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Infrastructure Linux News for Jul 29, 2010

  • CodeWeavers Releases CrossOver 9.1 And CrossOver Games 9.1 For MAC And Linux (2010-07-29 23:36:15)
    Wine-Reviews: "On the heels of the highly-anticipated release of Wine 1.2, CodeWeavers, Inc. today announced the simultaneous release of CrossOver 9.1 and CrossOver Games 9.1 for both Mac and Linux."

  • Warning: Five Things to Know Before Switching to Linux (2010-07-29 23:06:15)
    PC World: "A happy customer might tell someone. An unhappy customer tells everyone. Converting to Linux before taking a dose of reality might make you a very unhappy customer."

  • Ubuntu 10.04: A Second Look (2010-07-29 22:36:15)
    IT News Today: "After I review an operating system or Linux distribution, it's always fun to go back and try out the product again, with all updates, and see how it's improved. Ubuntu 10.04 was something I thought was pretty decent, but not decent enough to steal me away from Arch."

  • KDE 4.5 Screenshot Tour (2010-07-29 22:06:15)
    Abhi Blog: "KDE 4.5 is coming out in August but I simply couldn't wait to try it out a few days before the release. Hence, I got my hands on the Release Candidate v2 via kubuntu-beta ppa.Apart from some dazzling eye candy,KDE4 has matured a lot when it comes to stability."

  • 35 Dollar Indian Pad? Go Indians, Go! (2010-07-29 20:36:15)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "By now you probably have heard about the "pad" computer designed in India that is being touted as costing thirty-five U.S. Dollars to manufacture. While there is very little in the way of technical details about it, some information has been published that says it consists of:"

  • Slashdot Struggles to Remain Relevant in The Social Web (2010-07-29 20:06:15)
    New York Times: "Surprisingly, tech news community Slashdot was not in the list of top referrers. In fact, according to Woopra CEO John Pozadzides, Slashdot "drives close to 0% of traffic to the sites Woopra measures.""

  • Digital Copywrongs (2010-07-29 19:06:15)
    The American Prospect: "New DMCA exemptions are an improvement, but the basic paradox of telling consumers how they may use electronics remains unaddressed."

  • Toshiba NB300 netbook review (2010-07-29 17:36:15)
    Linux User and Developer: "Pros: It's a pleasing design with some of the best netbook technology on the market"

  • Create an Application Shortcut to Open Nautilus as Root in Ubuntu (2010-07-29 17:06:15)
    Lifehacker: "You need root access to edit a lot of files in Linux, but Terminal work can get tedious. Here''s a simple way to add a shortcut to your applications menu for a root-enabled Nautilus."

  • Basket � A Multi-Purpose Note Pad For KDE (2010-07-29 16:36:15)
    MakeTechEasier: "Basket Note Pads is a multipurpose note-taking application for KDE. Business people can use it to keep track of important tasks and notes. Writers can use it to organize their thoughts."

  • Spotlight on Linux: SimplyMEPIS 8.5.x (2010-07-29 15:36:15)
    Linux Journal: "SimplyMEPIS is a simply wonderful distribution. It was the first to offer a complete out of the box experience all tied up in a pretty package. It would be fair to say that it was probably the inspiration for many of the easy-to-use distributions available today."

  • Linux is dough, windows is glass. (2010-07-29 14:36:15)
    Technology & Life Integration: "What happens? It goes splat, and flattens out but is still in one piece. That is what happens when Linux crashes."

  • The PC Is Not Dead; Long Live PCs (2010-07-29 13:36:15)
    The VAR Guy: "First, let me pose a question: Why don't other industries have the same black/white mentality?"

  • Android vs iPhone vs Palm Pre vs Maemo: which is best? (2010-07-29 12:06:15)
    TuxRadar: "We've looked at three Linux-based phones that give the iPhone a run for its money. There's the Palm Pre, running WebOS; Nokia's Maemo 5-based N900, and the HTC Legend, running Android. Each is a strong challenger to Apple's device, and they beat it today in significant areas. So, which is best for you?"

  • Apple iPad's rivals are coming (2010-07-29 10:36:15)
    Cyber Cynic: "I get that Apple's iPad is hotter than hot with over three million sold so far, but to say "Apple has won the battle for tablet computing already" is really overreaching."

  • Whitelisting Advances with New Bouncer App (2010-07-29 09:06:15)
    eSecurityPlanet: "Starting with Bouncer 6.0, the company is moving to a software appliance model powered by Ubuntu Linux."

  • Don't Be Too Quick to Dismiss Open Core (2010-07-29 07:36:15)
    IT World: "I've been taking some shots at open core lately, because I've come to the realization there are inherent flaws in this business model as it relates to open source."

  • Weekly Ten: Microsoft's New Slogan: Hey, It Could Be Worse, $200 Linux PC, Cloud Cracks WPA (2010-07-29 06:06:15)
    Tech Source: "In 2008, I speculated about the future of distributed security cracking. That future has arrived, in the form of a $17 "cloud" based service provided through the efforts of a security researcher known as Moxie Marlinspike."

  • Irssi - A Really Good Terminal Based IRC Client For Linux (2010-07-29 00:06:15)
    Tech Drive-in: "The only IRC client I ever used was XChat. I decided to try something different and Irssi client was a great find. Irssi is a terminal based IRC client for Unix systems and is probably the best I have used till now"