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Infrastructure Linux News for Jul 27, 2010

  • Reviewed: KOffice 2.2 (2010-07-27 23:03:22)
    TuxRadar: "Over the last 12 years KOffice has grown in scope and ambition pushing out both good and bad iterations and occasionally suffering from hyperbolic claims that it had no chance in hell of satisfying. Version 2.2 of the suite, which comprises KWord, KPresent, KSpread, KPlato (project manager), Krita (image editor) and the prodigal Kexi (database), comes into a very changed world."

  • Some Really Interesting Gwibber Mockups For Ubuntu! (2010-07-27 22:33:22)
    Tech Drive-in: "Neil Patel is the Technical lead for Ubuntu Netbook Edition and Unity at Canonical Ltd. With the current drawbacks with Gwibber's UI in mind, Neil have created some really good looking Gwibber UI mockups."

  • The 75 "Funnest" Open Source Downloads (2010-07-27 22:03:22)
    Datamation: "It's summer. And frankly, that means no one's all that excited about working. Oh goodness no. In honor of the season of laziness, we've put together a list of some of the most fun open source downloads you can find"

  • Linuxables: Meet Kate, the KDE Text Editor (2010-07-27 21:03:22)
    Linux.com: "We conclude our whimsical jaunt down text editor lane with a look at the KDE take on that always-necessary tool - the text editor. The KDE version is called Kate. Kate takes a different approach to the simplicity most of these tools take."

  • IBM in EU Antitrust Probe Over Mainframes (2010-07-27 20:03:22)
    Serverwatch: "IBM is facing regulatory scrutiny from the European Commission, which launched two separate antitrust investigations into Big Blue's mainframe business."

  • If Oracle Bought Every Open Source Company... (2010-07-27 19:33:22)
    Computerworld UK: "Recently, there was an interesting rumour circulating that Oracle had a war chest of some $70 billion, and was going on an acquisition spree."

  • Dell Prepares Ubuntu 10.04 Systems (2010-07-27 19:03:22)
    The VAR Guy: "Plenty of folks are confused about Dell's commitment to Ubuntu, the Linux distribution promoted by Canonical."

  • Washing the windows myths. Program installation. (2010-07-27 18:33:22)
    Technology & Life Integration: "I would have thought that this issue had been dead and buried however, unfortunately there are still those out there who believe that installing software is easier under windows than under Linux. Let me tell you right now, it is not!"

  • EFF wins enormous victory against DRM: legal to jailbreak iPhones, rip DVDs for mashup videos (2010-07-27 17:33:22)
    BoingBoing: "after DRM got special treatment under the law, companies could merely slap on the thinnest veneer of DRM (the iPad's DRM was broken in less than a day!) and count on a public subsidy to defend it, through the courts and the law."

  • Calm down! Dell is not throwing Ubuntu Linux out! (2010-07-27 16:33:22)
    IT World: "People seem to love bad news. This last weekend, the 'bad' news was that Dell has stopped offering Ubuntu Linux pre-installed on laptops and netbooks. There was only one problem with the story: It's not true."

  • The Alexandria Project, Chap. 27: Here's to the Company! (2010-07-27 15:33:22)
    Standards Blog: ""I've only got an AirCard to work, but if we're lucky I'll have Foomjoy's entire hard drive replicated by the time we cross the Mississippi. I've already got the CIA's list of hacked sites from the CIA, so let's see what that shows.""

  • Exporting and publishing (2010-07-27 14:33:22)
    Sander's Photography blog: "Export and publishing facilities are therefore crucial to the success of such an application. In this post, I examine how the two applications handle exports and publishing to public services such as picasa, smugmug or flickr, just as well as exports to personal websites or any other tool that I come across to share photos with."

  • Collaborate with Abiword (2010-07-27 14:03:22)
    Ghack: "I am going to illustrate the collaboration process using the Abicollab collaboration service. This service is free, you only need to sign up, check your email, and then verify your account. You do not have to use Abiword to take advantage of Abicollab"

  • Periodic table of the open source graphics and design apps (2010-07-27 13:33:22)
    Worldlabel blog: "Are you ever overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of open source software projects produced by the community? Even when looking at just a subset — such as graphics applications — if you are not already familiar with the options, the volume can make it hard to track down the application that fits your needs"

  • Two Creative Button Concepts For Ubuntu By Izo Design (2010-07-27 12:03:22)
    Tech Drive-in: "Mark Shuttleworth said, "Moving everything to the left opens up the space on the right nicely, and I would like to experiment in 10.10 with some innovative options there." So if you guys are wondering what did he even meant by that, you have take a look at this."

  • Ten Reason to Ignore Ten Reasons to Dump Windows and Use Linux (2010-07-27 10:33:22)
    blogbeebe: "One very recent list caught my eye over the weekend, published by PCWorld. Their article, "Ten Reasons to Dump Windows and Use Linux", seems to have hit a nerve with me. Normally I just ignore such journalistic pap..."

  • A Linux experiment gone horribly...perfect! (2010-07-27 09:03:22)
    TechRepublic: "The other day someone who knows I am in the computer business came to me with a very sick laptop (Gateway W340 with Intel graphics chip and Broadcom wireless). The machine was a fairly innocuous little guy that had some serious issues"

  • RPM quickies � The Ultimate RPM Guide for Newbies! (2010-07-27 07:33:22)
    Mynitor: "Anyhow, didn't mean to get so graphic talking about RPM (Redhat Package Manager). Here is a quick reference to go by when you're dealing with RPM."

  • When and how to add proprietary software to your desktop Linux (2010-07-27 04:33:22)
    IT World: "Like it or lump it, sometimes you must add proprietary software to your Linux distribution. Here's how to do it."

  • Sabayon 5.3 Review (2010-07-27 03:03:22)
    LinuxBSDos: "Sabayon is a multi-purpose, Gentoo-based Linux distribution. It is part-source, part-binary distribution. I just call it a hybrid distribution. The latest update, Sabayon 5.3, was made available to the public in early June"

  • A Deadly Linux/UNIX Command in Action (Video) (2010-07-27 01:33:22)
    Tech Source: "Have you ever wondered what will happen to your Linux/UNIX system if you'll run any of the 7 deadly Linux commands?"