 23:02:04)
    Linux Journal: "Last month's release of the KDE 4.4 desktop environment restored the faith of many after what has been something of a roller coaster two years."

  • Linux Questions Zero Reply Drive (2010-04-01 21:02:04)
    Linux Questions: "One of the main goals of LQ is to help members get questions about Linux answered. One way we help facilitate this is with the "Zero Reply" functionality, which allows you to easily find threads with no replies."

  • Gimp for the kids: Debian Junior Art (2010-04-01 20:32:04)
    Ghacks: "If you’ve ever tried your hand at The GIMP, you know that, at first, The GIMP can be a bit challenging to learn. That is coming from an adult. Imagine a younger user attempting to use The GIMP."

  • Cool: fastest linux on the road (2010-04-01 20:02:04)
    Handle With Linux: "This is the Mavizen electrical superbike, and it runs a custom Linux operating system!"

  • FreeBSD 7.3-release crashes, messes with ext3 and FAT drives ... time for me to move on (2010-04-01 18:32:04)
    Click: "Not only have I been able to crash FreeBSD 7.3-release with GNOME by trying to automount FAT partitions on USB-connected drives, but those crashes rendered both the FAT partitions and the ext3 partitions that otherwise could be mounted automatically on those drives, for lack of a better word, unmountable."

  • EduPunks Say School Yourself! (2010-04-01 17:32:04)
    The Tyee: "Their DIY movement is reinventing how, and why, we learn."

  • Alex Brown: "Without action, the entire OOXML project is now surely heading for failure" (2010-04-01 17:02:04)
    Standards Blog: "Alex thinks that Microsoft has failed to fulfill crucial promises upon which the approval of OOXML was based. He concludes that unless Microsoft reverses course promptly, “the entire OOXML project is now surely heading for failure.”"

  • Microsoft: Google Chrome doesn't respect your privacy (2010-04-01 16:02:04)
    ars Technica: "Microsoft is going on the offensive against Google, accusing the search giant of creating a browser that does not respect user privacy. The company posted a video, embedded below, on TechNet Edge with the following description: "Watch a demo on how Google Chrome collects every keystroke you make..."

  • Next Sony update to remove Linux support (2010-04-01 15:32:04)
    Playstation Blog: "This feature enabled users to install an operating system, but due to security concerns, Sony Computer Entertainment will remove the functionality through the 3.21 system software update."

  • Screenshots of Debian-based PureOS 2.0 (2010-04-01 14:32:04)
    Begin Linux: "Built with Linux-Live scripts 6.2.9, the Debian-based PureOS 2.0 Linux distro has been recently released. This distro and live CD features the KDE 4.3.4 desktop environment..."

  • Cool portable linux music studio (2010-04-01 14:02:04)
    Handle With Linux: "Making music on Linux used to be something for masochists. Luckily this is long something of the past, as nowadays lot's of cool Linux software and compatible hardware is available to musicians."

  • Linux Commands: Making Bash Error Messages Friendlier (2010-04-01 13:32:04)
    Linux Planet: "Bash error messages, like so many error messages, can be more cryptic than helpful. But the good news is bash has a built-in mechanism for creating your own customized error messages, and you don't have to be an ace programmer to do it. Ubuntu and openSUSE already use this; Akkana Peck shows us how to do it ourselves."

  • Fix Blue and Green Tinted Video Problem in Ubuntu Linux (2010-04-01 13:02:04)
    Tech Source: "I was having this video problem in Ubuntu that happened after an update. The video images became tinted with blue and green colors, or were having some kind of distorted video hues when played on Totem Movie Player as well as other media players."

  • The Taxes of the Tech World - Linux, Microsoft, and More! (2010-04-01 12:32:04)
    Raiden's Realm: "Recently Dell began denying purchasers of their Linux desktop machines the ability to get a refund on their "Windows Tax", the carefully hidden cost of Windows included in the price of the machine they just purchased. So why are they doing this?"

  • Guess How Many JooJoos Have Been Sold (2010-04-01 12:02:04)
    Tom's Hardware: "The JooJoo tablet might be shipping but is anyone buying?"

  • Linux, Where Crapware Goes to Die (2010-04-01 11:02:04)
    Linux Journal: "This little guy is the "Bonzi Buddy" ape. He was one of the earliest malware/spyware/crapware programs for the Microsoft Windows platform."

  • An open letter to Victoria A. Espinel, US "IP Czar" (2010-04-01 09:02:04)
    Free Software Magazine: "Given the short notice (only six days!), I was not able to come up with a more detailed response, but I did want to express my dismay at the way these policies are being framed."

  • Intel's Moorestown Could Be Game Changer for the Chip Maker (2010-04-01 07:02:04)
    Linux.com: "Like Microsoft, Intel is often seen as an "800 pound gorilla," beating its chest atop a mountain of fallen foes. Yet, neither Intel nor Microsoft gained stature defending ground."

  • Ubuntu Unravelled (2010-04-01 05:02:04)
    Linux User and Developer: "However, it is my impression that many people, including some Ubuntu users, do not know how the distribution is made. Most are familiar with the principle that Ubuntu is largely based upon the Debian distribution, but not a great deal beyond this."