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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 24, 2010

  • Does Intel Have a 10-Core Xeon Processor in the Works? (2010-06-24 22:35:34)
    Hardware Central: "Intel Corp. has apparently tipped its hand, revealing an upcoming processor design in a session entry to a program guide for an upcoming semiconductor conference"

  • They exist now only in the minds of fanbois ... (2010-06-24 21:35:34)
    ZDNet: "A lot has changed over the past decade. But one thing that hasn't are the worn out sets of beliefs, ideologies and arguments spouted by hardcore fanbois. Let's take a quick look at just a few of these outdated modes of thinking."

  • The Reg Guide to Linux, part 3 (2010-06-24 21:05:34)
    The Register: "Linux has changed almost beyond recognition since version 1.0 in 1994 and Ubuntu is about as polished and professional as it gets."

  • X-Plane as a RC Flight Simulator (2010-06-24 20:35:34)
    Model Airplanes and R/C Flight: " I've recently switched entirely to Ubuntu Linux as my primary operating system. Phoenix Flight Simulator has been my primary sim for the last few years, and it only runs under Windows."

  • Why isn't Ubuntu good enough for US classrooms? (2010-06-24 20:05:34)
    ZDNet Education: "Have you used Ubuntu 10.04? It's my desktop and server platform of choice for basically everything I do. As far as I'm concerned, it has only two weaknesses:"

  • Album Shaper: Plenty of Oomph Without the Button Glut (2010-06-24 19:35:34)
    LinuxInsider: "Album Shaper's menu-driven structure simplifies the process without depriving the user of many must-have photo manipulation tools."

  • Mozilla, Opera, and Flock Release VP8 Ready Browsers (2010-06-24 19:05:34)
    Linux Journal: "Open formats are taking center stage at Mozilla, Opera, and Flock as lock-in (or freeze-out), security concerns, and performance issues fuel the drive toward the VP8 video format."

  • Extracting and Using a Recorded Sound Effect with VLC and Audacity (2010-06-24 18:35:34)
    Free Software Magazine: "I'm going to extract the sound from the video (with VLC), cut out the sound I need, clean it up, and insert it into an existing sound mix (all with Audacity). This should give you some insight into using Audacity and a VLC on a real project."

  • HP spins a netbook just for schools (2010-06-24 17:05:34)
    Linux Devices: "HP announced a netbook for students that includes a metal-hinged case, carrying handle, and worldwide V.92 modem."

  • Stained Glass Effect (using VB6 and GIMP) (2010-06-24 16:35:34)
    Tanner Helland: "I wanted to title this article "a novel method for matrix randomization using polygons and custom differential post-processing blending"… but that was a bit long, even for me. Why such a complex title?"

  • Break your Ubuntu Addiction: Three Strong Distros (2010-06-24 16:05:34)
    Datamation: "The fact of the matter is that not everyone out there thinks that relying on a single distro is the way to go. So thankfully, despite Ubuntu's success, there are some fantastic alternatives out there that fit the needs of most people."

  • Google Beats Viacom! (2010-06-24 15:35:34)
    Groklaw: "This just in: Google has beaten Viacom on summary judgment. The judge has just ruled [PDF] that Google does qualify for DMCA safe harbor protection. "General knowledge that infringement is 'ubiquitous' does not impose a duty on the service provider to monitor or search its service for infringements," the judge wrote. So "the burden is on the owner to identify the infringement." This is huge."

  • Testing Out Btrfs In Ubuntu 10.10 (2010-06-24 14:35:34)
    Phoronix: "Yesterday we reported that Ubuntu 10.10 gained Btrfs installation support and since then we have been trying out this Btrfs support in Ubuntu "Maverick Meerkat" and have a fresh set of Btrfs benchmarks to serve up."

  • How to make a Hockney style Photograph in GIMP (2010-06-24 14:05:34)
    Scott Photographics: "David Hockney is known for his unusual panoramas that are made up of differently scaled and angled photos. To produce the 'Hockney' effect it is best done with multiple photographs that can be arranged later..."

  • Capturing screen shots and program interaction on UNIX and Linux systems (2010-06-24 12:35:34)
    IBM Developerworks: "Modern UNIX® systems provide a number of different tools to capture the text-oriented interaction between a user and a specific program and to capture graphical screens and single windows. This article, the first of three, focuses on different ways to keep a record of the interaction between a user and a command-line application."

  • X-Plane Follow UP (2010-06-24 12:05:34)
    RWDub's Reviews: "During the past few weeks I've continued to work on getting X-Plane to function well on my Core i7 Ubuntu 10.04 box . It has been a long journey, and I've learned many things. "

  • Install the Latest Version of digiKam on Ubuntu 10.04 (2010-06-24 09:05:34)
    Scribbles and Snaps: "Can't wait till the latest version of digiKam appears in the official Ubuntu software repositories? You don't have to: using the personal package archives (PPA) provided by the Launchpad service, you can install the latest release of digiKam with a few simple commands"

  • Red Hat's Fortunes Rising With New Linux, Middleware Wins (2010-06-24 07:35:34)
    Datamation: "The last three months have been good ones for Red Hat. The enterprise Linux vendor reported its first-quarter fiscal 2011 financial results this week, showing growth coming from all sides..."

  • NetworkManager will drive people away from GNU/Linux (2010-06-24 01:35:34)
    IT Wire: "It claims to make things "Just Work". I keep far away from such apps which "helpfully" try to take over and handle things for you in the worst tradition of Windows."