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Infrastructure Linux News for Apr 30, 2010

  • The Loser In Our Windows vs. Linux Tests: Intel Graphics (2010-04-30 22:32:01)
    Phoronix: "We are still working on the first part of our Windows 7 vs. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS benchmarks that are set to be published early next week, but so far there is one easy conclusion to draw from the completed tests: Intel's Linux graphics driver is still no match to the Intel Windows driver."

  • Proposal from OLPC Paraguay on how to manage Sugar or other educational software (2010-04-30 22:02:01)
    Stop: "The project to deliver One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) for educational purpose in developing countries is doing great in Paraguay. According to developer Bernie Innocenti, this success comes from a way to manage the development of the Sugar educational software that other countries (or any other similar projects, see for example the Teachermate or the italian JumpPC) could and should imitate."

  • How To Upgrade Ubuntu 9.10 To 10.04 (Desktop & Server) (2010-04-30 21:32:01)
    Howtoforge: "Yesterday the new Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) was released. This guide shows how you can upgrade your Ubuntu 9.10 desktop and server installations to Ubuntu 10.04."

  • PlayOnLinux 3.7.5 is available (2010-04-30 20:32:01)
    Wine-Reviews: "What's new ? - Improvement on icon managing. Thank you Congelli501 for the patch"

  • AMD Athlon II X3 425 On Linux (2010-04-30 20:02:01)
    Phoronix: "One of AMD's low-priced offerings is the Athlon II X3 425, which is a triple-core AM3 processor that can easily overclock past 3GHz and is priced to sell at around $70 USD."

  • Tech Comics: "Checkbook Journalism" (2010-04-30 19:02:01)
    Tech Comics: "Gizmodo's payment of $5,000 for a misplaced iPhone raises questions about the nature of journalism in the Internet age"

  • Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx: a (free) Mactastic experience (2010-04-30 18:32:01)
    The Register: "While Lucid Lynx still has some rough edges, this release is a huge leap for UI design in Linux and puts Ubuntu well on its way to Shuttleworth's goal."

  • Hulu Desktop for Linux Review (2010-04-30 16:02:01)
    IT World: "Hulu is one of the most popular video sites on the web. You can watch all kinds of different television shows and movies right in your browser. But there's also another way to watch Hulu and that's to download the Hulu Desktop application for Linux."

  • Boies Calls For Cheaper Trials (2010-04-30 15:02:01)
    LegalPad: "Boies said attorneys should pare cases down to their essentials early on, and that limits on discovery and on the time allowed before a case goes to trial would save time and money for the justice system."

  • Transflective screens finally shipping, Pixel Qi claims (2010-04-30 14:32:01)
    Linux Devices: "The displays work in both color and monochrome e-paper modes, and are said to require less than half the power of an ordinary display."

  • Jobs on Flash: Hypocrisy So Thick You Could Cut it with a Knife (2010-04-30 13:32:01)
    OSNews: "There are three specific points I want to address to illustrate just how holier-than-thou, hypocritical, and misleading this letter really is."

  • Bash Associative Arrays (2010-04-30 12:32:01)
    Linux Journal: "There's nothing too surprising about associative arrays in bash, they are as you probably expect:"

  • LinuxCertified Announces its next "Linux Fundamentals" Course (2010-04-30 04:32:01)
    Linux Certified press release: This two-day introduction to Linux broadens attendees horizons with a detailed overview of the operating system. Attendees learn how to effectively use a Linux system as a valuable tool.

  • 24 Extra Hot Free Linux Games (Part 1 of 3) (2010-04-30 03:02:01)
    LinuxLinks: " Now, let's scrutinize the 8 games at hand. For each game we have compiled its own portal page, providing screenshots of the game in action, a full description of the game, with an in-depth analysis of the features of the game, together with links to relevant resources and reviews."

  • A Batch of LinuxFest Northwest 2010 Videos at Montana Linux (2010-04-30 01:32:01)
    Montana Linux: "I recorded them with a Samsung SC-MX20 which is a very inexpensive / budget rig. The sound quality is fair to good considering the camera does not have the ability to use an external mic. The video quality is fair to good considering that most of the rooms had the lights turned off for viewing projected presentation slides."

  • An In-depth Look at Gentoo Linux (2010-04-30 00:02:01)
    Kernel News: "Imagine an Operating System that only includes the features that you actually want and use. An Operating System that is finely tuned to your computer hardware. One that doesn't include any resource hogging applications that you don't need such as "Desktop Search" or huge bloated software..."