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Infrastructure Linux News for May 25, 2010

  • Exposure Blending with digiKam (2010-05-25 22:32:55)
    Scribbles and Snaps: "One way to solve this problem is to use exposure blending. This technique involves taking several shots of the same scene or subject with different exposures and then fusing these shots into one perfectly exposed photo."

  • AbiWord: The Underappreciated Word Processor (2010-05-25 21:02:55)
    Linux Planet: "OpenOffice.org isn't the only game in town for open source word processing. One of the best, and underexposed, open word processors is AbiWord."

  • Dell launches Streak tablet PC across Europe (2010-05-25 20:32:55)
    BBC news: "The Streak is smaller than most tablets with a 5in (12.5cm) screen and runs Google's Android operating system."

  • Ubuntu Lucid: I fix another problem (maybe), but questions about Canonical remain (2010-05-25 19:32:55)
    Click: "Just this kind of problem, in my opinion, is a very good reason why the 10.04 LTS should have been more like a refined, bug-fixed Ubuntu Karmic (9.10) rather than an alpha for what might get fixed in Ubuntu 10.10 or 11.04."

  • Set up Libvirt 0.7.7&Xen 4.0 on top of Fedora 13 RC2 (2010-05-25 18:32:55)
    Xen Virtualization on Linux and Solaris: "Install Xen 4.0 and Libvirt like on F12 ( [1] ). Via my experience xend will hang for 5-7 min at startup and xen managed bridging will fail as well. This behavior stays the same under either or pvops kernel"

  • Canonical Pushes Skype Into Ubuntu Repository (2010-05-25 18:02:55)
    Phoronix: "In an interesting move that now makes it easier to use the popular Skype VoIP program on Ubuntu Linux, Canonical's Brian Thomason has uploaded the first Skype package into the Ubuntu 10.04 "Lucid Lynx" repository"

  • Ubuntu Linux Netbook Edition 10.04 Review (Lucid Lynx) (2010-05-25 17:32:55)
    Desktop Linux Reviews: "I've been reviewing various Ubuntu derivatives and this week I thought it would be fun to take a look at the netbook version of Ubuntu. Ubuntu Netbook Edition used to be called Ubuntu Netbook Remix, but Canonical changed the name once this distro became an official edition of Ubuntu."

  • The Very Best Open Source Tools For Video, Audio and Graphics (2010-05-25 16:32:55)
    OStatic: "In this post, you'll find a roundup of our most significant posts on open source tools for video, audio and graphics. There are many gem applications to be found here."

  • GIMP vs. The World (2010-05-25 15:52:51)
    Linux Planet: "GIMP is always compared to Adobe's Photoshop. But is this a fair comparison? Paul Ferrill gives us the straight story on GIMP, Photoshop, Inkscape, CinePaint, and other digital image editors."

  • Washing the windows myths. Device support. (2010-05-25 13:02:55)
    Technology & Life Integration: "The mantra goes like this, windows has better device support. This mantra, while boosting the superiority complex of windows advocates, is simply a myth."

  • Automation With Expect, an Open Source Software Utility (2010-05-25 12:32:55)
    Serverwatch: "I recently came across expect (the expect package in Debian and Ubuntu): a powerful utility that can script interactive operations."

  • Linux Mint 9: Solid, Simple, Shiny (2010-05-25 12:02:55)
    Linux.com: "It's lean, it's very green, and it's one of the better Linux distros for users who just want a good desktop right out of the box. Linux Mint 9, dubbed Isadora, was released on May 18th with plenty of new features and software."

  • Google�s �Royalty-Free� WebM Video May Not Be Royalty-Free for Long (2010-05-25 10:32:55)
    Digital Daily: "The announcement of Google's new WebM video format and release of the VP8 video codec as an open standard have been hailed by some as the move that will free the Web from the proprietary H.264 codec widely used for online video today "

  • Intel slims down Cores for thinner laptops (2010-05-25 03:02:55)
    LinuxDevices: "Intel announced six new 32nm processors intended for ultra-thin laptops. Topped by the Core i7-660UM, with a clock speed of 1.33GHz and "TurboBoost" frequency of 2.4GHz"

  • 10 Linux Alternatives to Songbird (2010-05-25 01:32:55)
    Testfreaks: "As we've mentioned earlier, Songbird has left the Linux flock and gone on to perceived greener open source pastures. But what are the Linux faithful to use to replace this one time music player gem that was heralded as the alternative to iTunes?"