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Infrastructure Linux News for May 21, 2010

  • Editor's Note: A Herd of Print Linux Magazines (2010-05-21 23:02:41)
    Print isn't dead, it's just changing despite the best efforts of the titans of industry to resist and foil all change. Here is a roundup of excellent Linux print publications, and for no extra charge a bold prediction of the future of print.

  • Kick Out the Jams: Firefox and Chrome Extensions for Music Lovers (2010-05-21 22:33:36)
    Linux Magazine: "Now that Songbird has abandoned Linux, where will we turn for a browser-based music fix? Not to worry, you can still find plenty of add-ons and extensions for Firefox and Chrome to turn them into excellent tools for finding and listening to music."

  • How to make a Water-Colour Ubuntu Wallpaper in GIMP (2010-05-21 20:33:36)
    Scott Photographics: "In this tutorial I'll guide you through making a cool and fresh Water-Colour Wallpaper in GIMP. At the end you can add your favourite operating system logo and set your new wallpaper as your background :) !"

  • Printers Were Sent From Hell To Make Us Miserable (2010-05-21 19:33:36)
    The Oatmeal: "Printers, unlike other technologies, are remarkable in the fact that they're just as crappy and unreliable now as they were in 1995."

  • Android 2.2: An Introduction (2010-05-21 18:33:36)
    PC World: "Codenamed "Froyo," for frozen yogurt, Android 2.2 includes more than 20 new features geared to enterprises, said Google's Vic Gundotra, vice president of engineering. Among these is integration with the Microsoft Exchange messaging system..."

  • Are Trade Secrets and Trademarks the Future? (2010-05-21 18:03:36)
    Open Enterprise: "Last week I wrote a piece about analogue copying. Specifically, it centred on the 3D scanning and copying of an Aston Martin – because that was how somebody framed the question to me."

  • The Cost Of Running Compiz (2010-05-21 17:03:36)
    Phoronix: "There were only a few areas where the two Linux distributions actually performed differently with many of their core packages being similar, but one of the areas where the results were vastly different was with the OpenGL performance as Ubuntu uses Compiz by default..."

  • The Novice Guide To Buying A Linux Laptop (2010-05-21 16:03:36)
    NixCraft: "All major laptop (notebook) hardware is supported by Linux. The important things to take into account when looking to buy a Linux powered laptops are as follows to avoid any hardware compatibility problem"

  • XKCD: Infrastructures (2010-05-21 15:33:36)
    XKCD: "You should really use a more open..." "Give it a rest already!"

  • Google fights the Hollywood tech veto (2010-05-21 14:33:36)
    ZDNet: "Ever since the Web was spun there has been tension between Silicon Valley and Hollywood. Generally, Hollywood has won"

  • Virtualbox 3.2 released and Ubuntu installation instructions included (2010-05-21 13:03:36)
    Ubuntu Geek: "VirtualBox 3.2, the first Oracle branded release since the acquisition of Sun Microsystems, Inc by Oracle Corp. earlier this year, contains many innovative new features which deliver further significant improvements in performance, power and supported guest operating system platforms."

  • Danger from the Deep (2010-05-21 09:03:36)
    Linux Journal: "If you remember my December Linux Journal column, I was excited about a particularly cool-looking submarine simulator, Danger from the Deep. This month, I'm proud to feature it."

  • Rekonq: A Quick Glance At Kubuntu Next Default Browser (2010-05-21 07:33:36)
    MakeTechEasier: "The talk of the town is that the next version of Kubuntu (10.10, codenamed Maverick Meerkat) will have a new default browser, replacing Konqueror, the longtime KDE favorite."

  • What is Nautilus Elementary And How to Install Nautilus Elementary in Ubuntu Lucid, Karmic (2010-05-21 04:33:36)
    Tech Drive-In: "Nautilus is the default file browser in Ubuntu and Nautilus Elementary is a patched version of Nautilus with an emphasis for simplicity."

  • GDM2 Setup: Reclaim Control of Your Login In Ubuntu Lucid (2010-05-21 03:03:36)
    MakeTechEasier: "Such is the case with GDM2, the login manager in newer Ubuntu releases. Many users find the current config tool to be rather lacking."