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Infrastructure Linux News for Apr 23, 2010

  • PCLinuxOS 2010 Review (2010-07-20 20:35:09)
    LinuxBSDos: "PCLinuxOS is a APT-ified, Mandriva-based Linux distribution. It's one of those distributions that offer a separate version for virtually every existing desktop environment. Four of them – Enlightenment, LXDE, Openbox and Xfce are recommended for intermediate to advanced users..."

  • Bash: Handling Command Not Found (2010-04-23 23:03:55)
    Linux Journal: "After a recent O/S version upgrade (to openSUSE 11.2) I noticed that bash started being a bit more intelligent when I did something stupid: it started giving me a useful error message..."

  • A Linux Client at Work (2010-04-23 21:33:55)
    Eleven is Louder: "What's even more rare is having a Linux client. I did just happen to get one though. The first I've ever had."

  • New Features In Bash Version 4.x - Part 4 (2010-04-23 20:33:55)
    LinuxCommand.org: "In this final installment of our series, we will look at perhaps the most significant area of change in bash version 4.x: arrays."

  • Photo in the News: First 3-D Images of Sun Unveiled (2010-04-23 20:03:55)
    National Geographic: "Break out those 3-D glasses and get ready to see the sun in a whole new light."

  • Ubuntu would welcome Adobe to Linux (2010-04-23 19:33:55)
    Cyber Cynic: "While I don't know if Adobe is considering it, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, would welcome Adobe."

  • Useless legacies (2010-04-23 19:03:55)
    Flameeyes's Weblog: "I always fine it at least fascinating, the religiousness (and this is most definitely not a compliment, coming from an atheist) with which some people stand to defend "classical" (or, in my opinion more properly, "legacy") choices in the Unix world."

  • German appeal court upholds Microsoft FAT patent (2010-04-23 18:33:55)
    The H Open: " The German appeal court has overturned a decision by the German Federal Patent Tribunal to declare Microsoft's patent for the File Allocation Table (FAT) file system invalid"

  • browse the web with your android powered e-reader (2010-04-23 17:03:55)
    Handle With Linux: "This is the Alex E-reader. Featuring 2 screens, 1 for reading and one for browsing. Seems like these people do understand you just can't read books on a LCD (no, not even if it's sold by apple ;-"

  • PCLinuxOS 2010 Review (2010-04-23 15:03:55)
    the Linux Experience: "I had tested several Mandriva releases, so what could be that interesting about PCLinuxOS? Now, let me tell you... boy, was I wrong!"

  • CHIRP � A first look (2010-04-23 14:03:55)
    Linux Journal: "CHIRP is a cross-platform, cross-radio programming tool specifically focusing on ICOM D-STAR radios, although there seems to be nothing preventing you from using it with non-D-STAR rigs."

  • The stories we are all sick of hearing (2010-04-23 12:33:55)
    Linux and Whatever: "Are you thinking about writing an Article on a topic related to Linux? Since I spend way too much time reading tech news and even contribute some of my own allow me to save you some time by listing some of the most over posted Linux related story titles on the internet..."

  • Extreme Desktop Makeover: Josh Edition (2010-04-23 12:03:55)
    MakeTechEasier: "I like to keep maximum information available at all times, with the ability to access my preferred communication tools. Today, I'm going to show you the methods I use to create my own personal Ultimate Desktop."

  • Why I like Oracle�s $90 ODF Plugin (2010-04-23 11:03:55)
    An Antic Disposition: "At the risk of pouring oil on the fire, let me say that I think this is an exciting development for ODF."

  • Via aims 64-bit CPUs at embedded market (2010-04-23 07:03:55)
    LinuxDevices: "Via Technologies is now sampling versions of its 64-bit Nano processors that are aimed specifically at the embedded market. The Nano E series CPUs, ranging in speed from 800MHz to 1.8GHz, come with virtualization capabilities and extended longevity support"

  • OpenSolaris 2009.06 Review (2010-04-23 03:03:55)
    Desktop Linux Reviews: "Why do a review of OpenSolaris? Well why the heck not? It's always fun to check out a different kind of desktop operating system. Sometimes you can find an unexpected jewel when you least expect it."