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Infrastructure Linux News for Apr 29, 2010

  • ZaReason Ships Ubuntu 10.04 Systems (2010-04-29 22:33:35)
    WorksWithU: "Each time Canonical ships a new Ubuntu release, I’m inclined to reach out to two specific PC companies: ZaReason and System76. Both companies focus intensely on Ubuntu netbooks, notebooks, PCs and servers."

  • SCO: The Real Legal Argument Revealed (2010-04-29 22:03:35)
    Help Desk: "I really don't understand why SCO is still here."

  • Critics' Choice Review: HTC Incredible Dubbed 'Best Smartphone' (2010-04-29 20:03:35)
    Enterprise Mobile Today: "If you have the audacity to name your new smartphone Incredible, it had darn well better live up to its name. Based on the reviews from CNET, LAPTOP magazine, PC Magazine, and PC World, the new HTC Droid Incredible does just that."

  • Firefox Mobile - Review (2010-04-29 19:03:35)
    Thoughts on Technology: "I've been using firefox as the primary browser on my N900 since just prior to it's 1.0 release, the following are my summations of what I think of Mozilla's mobile browser."

  • CCIA Releases Economic Study Calculating Value of �Fair Use� (2010-04-29 18:03:35)
    CCIA: "Industries that rely on fair use exceptions to copyright law grew faster than the rest of the U.S. economy from 2002 to 2007, expanded 5 percent and accounted for 23 percent of real economic growth, according to a new economic study."

  • Good and Bads of LXDE (2010-04-29 17:03:35)
    A Doctor`s Linux Blog: "KDE4 has given much to the computing world at the cost of its bloated composition. GNOME is fast & flexible but mostly liked by hardcore conventional Linux users. LXDE is a relatively new and highly adoptable free and open source desktop environment."

  • What does this USE flag do? (2010-04-29 16:03:35)
    Gentoo: "Today I ran world update and saw that the kernel sources have a new USE flag: deblob. What does deblob do?"

  • Why Mobile Patents are Such a Mess (2010-04-29 15:33:35)
    Datamation: "Microsoft announced this week that it has inked a deal with Taiwan-based High-Tech Computing (HTC). Under the agreement, HTC will pay royalties to Microsoft for phones that run Google's Android platform. Wait, what?"

  • Ubuntu 10.04 Hit By Major Bug; ISOs Now Being Re-Spun (2010-04-29 15:03:35)
    Phoronix: "Rather than the Canonical crew and Ubuntu developers around the world spending today celebrating the release of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, they are busy re-spinning some of the ISOs due to a new "critical" bug."

  • gThumb: The Free Software IrfanView (2010-04-29 14:32:18)
    InaTux: "Before recently my answer was always "You can't use IrfanView, as it's only available for Windows, and there isn't a good IrfanView equivalent for GNU/Linux." Well, I'm happy to say as of version 2.11.3 that I can now tell people that gThumb is as good as IrfanView, if not better."

  • How-To: Grep Tricks for Linux Users (2010-04-29 14:02:18)
    IT World: "The first of these tricks allows you to create a list of files that contain whatever string you are looking for. It uses the -l (list just the file names, not the matched content) option plus the -r option for recursing through subdirectories."

  • Using The Debian Alternatives System (2010-04-29 13:32:18)
    segfault.in: "The Debian system has mechanism to install somewhat overlapping programs peacefully using update-alternatives(8). The Perl script update-alternatives provides a way of ensuring that all the files associated with a specified package are selected as a system default."

  • Why Ubuntu excites me more than Windows or Macintosh (2010-04-29 13:02:18)
    Times Online: "When you ask it to do something, and it thinks about it, and then it keeps thinking, and then you go off and make a cup of tea, and it's still thinking, and you want to headbutt the wall, again and again, until gets all smeared and red and bloody and bits of your brain are raining down on to your shoes? Yes?"

  • Get Slack! (2010-04-29 10:32:18)
    Nocturnal Slacker: "The oldest Linux distribution in existence is Slackware. It's about time that I actually posted something about my favorite Linux distribution on this blog."

  • Tech trouble causing Computer Stress Syndrome: study (2010-04-29 03:02:18)
    Yahoo News: "Crashing machines, slow boot times, and agony dealing with technical support have Digital Age people suffering from Computer Stress Syndrome, a study available online Tuesday found."

  • Ubuntu 10.04 LTS adds business and ease-of-use tools (2010-04-29 00:02:18)
    Computerworld: "The latest version of this Linux OS is aimed straight at businesses looking for enterprise tools and a simple interface."