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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 01, 2010

  • Top 15 Android Wallpapers For Desktop (2010-06-01 23:31:21)
    Tech Drve-In: "So here we are continuing our addiction with free and opensource wallpapers. Android operating system is spreading like wildfire."

  • Remote control house and appliances with Android or Iphone (2010-06-01 23:01:21)
    Handle With Linux: "Home automation may seem like something most interesting for lazy people or people with very big houses, but it can actually save lots of time and money."

  • Longene 0.3 released (2010-06-01 22:31:21)
    Longene: On May 31, 2010, the Longene team realesed its crucial product, Longene 0.3. This new release has fully eliminated Wineserver, the request to wineserver now is turned to system call, so that its performance has been substantially improved.

  • How to quickly apply color schemes to spreadsheet rows with OpenOffice (2010-06-01 21:31:21)
    Zona-M: "How do you quickly create a spreadsheet where, for example, every other line has a background of a different color? Here are a couple of methods"

  • Backup and restore Evolution (2010-06-01 21:01:21)
    Ghacks: "How many times have you migrated from one Linux box to another, only to say goodbye to your email and knowing you were going to have to set your email client up all over again"

  • Alexandria Project: Does the Dear Leader have a Rocket in his Pocket, or is he Happy to See Us? (2010-06-01 20:31:21)
    Standards Blog: "The President of the United States was treating himself to an early breakfast of bacon and eggs. Why not? If a Commander in Chief couldn't ignore his doctor's orders on his 70th birthday, why bother to have the job at all?"

  • Sloganeering in Linux/Unix - what does it say, what does it mean? (2010-06-01 20:01:21)
    Click: "Wolvix: For those with better things to do than wobble their windows."

  • Linux Tip: Using a Shell Script to Set Up Your Computer (2010-06-01 18:01:21)
    IT News Today: "Linux is full of some amazing tweaks that go far and beyond other operating systems. Last week I wrote about using scripts to simplify shell commands, and today I'm going to take that a step further, but it takes a little bit more leg work"

  • Semantics is Restricting Linux Desktop Adaptation (2010-06-01 17:31:21)
    Blog of Helios: "See, most people to my experience take words literally. When someone is faced with the term "Restricted" it forms in their mind that they are not to use whatever is deemed "Restricted"

  • Set up Libvirt 0.7.7&Xen 4.0 Dom0 ( pvops) on top of Fedora 13 RC2 (2010-06-01 17:01:21)
    Xen Virtualization on Linux and Solaris: "Install Xen 4.0 and Libvirt like on F12 ( [1] ). Via my experience xend will hang for 5-7 min at startup and xen managed bridging will fail as well."

  • Hilarious web addresses revealed in new book (2010-06-01 16:01:21)
    Telegraph: "The compendium of ill thought out web addresses, largely from companies who naively slurred their innocent-sounding names into a single word without noticing the resulting double entendres, lists more than 150 "slurls", or slur URLs."

  • Icons and the FOSS desktop (2010-06-01 15:01:21)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "Icons have always intimidated me. Except for the mouseover help, two-thirds of the time I would have no idea what function they represent. Shrink them so that they fit on a toolbar, and the obscurity is compounded by illegibility."

  • Who Really Contributed the High-End Tech to Project Monterey? (2010-06-01 14:31:21)
    Groklaw: "Here's something interesting, a Santa Cruz 8K from October 26, 1998, which consists mostly of two press releases announcing the IBM-SCO joint partnership to do Project Monterey. Guess who would be providing the bulk of the high-end enterprise capabilities and contributing them to UnixWare? Hint: Not SCO"

  • Words in (AU) Copyright Act vs Time (2010-06-01 14:01:21)
    Brendan Scott's Weblog: "We might speculate whether there will be enough paper in the world to even print the Act in 20 years' time."

  • Linux kernel 2.6.34 for Ubuntu Lucid (2010-06-01 13:31:21)
    MyThoughts: "For all the people who are waiting for the Linux 2.6.34 kernel for Ubuntu the wait is over. The kernel is available for Ubuntu Lucid right now, the downside is that you have to compile it yourself, the upside there's an article for that."

  • How to automatically create OpenDocument invoices without OpenOffice (2010-06-01 13:01:21)
    Zona-M: "Articles on how to create OpenDocument invoices already exist but almost always they require you to start and use OpenOffice manually each time. Here, instead, I'll show how to have your computer to do all your OpenDocument work for you."

  • Linux WD EARS Advanced Hard Drive Format (2010-06-01 11:01:21)
    LinuxConfig: "Nowadays hard drive manufactures are switching to a new hard drive technology which uses 4KB sectors size instead of conventional 512B. This new technology requires little tweaks to get a better performance in comparison to out-of-the-box settings."

  • 2 Computers via 1 Keyboard & Mouse (2010-06-01 07:01:21)
    Linux Journal: "Synergy (synergy2.sf.net ) allows you to use the keyboard and mouse of your primary computer to control all the other computers around you. Best of all, it is free, works with Linux, OS X, and Windows."

  • What Happens When My Linux Breaks Down? (2010-06-01 03:01:21)
    Daniweb: "This post is a summary of a conversation I had the other day with an acquaintance of mine. It started out with him asking me what I do for a living and ended up with me having to choke back tears of laughter."

  • How to automatically create OpenDocument invoices without OpenOffice (2010-05-23 23:04:56)
    Zona-M: "Articles on how to create OpenDocument invoices already exist but almost always they require you to start and use OpenOffice manually each time. Here, instead, I'll show how to have your computer to do all your OpenDocument work for you."