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Infrastructure Linux News for Jul 30, 2010

  • Editor's Note: Ubuntu, the Bad Selfish Linux (2010-07-30 22:04:43)
    In my grumpier moments their relentlessly positive, cult-like Kumbaya-or-else approach makes me want to turn the hose on them. But I don't remember them attacking anyone else the way they've been attacked.

  • GNOME Census report now available as free download (2010-07-30 21:04:43)
    Neary Consulting: "I was delighted to see that the GNOME Census presentation I gave yesterday at GUADEC has gotten a lot of attention. And I'm pleased to announce a change of plan from what I presented yesterday: The report is now available under a Creative Commons license."

  • EVO 4G's Froyo features detailed in pictures, car dock coming in September? (2010-07-30 19:34:43)
    Engadget: "We're not far from seeing this big update in the flesh, but in the meanwhile, EVO 4G owners (and fans) might be interested to take a closer look at the features they'll be getting once it arrives."

  • OpenGL 4.1 Released (2010-07-30 19:04:43)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "The Khronos Group announced that finalizing the OpenGL 4.1 specifications had been completed and that its release would be immediate. "

  • Where do you find Linux? (2010-07-30 18:34:43)
    Linux Journal: "Looking through my home for Linux systems I just realized that it is everywhere. First of all, I find it on my computers - from servers to laptop. That is the obvious place though. I wonder, where else can I find Linux running?"

  • Open games with closed content (2010-07-30 17:34:43)
    Examiner: "Some of the games mentioned in this column, in the past as well as in the future, are licensed such that the game itself is under the GPL or a similarly free license, but the content is not."

  • Ten outstanding cross-platform apps (2010-07-30 16:34:43)
    ZDNet: "Organisations and individuals have to operate across many platforms these days. So we all need apps that can function reliably regardless of operating system, says Jack Wallen."

  • Tech Comics: "Intellectual Property Infringement" (2010-07-30 16:04:43)
    Tech Comics: "People in all walks of life run into problems with IP infringement"

  • Device support in Windows vs. Linux (2010-07-30 14:04:43)
    ZDNet: "One of the highly debated subjects with Windows and Linux is with device support. The two have different methods of how drivers are created and implemented into the operating system."

  • How to make a see-through to image text effect in GIMP (2010-07-30 13:34:00)
    Scott Photographics: " really simple little trick to adding normal text to an image and making it look interesting! This technique can be used for nearly any photograph, however it is a lot easier to see the text with less detailed and contrasty photographs."

  • Get a Blazing Fast Computer for Free (2010-07-30 13:04:43)
    Slate: "How to give your creaky old Windows computer an Ubuntu makeover."

  • New controller chip sets stage for color e-readers (2010-07-30 12:04:43)
    Linux Devices: "While Amazon announced a smaller, lighter version of its Kindle e-reader today, the device still has a monochrome-only screen. Color E Ink displays are on the way, however, as today's announcement of a relevant controller chip -- the Epson S1D13524 -- made clear."

  • Emulating an Amiga in Linux (2010-07-30 06:04:43)
    Matthew Casperson's Hubfolio: "The Amiga was one of the most powerful PC's of it's time, easily trumping the emerging IBM PC's in the 80's. You can relive this classic PC on your Linux desktop thanks to a number of emulators that are available."

  • In Search Of... Android Tablets (2010-07-30 02:04:43)
    Tech Broiler: "Along with Bigfoot, the lost city of Atlantis, and the Bermuda Triangle, the lack of Android tablets continues to be an unsolved mystery."