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Infrastructure Linux News for Jul 26, 2010

  • CDargs Brings Bookmarks to the Linux Command Line (2010-07-26 23:37:22)
    Linux.com: "Reducing keystrokes isn't the only path to productivity, but it certainly helps. If you find yourself visiting the same directories on your system (or systems) every day, save yourself some time and bookmark your most frequently used directories with CDargs."

  • GoogleCL: Command-Line Googling (2010-07-26 23:07:22)
    Serverwatch: "I recently came across the GoogleCL project, which provides a command-line interface to various Google tools (e.g.., Calendar and YouTube)."

  • Using Linux To Create a Music Blog (2010-07-26 22:37:22)
    Linux Journal: "Saxophone? Check. Digital recorder? Check. Camera? Check. Ready to rock & roll. Or do some blues. A bit of jazz? How about some Zydeco. Honky Tonk?"

  • OpenOffice.org 3.3 Definitely On Its Way (2010-07-26 22:07:22)
    Linux Journal: "OpenOffice.org 3.2.1 was released on June 4 and a new master workspace was branched off for the upcoming 3.3 on June 5. The code in this branch will be stabilized and later become the product release that will find its way onto your desktops."

  • Mobile Tools: Android Vs. iPhone for Small Business (2010-07-26 20:07:22)
    Small Business Computing: "Choosing a good mobile smartphone is crucial for many small businesses. The right smartphone can make all the difference between being productive on the road and being ineffective away from the office."

  • Will Adobe Flash Ever Work? (2010-07-26 19:37:22)
    IT World: "After a couple of bad experiences with Flash this past week, I'm almost beginning to think that Steve Jobs might have had a point. Then I slap myself."

  • 5 of the Best Free Linux Typing Tutors (2010-07-26 18:37:22)
    Linux Links: "To provide an insight into the quality of software available, we have compiled a list of 5 excellent typing tutors. Hopefully there will be something of interest for anyone looking to improve their typing skills."

  • The DMCA just got a little weaker (2010-07-26 17:07:22)
    LWN.net: "Here is the text of a ruling by the US Court of Appeals in a suit by MGE UPS Systems against General Electric. The court has ruled that simply circumventing technical measures is not, by itself, a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act"

  • Tab Candy - New Firefox 4.0 Innovation That Has Every Potential To Become an Industry Standard (2010-07-26 16:37:22)
    Tech Drive-in: "Though still in its initial stages of development, Tab Candy is an interesting new Firefox 4.0 feature, which has every potential to get adopted by every single browser out there."

  • Living the Linux Lifestyle (2010-07-26 15:37:22)
    Datamation: "Why do some people choose to run Linux as their PC platform of choice while others opt instead for other ways of running their computing experiences?"

  • Seven Ubuntu Derivatives worth Checking Out (2010-07-26 14:37:22)
    Thoughts on Technology: "One of the mottos the Linux community has is "if you don't like it - then fork". While this is interesting idea it has created as many Ubuntu derivatives as the day is long."

  • Myths Surrounding PCLinuxOS 2010 (2010-07-26 14:07:22)
    PCLinuxOS: "It was PCLinuxOS who finally won my heart; since 2005 it always sits on one of my PCs. I still do a lot of distro-hopping but never use my PCLinuxOS partition for that purpose. It feels home."

  • HP confirms tablets for both Windows 7 and WebOS (2010-07-26 13:37:22)
    Linux Devices: "HP has confirmed it plans to release multiple tablets, including some running Microsoft's Windows 7 and others running the Linux-based WebOS it acquired along with Palm."

  • The Future of IT...Here They Are (2010-07-26 13:07:22)
    Blog of Helios: "The idea was to gather 20 kids, ranging from 3rd to 5th grade and teach them how a computer works. We were going to use perfectly good computers, take them apart, teach the kids how to identify the components, teach them the function of said components, put it back together and then install Linux on it."

  • Desktop in the Shell (2010-07-26 12:07:22)
    Nekohayo !: "Why would I ever want to reproduce this kind of chaos onto my computer screen? Isn't it the computer's job to give me unlimited storage and triaging capability for me not to shuffle things around constantly?"

  • Zbox HD-ID11 nettop review (2010-07-26 07:07:22)
    Linux User and Developer: "Pros: This tiny home theatre box is the perfect partner for streaming HD content to your TV, or as a mini Linux entertainment system"

  • FreeBSD 8.1 Provides Evolutionary Open Source Software Upgrade (2010-07-26 03:07:22)
    Serverwatch: "Putting out new releases of OS software isn't always about adding major new features -- sometimes it's just about making existing features usable and stable. In the case of the open source software FreeBSD, that's certainly the case with the newly hatched 8.1 release."