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Infrastructure Linux News for May 24, 2010

  • How to Manage Removable Devices in KDE (2010-05-24 23:03:07)
    MakeTechEasier: "As with most tasks in Linux, there are multiple ways to handle removable devices, but for removable media in particular, KDE's primary tool is the Plasma Device Notifier Widget."

  • Canonical Landscape 1.5 Extends Ubuntu Linux Management for Enterprises (2010-05-24 21:33:07)
    Linux Planet: "Now with the Landscape 1.5 release, Canonical, the lead commercial sponsor behind the Ubuntu Linux operating system, is extending its management platform as it looks to further grow its enterprise business."

  • Alexandria Project, Chapter 19: The iBalls Shall Rise Again (2010-05-24 21:03:07)
    Standards Blog: "iBall.com CEO Chad Derwent sat alone in his office in Silicon Valley. Outside his open door, rows of empty, silent cubicles stretched from one end of the office floor to the other."

  • Intel Puts Mobile CPUs on a Diet for Ultra-Thin Laptops (2010-05-24 20:33:07)
    Hardware Central: "Intel today broadened its number of ultra-low voltage processors (ULV) to include a complete range, from Celeron to Core i7, for the super-thin laptop market. This announcement builds on Intel's January introduction of laptop processors, which included only a few low-end ULV processors."

  • How to Configure an Ubuntu Linux Computer for Less Than $200 (2010-05-24 20:03:07)
    PC World: "Does your family need an extra PC? Educator, Mac expert, and Linux enthusiast Phil Shapiro explains in this YouTube video how, for less than the price of some operating systems, you can configure a useful, virus-free computer..."

  • KWin Can Cause A Performance Hit Too, But It's Different From Compiz (2010-05-24 18:33:07)
    Phoronix: "This surprised many so we published another article entitled The Cost Of Running Compiz where we showed the performance penalties of a compositing window manager with different hardware and drivers. This led some to ask whether the performance of KWin also causes the OpenGL frame-rate to drop, so here are those KDE benchmarks."

  • Best of Fedora 13, PCLinuxOS "FullMonty" edition, Debian delay, Ubuntu 10.10 feature proposal (2010-05-24 17:33:07)
    Distrowatch: "A new release of Fedora is always a highly anticipated event on the Linux distro calendar and this week's arrival of version 13 will be no different. What innovations can we expect to find in "Goddard"?"

  • MPEG LA Shrugs Off Antitrust Allegations (2010-05-24 17:03:07)
    Law.com: "MPEG LA, as we've told you here and here, is in the business of issuing licenses for pools of patents related to digital video technology. Companies that want to make consumer technology products can take a license from MPEG LA and not worry about being sued."

  • BYO Linux router to the NBN (2010-05-24 16:33:07)
    APC magazine: "What do tomatoes and penguins have to do with the Australian government's nationwide fibre-to-the-home project?"

  • Seagate Introduces Hybrid SSD/Platter Hard Drive (2010-05-24 15:03:07)
    Hardware Central: "Seagate is offering the best of both worlds with a new hard drive, the Momentus XT, that combines the capacity of a platter-based hard disk with the speed of a solid-state drive (SSD). Combining the two is a special algorithm that learns the user's habits and stores the most commonly retrieved data on the SSD, or moves data off when not used."

  • Battery Status 0.1 Released - Improved Battery Applet For The Gnome Desktop (2010-05-24 14:17:07)
    WebUpd8: "Battery Status is a project for GNOME, that shows information about laptop battery state. It comes with a lot of additional features, so usual icon of GNOME Power Manager can be removed from Notification/Indicator Area."

  • Mange your Kindle in Linux (2010-05-24 13:32:07)
    Ghacks: "I've owned a Kindle 2 for nearly a year now. I have to say I do love it and am not impressed with the iPad's ability to allow the user to read books. Why? The Kindle doesn't offer distractions and I can happily sit by and and read as long as I like with no eye strain and no distractions."

  • Community Counts: Another Advantage to Linux Mint (2010-05-24 12:02:07)
    Thoughts on Technology: "A few months back I listed five reasons I thought Linux Mint is a better choice than Ubuntu for a Linux distro. Today I would like to add another reason to that list. With the recent releases of Ubuntu 10.04 and Linux Mint 9 we see something that I feel really makes Linux Mint out shine Ubuntu (yet again):"

  • Kubuntu Netbook Edition 10.04 review (2010-05-24 07:02:07)
    Gadget Mix: "For those who do not know, Kubuntu Netbook Edition made it to the top of our list of "Best Netbook Linux Distro" and why not, it has an innovative approach of how an operating system should be customized for a netbook, to make lives easier for users like you and me."