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Infrastructure Linux News for Apr 27, 2010

  • New Nvidia Video Driver for Linux Supports X Server 1.8 (2010-04-27 22:33:11)
    Softpedia: "Nvidia announced a few days ago, on its forum, a new version of its proprietary driver for the Nvidia graphics cards. Nvidia 195.36.24 adds support for new GPUs, and fixes a few issues. But the most important thing is that Nvidia 195.36.24 has support for X Server 1.8."

  • Computers Seized at Home of Gizmodo Reporter Who Wrote About iPhone, Gawker Media Says (2010-04-27 21:17:11)
    New York Times: "Under both state and federal law, a search warrant may not be validly issued to confiscate the property of a journalist"

  • Raiders of the Lost iPhone (2010-04-27 21:03:11)
    MacNewsWorld: "Will Gizmodo's Jason Chen land in the cooler for his part in leaking Apple's next-gen iPhone to the world? Or did Silicon Valley's High Tech Task Force violate legal protections established to shield journalists when they raided the editor's home?"

  • Most Influential Women in Technology 2010: Pamela Jones (2010-04-27 20:33:11)
    Fast Company: "Groklaw is an attempt to get geeks and lawyers together, so they can help each other understand the other's world, with the goal of ideally getting better court results based on technical realities"

  • Ubuntu 10.04: Where Ubuntu goes from here (2010-04-27 20:03:11)
    Cyber Cynic: "The new Ubuntu release is almost here and I like the Ubuntu 10.04 desktop a lot. As a Linux expert, it's a little too simple for my personal tastes, but it's the best beginner Linux out of the box I've ever seen."

  • 3 KDE Add-ons Worth Trying (2010-04-27 19:33:11)
    MakeTechEasier: "Ever so often, I look around for rather random add-ons that make my desktop experience more pleasant or occasionally even serve a meaningful purpose. They range from full applications to very basic widgets. In no particular order, here are a few that I have recently encountered and are worth mentioning."

  • Top 10 technology mistakes (2010-04-27 17:33:11)
    PC Authority: "From the Mars Climate Orbiter to overheating batteries and floating point errors, we look at the history of famous technical mistakes"

  • EasyPeasy and the Challenges of Linux Netbook Design (2010-04-27 16:33:11)
    Datamation: "Should a netbook be treated as more as a mobile device than as a laptop? Should developers assume that netbooks are used for light computing such as social networking, rather than for productivity?"

  • How to Use KDE�s Clipboard and Klipper App (2010-04-27 15:33:11)
    MakeTechEasier: "KDE has an advanced clipboard system, largely due to a small program called Klipper, which can store more than one piece of data. KDE also has the ability to copy and move files with copying and pasting, and automatic creation of files using clipboard data."

  • The Ultimate Tar Command Tutorial with 10 Practical Examples (2010-04-27 15:03:11)
    The Geek Stuff: "In this article, let us review various tar examples including how to create tar archives (with gzip and bzip compression), extract a single file or directory, view tar archive contents, validate the integrity of tar archives, finding out the difference between tar archive and file system, estimate the size of the tar archives before creating it"

  • Speak to us, oh great and wise computer (2010-04-27 14:03:11)
    Motho ke motho ka botho: "In the category of "silly tricks that you can do at the console that don't really make any progress but are kind of fun anyway," here are two things you might not normally combine: the fortune package inherited from the Unix of Long Ago, and the espeak tool."

  • Gazing at Scientific Linux (2010-04-27 13:33:11)
    Distrowatch: "Apparently several readers find Scientific a good OS for their machines at home and run it on everything from servers, to desktops, to netbooks.... everything except the family toaster. Honestly, I was a bit surprised."

  • Linux Mint 9: Desktop backgrounds (2010-04-27 12:33:11)
    The Linux Mint Blog: "I'm posting about the artwork again to follow-up on the contest and the desktop backgrounds for Linux Mint 9. Wallpapers included by default: The following wallpapers will be included by default in Linux Mint 9 (click on the pictures to see them in full size)."

  • Google Nixes Verizon Edition of Nexus One (2010-04-27 07:33:11)
    EnterpriseMobile Today: "Google has quietly canceled plans to release a Verizon version of its Nexus One phone and is instead steering customers toward the HTC Incredible, a phone described as a "Nexus One on steroids" by one analyst."

  • Using graphical su in Fedora (2010-04-27 01:33:11)
    Ian's Thoughts: "There are times that I would like to open an app as root user without having to use the command line in order to do that. I learned of a nice app in the Fedora repos called beesu..."