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Infrastructure Linux News for May 28, 2010

  • Manual disk partitioning guide for Linux Mint 9 and Ubuntu 10.04 (2010-05-28 22:32:17)
    Linux BSDos: "The installation program on Ubuntu 10.04 and Linux Mint 9 are the same. And that's because Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu. So if you install one, which involves a simple seven-step process, you can use the same instructions to install the other."

  • Installing Android on the iPhone - The Complete Guide (2010-05-28 22:02:17)
    Tech Source: "Do you feel jealous of your Android-using friends? Are you sick and tired of your iPhone's locked up OS? Are you fearless enough to install Android on the iPhone?"

  • Is there a replacement for Facebook? (2010-05-28 21:32:17)
    Cyber Cynic: "Facebook claims to have more than 400 million active users. In fact, according to Web analytics firm Alexa, only Google is a more popular site. So, with all that going for it, why are so many users unhappy, with one poll showing that more than half of Facebook users are thinking about leaving?"

  • Tiny Core Linux - I have sound (and more)! (2010-05-28 21:02:17)
    Click: "It's not usually a big deal, getting sound working in Linux or BSD. In my case, however, my laptop's internal sound module is dead, and I've substituted a USB sound module from DealExtreme.com that costs about $2."

  • Tech Comics: "Quick Start Guide to the NCC-1701-D" (2010-05-28 20:02:17)
    Tech Comics: "What should you do when borgs try to assimilate you?"

  • Editor's Note: Funniest, Most Expensive, Best, and All-Time Number One Linux Today Stories (2010-05-28 19:02:17)
    Linux Today archives go all the way back to the very beginning in 1998. Here are a few choice stories to share, from the funniest to the most expensive LT story ever to the most popular story, which also gives a prescient peek into Apple's turn towards extreme control-freakdom.

  • World's Funniest Windows Error Messages (2010-05-28 18:02:17)
    Tech Source: "We all know how it sucks to see error messages. If you have been using Windows all your life, you have probably seen lots of them already."

  • Sugar on a Stick 'Mirabelle' gets sweeter with Fedora Linux (2010-05-28 17:32:17)
    Netstat -vat: "One of the important things to remember with Fedora Linux is that it is a platform on which solutions can be built. One such solution is the Sugar On A Stick"

  • The Spring 2010 Linux Distro Scorecard (2010-05-28 17:02:17)
    Linux.com: "Which Linux distro should I use? It's one of the most common questions for new and aspiring Linux users. There's so many to choose from, how can you pick the right one? Let's see if we can help clear it up a little and help you choose between all the other major distros."

  • Download YouTube Videos in Ubuntu Without Any Dedicated Application (2010-05-28 16:02:17)
    Tech Drive-In: "How to download YouTube videos in Ubuntu is probably among the first things a newbie Ubuntu user will ask for. There are simply a number of application to do the same, but there is an even better way."

  • Acer unveils Android smartphone and teases with a tablet (2010-05-28 13:32:17)
    Linux Devices: "Acer announced an Android 2.1 smartphone called the Stream, offering a 1GHz Snapdragon, a 3.7-inch AMOLED WVGA display, and a five-megapixel camera."

  • Firefox Sync Coming 'Home' to iPhone (2010-05-28 12:02:17)
    Datamation: "What happens when you use a different browser on your desktop than the one you use on your iPhone?"

  • iPad's Popularity Comes at Netbooks' Expense (2010-05-28 00:02:17)
    Enterprise Mobile Today: "Nearly one in three buyers who had been considering a netbook did their evaluations and then bought an Apple iPad tablet instead, according to a survey of more than a thousand U.S. consumers by the consumer electronics review site Retrevo."